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Edmonton Electrician | Hiring an Electrical Contractor

Many people think they need technical knowledge when hiring an Edmonton electrician. However, this is not necessary, especially when they contact Hauer Power.

Edmonton Electrician

The reason why, is because our part is able to work on any jobsite, both large and small. As well as commercial, industrial and residential. Therefore, the matter what the task is.

Hauer Power is ready, willing and able to take on the job. And help customers, with no matter what their electricity needs are. But people must consider, that this is not the only reason why people should contact them and they are hiring an electrical contractor.

However also believes in bringing customer service back to the trades. Especially because customer service is often overlooked when it comes to the trades. And they want to set themselves apart from their competition.

Therefore, they work at excelling in all of the areas that are typically underserved. By doing things like arriving on the time that they promise. Finishing the job by the required deadline.

As well as getting the job done properly, and at the price that they quoted. And while their quotes are absolutely free. They also ensure that they take the time to give an estimate properly.

By coming onto the jobsite, and speaking with the customer. And looking at the entire site. To ensure they know everything that they need. As well as to give a proper quote taking everything into consideration.

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However this is not the only thing that they do differently at Hauer Power. When people are hiring an Edmonton electrician. They should consider the values that the companies hold.

Because those will set themselves apart from their competition. And at Hauer Power, one of the most important values that they uphold is continual learning and improvement.

This is very important, because they know that there are advancements happening in the world of electricity all the time. Such as needing to install things like solar panels as they become more popular.

And installing electrical car charging stations in people’s garages. When they purchase on electrical car for the first time. But not only is the technology changing on a constant basis.

It is also because the Canadian electrical code book changes every three years. To reflect new technologies. As well as new techniques. Or updating old codes, that are now known to be not as safe. As what they can achieve now.

Therefore, this Edmonton electrician values learning most up-to-date information. This is why every staff member at Hauer Power. Must attend the code update courses. Since they are mandatory to attend.

As well as other training and upgrading courses as they come available. And they are also a part of the apprenticeship program. So that they can have journeyman electricians, Master electricians and red seal electricians.

When people are looking for the best electrician possible. They should look for Hauer Power. Because not only will they excel in customer service. But they will have the most knowledgeable team. Who will arrive on time, finish on time. And work within each customers budget.

Edmonton Electrician | Hiring an Electrical Contractor

It does not need to be confusing or overwhelming to hire and Edmonton electrician. Because while many people believe that they need to send text cold knowledge in order to hire the right contractor. Despite what people think, this is not true, as long as they hire a knowledgeable contractor. One that truly cares about the job that they are doing.

All these reasons contribute to why people should contact Hauer Power. Because not only do they care deeply about their team, their customers and work that they do. This is actually one of the top values that they believe in.

And while they have six other values that are very important to them. They all work together in order to ensure that they can demonstrate the fact that they care about the job that they do.

In fact, they care so much at this electrician. That their tagline is, in customer service back to the trades. They understand that trades typically have a poor reputation. And they want to change that.

One of the ways that they demonstrate the fact that they care. Is in the value of teamwork. Not only do they care about their staff, but they care about their customers. And teamwork is all about ensuring they can work safely together.

The reason why, is because teams that work well together. Work safely together. And while working on electricity is inherently dangerous. Good communication and teamwork can minimize the danger.

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And it is not just important that they keep the jobsite safe for their fellow team members. But they need to keep the jobsite safe for other contractors that are on sites. And for the customer themselves.

Whether it is their home, or their business that they are working in. They understand that it is their duty as an Edmonton electrician to be as safe as possible. And they work to ensure all of the teams that they send out can work well together.

As well, they have a high value on a positive attitude. And while this might seem like a very altruistic value. It actually is all about safety. Because with a positive attitude, their teams can work well together.

It is very different for people who have a negative person on the team to work well as a group. But as well, with a positive attitude it is easier to problem solve and overcome challenges.

When it has a positive attitude, teamwork is high. And safety is upheld for everybody. This is why Hauer Power ensures that all electricians that they hire display a positive attitude at all times.

And finally, they value honesty and integrity. From doing the right thing for their staff. To honouring promises to their customers. They stand out as the Edmonton electrician that cares.

When people are looking for an electrician that they can trust. And when that cares about doing the job well the customer. And their staff. People should look no further than Hauer Power, and contact them immediately for a free estimate.

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