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People should keep in mind when they are hiring an Edmonton electrician that not all contractors have the same focus on safety. Therefore, it is extremely important that people are asking questions before they hire someone, to ensure that they are the right electrician for the job. There are several things that people can look for when hiring electrician to ensure that they not only have a focus on safety, have a safety program, or have implemented see work procedures and protocols in their business. Without having a safe work procedure, should cause people to question whether that electrician should work for them.

One great indication that can show people that their Edmonton electrician is focusing on safety is to ask if they are COR certified. By going through this training, and obtaining this certification, shows people that they are thinking about not only working safely, but what they need to do to ensure that there keeping themselves, others on the jobsite, and jobsite itself safe. This is an important indication that their hard someone who thinks about safety.

Another indication that the Edmonton electrician they hired will have a focus on safety, is if they use safety checklists such as FLRAs or field level hazard assessments. These checklists are extremely important to ensuring all workers that come on-site are focusing on ensuring their environment is safe. It has them document all hazards in the area, and then worked to clean them up. Whether this is removing tripping hazards like messes or extension cords, or cleaning up the wet floor, that many things that can cause job sites to be unsafe, and a checklist like this will help ensure that the contractor is working to have a safe environment from the moment they come on-site.

Even having a series of checklists can be enough of the safety procedure or protocol that can show people that the Edmonton electrician has a focus on working safely. These series of checklists could include ensuring they have the right safety equipment whether they are using lifts and harnesses, or just their tools. Another checklist could be ensuring that all of these safety equipment that they have are also in good working order. Having a series of checklists that the electrician and their workers can go through every time they start work can give person peace of mind that there focusing on ensuring they have a safe environment, and everything that they are using to do their job is in good working order.

It is extremely important for people to understand that not all Edmonton electrician companies will have this much focus on safe work practices. Therefore, it is very important that they ask these questions to whoever they hire. If people are looking for professional electricians who will work efficiently and safely, people should contact the team of professionals at Hauer Power at 780-935-0622 today. Whether they have residential, commercial or industrial work, they will be ready to provide electrical service to anyone who needs it

Edmonton electrician | hiring for safety

When hiring an Edmonton electrician, people should be aware of what allows an electrical contractor to do their job. There are several things that people can look for to ensure that there able to do their job efficiently, as well as legally. They should not take it for granted that all contractors have the same coverage, and instead rely on their own research and asking the right questions. Doing this ahead of time can save people huge headache in the long run if something does not go according to plan.

One of the very first things that a person should do when they are hiring an Edmonton electrician is ask if they have insurance. If they do not have insurance, they should not set foot on the jobsite, no matter how big or small it is. Liability insurance and commercial insurance will ensure that the contractor that is working will be covered in case there is a problem. Whether there is damages to property, or damages caused by the work that they have done, having insurance will give the person hiring them peace of mind that if there is a problem, they will be financially compensated. If they hire a contractor who does not have insurance, a person might be able to personally sue them, but that is not going to give them a guarantee they are going to be able to recoup all of their losses if there was a problem.

Something else that people should look for when they hire and Edmonton electrician, is if they have a WCB number. Being covered by Worker’s Compensation is extremely important, especially if they were part of their workers gets hurt on the job. That means, they will be able to get compensated. Therefore, people should avoid hiring anyone who does not have a WCB number. Also, they should keep in mind that not having a WCB number is usually a giant red flag that they are most likely not a licensed contractor, and should not be on the jobsite anyway. They can give themselves peace of mind, and avoid significant problems by asking to see if they have WCB coverage.

It is also important that they ensure their Edmonton electrician has insurance, WCB and license, that they are going to be responsible for getting the right permits for the job that they are doing. It is important that the right permits are pulled for the jobs that are being done, so that when the final work is inspected, it will pass inspection easily. People should be ensuring that their Edmonton electrician has the ability to write departments to work on their job.

If people are not ensuring that there hiring an Edmonton electrician with licenses and insurance, they are putting themselves at risk. Regardless of how big or small the job is, if it is commercial, or industrial and a brand-new job, or if it is residential service calls, there is literally no job too small to ensure the Edmonton electrician is working safely at all times.

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