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Edmonton Electrician | Why Upgrade Electrical for Kitchen Renovations?

No matter how big or small renovation in the kitchen is, homeowners should hire and Edmonton electrician. The reason why, is because even the smallest changed their electrical system.

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Needs to be done properly, and to code. So that it can pass inspection. But also, even the smallest change to an electrical system. Will require upgrading the entire system to the current electrical code.

And sing is how the electrical code gets upgraded nationally every three years. Chances are quite high that the kitchen renovation. Will require upgrading the electrical system in that kitchen.

If people are hiring handyman in order to do the electrical work. Not only will they probably not know the most current electrical code. And therefore, be doing things that are not safe.

And will not pass inspection. But they are likely going to skip the inspection as well. And if there is a problem that crops up, from the work that they have done including an electrical fire.

Chances are low that they have the right insurance. That will protect them, and the homeowner. In case of damage to their home. Because of mistakes that they made during the electrical work.

These are just some of the reasons why homeowner should be hiring an Edmonton electrician. In order to do the electrical work in their kitchen. But also, so that they can avoid overloading circuits.

Typically, when people are doing kitchen renovations. They are also buying brand-new appliances such as of new fridge, stove and dishwasher. Or even a new microwave or a new hood fan.

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And when it comes to all of these devices, it is required that they are on their own circuit. Because of the massive amount of electricity that they require in order to function.

However, when the kitchen was first built. The electrician most likely installed the right wires and correct size breaker. For the device that was going to be put in that location.

Therefore, when people are going to install a different device in that same location. They will needs an Edmonton electrician to let them know if the device that they purchased, or want to purchase.

Will work in that electrical outlet location. Or if they will need to upgrade that electrical outlet. With new wires. So that they do not and up overloading the circuit just by plugging the device in.

Therefore, the electrician will want to take a look at the electrical outlet where the fridge, stove, dishwasher and microwave are going to be. But at the same time, they will want to see.

All of the specifications on the appliances that they are buying. To ensure that they can fit in those locations. If all they do, is upgrade the wires and breakers in those outlets.

Because all a person is doing when they are upgrading their kitchen is adding new appliances. They will know that they will not overload their circuits. And that they will still be able to operate everything in their kitchen just fine.

Edmonton Electrician | Hiring an Electrician for Kitchen Renovations

Doing kitchen renovations will be one of the most expensive renovations in an entire house says Edmonton electrician. However, it also is going to be the one renovation. That will add the most value to their home when it is done.

The fact that it is one of the most expensive renovations to do. Might cause homeowners to want to cut corners. By hiring handyman. Instead of hiring all of the different trades that they need.

Such as an electrician, or, a flooring installer, someone to install drywall. However, it is very important that especially when it comes to electricity. That they hire the right professional for the job.

Not only did they want to ensure that all parts of the renovation are done properly. But that they will want to ensure that they are covered under insurance if something is to go wrong.

An Edmonton electrician will not only do a walk-through, to get acquainted with all of the work that needs to be done. To ensure that they do it properly. They will also do it to code.

And they will also get the correct number of inspections done on the work. For kitchen renovations, they need to inspections. One is the rough in inspection. And the second one is the final inspection.

The rough in inspection will have all of the grounding and bonding finished. And show where the wiring in boxes are going to be. And is just another set of eyes, to ensure mistakes are not gonna be made.


However, it does not indemnify the inspector. If they fail to catch a mistake. The responsibility always falls to the Edmonton electrician who did the work in the first place. And when they hire a certified, and insured electrician.

If a mistake is made. The electrician’s insurance will cover it. So that homeowner is never out of pocket. If there has been a mistake made. That has caused something like an electrical fire in their house.

Also, a common reason why people want to renovate their kitchen. Is to add electrical outlets. Since most kitchens typically are not built with enough outlets in the beginning.

And whenever they are going to add outlets. It is best for the electrician to have an idea of what type of appliances they are going to be plugging in. So that they can use the right gauge of wire.

But also, so that they can ensure that each outlet is on its own circuit. Depending on what people are planning on plugging in to each individual electrical outlet.

For example, if they are going to plug in a crockpot, and air fryer, or a pressure cooker. Or even if they are plugging and things like a toaster, espresso machine or toaster oven and blender.

All of these things will require their own circuit. Because they draw enough electricity on their own. To require their own circuit. That homeowners do not accidentally overload their circuits in their newly renovated kitchen.


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