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Edmonton Electrician | Hiring Contractors Based on Values

Many people may not think of hiring an Edmonton electrician. Based on the values that they hold. This is very important. Especially if people are going to build a relationship of trust with their contractor.

Edmonton Electrician

However, that can be more easily said than done. Because many contractors, and trades in general. A very poor reputation when it comes to delivering great customer service.

They are often late arriving on the jobsite. Often do not get done on time. And quite frequently, go budget. As well as not being most pleasant when it comes to customer service.

Therefore, people should look for companies that hold customer service in high regard. The ones that they are going to feel comfortable building a trusting relationship with.

They should look no further than Hauer Power. Because not only are they an exceptional Edmonton electrician. But it is their mission to bring great customer service to their clients.

Not only have they created their tagline, which says bringing customer service back to the trades. But in order to achieve that, have taken several steps to create a list of company values that are important.

And have created a plan on how they are going to deliver those values. And how they will communicate that to their current, and future clients. Therefore, people can feel comfortable with this electrician.

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One of the first things that people should know. Is that these values are so important to Hauer Power. That they literally hire their staff based on who exhibits the traits in their company values.

If they are going to expect that their staff will go forth and work on jobs and deliver these company values. They need to ensure that the staff can live those values first. So that they can deliver them when they are doing their job.

And one of the things that they ask every electrician before they hire them. Is if they are dedicated to constant learning and growing. The reason why, is because the Canadian electrical code changes so often.

Therefore, it is very important that they are willing to upgrade their knowledge as often as is required. In fact, the Canadian electrical code book changes every three years.

And it is mandatory for people working for Hauer Power to go to court update courses that often. That way, not only will they learn the most up-to-date standards. That have often improved for safety reasons.

They will be able to learn information about things like new technology that is developing. Such as how to install solar panels. As well as installing electric car charging stations in a home, or business.

Therefore, when people are looking for an Edmonton electrician. That not only will be dedicated to visual bring great customer service. But does exceptional work, they should look no further than Hauer Power.

Not only are estimates free, as always. But they can contact them by phone, at 780-935-0622 or by email at info@hauerpower.ca.

Edmonton Electrician | Hiring Contractors Based on Values

It is extremely important that people understand how important it is to hire and Edmonton electrician. That they will feel comfortable with. Because whether they are coming into their business, or their home. Feeling comfortable and developing trust is of vital importance.

At Hauer Power, they believe in developing that trust as well. Which is why their number one, and number two values are honesty and integrity. They know that it will be very difficult to build a trusting relationship.

If they, or their electricians on staff are not honest with customers. And because many other contractors often do not do what they say, when they say they will do it. Or will arrive late. And overbudget when they finish the job.

Developing a relationship of trust is very important. So they start right from their first free estimate that they do for each customer. They will ask many different questions. And even arrive on the jobsite itself.

In order to have a look around. To see if there are any problems that they anticipate. Or obstacles that might impact the timeline, or cost of the job. That way, when they do give an estimate.

It is going to be as realistic as possible. Taking many different variables into consideration. So that when they complete the job. They will completed on time, and for the price that they quoted.

One problem that other trades have. Is not seeing the jobsite. And giving a low price. In order to get the job. Will they arrive on the jobsite, run into problems that they could have anticipated.

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That causes them time, and therefore increases the expense of the job. When people are hiring an Edmonton electrician. They should not hire based on the lowest price.

Because that is often what causes jobs to run late, and be more expensive. That is 1 Important Way how Hauer builds that relationship of trust with their clients.

However, this is not the only value that they have at this electrician. They also value punctuality. Because again, this is something that other contractors and trades do not do particularly well.

By showing up on time shows the customers that their time is valuable. And that they are respected. Therefore, Hauer hires staff based on the value of showing up to work on time.

So that they can get themselves organized, gather their supplies and materials. And speak to the owner about any new information. Before heading out with their crew. To get to the jobsite by the time they promised.

When people are late to work, and makes it very difficult to get to the jobsite on time. Therefore, punctuality is extremely important value with this electrician.

To ensure that they can give that value to their customers. Therefore, when people are looking to hire and Edmonton electrician. They should look for one that focuses on customer service. And values such as honesty, integrity and punctuality. To get great service, and great customer service.

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