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There are several things that people should keep in mind when they are hiring an Edmonton electrician, and that is to hire with safety in mind. There are several things that people can do to ensure that the person or company that they hired not only has safety protocols in place, but has safety as a top value. Hiring someone who focuses on safety can help ensure that a person is went end up with electrician who is going to complete the job efficiently and effectively with a focus on details.

One of the first things that can help a person understand if the Edmonton electrician they hired focuses on safety, and that is to asked them what their safety protocols include. They might have several checklists that they go through to ensure they are being safe. A checklist that will help them determine that they have all of the equipment that they need to do the job, and another checklist to ensure its in good working order whether they use tools, lifts or harnesses even checklists to ensure that the job site is safe from the moment they set foot on it. These checklists will ensure that electrician is ensuring the safety of themselves, their staff, and all other people that are working in that same space.

A great checklist that people can look for is called an FLRA. What this does is allows the Edmonton electrician to look at the job site, document any hazards and then clean them up. If a person asks the Edmonton electrician to show them their safety protocol and they have this in place, it means that they definitely have a focus on safety that should put people’s minds at ease.

Something else that people can look for when hiring an Edmonton electrician to ensure that they are focusing on safety, is to confirm if they are COR certified. This is going to show people that the electrician that is certified is going aware of all of the various hazards that could exist, and that they are prepared to eliminate and minimize all of the areas that could provide a potential threat to themselves, their workers or others on the jobsite.

By being aware of all of the different safety protocols that are available, and asking their Edmonton electrician if they have any in place can help give peace of mind when a person hires an electrician for their jobsite. Whether it is a commercial, residential or industrial jobsite, if it is a large job on a new build, or just a regular maintenance or service call, there is no job too big or too small to have good, safe practices established. If the electrician will not show person hiring them with safety protocols they have in place, that is a good indication that they do not have a good enough focus on safety, and might not only work unsafely, but may not even have white knowledge to get the job done correctly. By verifying safety protocols are in place, can give people a good assurance that they are the right electrical professionals for them.

Edmonton electrician | hire for safe workplace

One of the things that people should check for when they hire and Edmonton electrician for their job is that they are licensed and insured properly. This is an important step to ensure that their electrician is adequately qualified to do the job that they are requiring. Whether it is a large commercial or industrial electrical job, or if it is a small maintenance or service call for a residential location, if they are working as part of a large crew, or by themselves, regardless who someone hires, they should always ensure that they are licensed to do the job that they have been hired to do.

There are several things that people can ask to see from the Edmonton electrician to ensure that they are qualified to work as an electrician. One of the first things that is important is to see that they have insurance. Liability insurance as well as commercial insurance. If the electrician does not have insurance, a person should question whether they even should be working as an electrician. If the person has a problem with the work that is done either immediately, or sometime in the future, if the Edmonton electrician has the proper insurance, the person will be able to fix any damage or re-cover any losses that they might have as a result. If the electrician does not have insurance, a person always has the option of suing them personally for damages, but that is not going to guarantee that they will be able to recover all the money that they need for damages.

They should also ensure that the Edmonton electrician that they hire has WCB coverage. If an electrician does not have Worker’s Compensation, that should be a giant red flag that they are probably not a licensed contractor. They should not be on any jobsite matter what size if they do not have any coverage by WCB.

If an electrician does not have a license to do what they are doing, they probably also will not be pulling the correct permits as well. A person can easily find out what permits are required to do the job that they are hiring electrician for, and if they are licensed contractor, they will be able to show the permits that they obtained to do the job. A person should always make sure that their workers have permits to allow them to do the job at hand, and if not they should not be working at all.

By doing a little bit of research, people can ensure that the Edmonton electrician that they hire is focusing on safety, and has all of the right insurance and licensing to do the job at hand. Regardless of what size of job it is, they can always call the electrical professionals at Hauer Power at 780-935-0622 especially if they want to ensure that they are hiring a company where safety is the number one value.

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