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If people are hiring an Edmonton electrician, they should ensure that they are able to work safely at all times. To ensure the safety of the people on the jobsite, as well as the jobsite itself, so important that people know how to hire the right company who will be able to work as safely as possible. There is several things that people can look for, and ask for when they are considering hiring an electrician to complete a job.

To help ensure that the safety is of rate importance to Edmonton electrician, people can ask them if they have COR certification. What this is, is a certification that stands for Certificate of Recognition, which ensures the person or company with that certification has developed safety procedures and protocols in their business, and has met previously established safety standards for their business. This means that they have developed a safety program for the business that will allow them to work safely.

There are several safety programs that they could be a part of, or they could have their own, that allows them to have this certification. For example, if companies are using a field level hazard assessment, or an FLHA or FLRA, these are great checklists that people can use to ensure that the site that they are working on is safe.

This requires workers to assess the jobsite, and document any hazards. There might be a variety of berries hazards including things like wet floors or services, or tripping hazards like messes or stanchion cords. After they document the hazards, there then required to clean up and remove anything that makes the jobsite less safe. By ensuring a company has this, can give peace of mind to whoever is hiring them, they are going to be working safely.

Ultimately, safety protocols could include a series of checklists that an Edmonton electrician and all of their workers follow every time they start work to ensure that they are being safe. Checklists such as verifying they have all of the tools and materials needed to do the job, a checklist to ensure the tools are in good working order, a checklist to verify they have all important safety equipment whether it is things like lifts and harnesses, or things like hardhats, steel toed boots and safety go goals.

By having these checklists in place, if a person asks in Edmonton electrician but there safety protocol is, showing them the series of checklists will ensure that the company focuses on safety at all times.

It is very important that people are ensuring that the Edmonton electrician that they are hiring is able to work safely. Especially if there are ever any other people that are going to be on the jobsite, ensuring that everyone can work safely together is of prime importance. If they have a big jobsite, or a small and it is always important to work safely. Hauer Power has safety as their number one value, and anyone looking to hire and Edmonton electrician will have great peace of mind with this company.

Edmonton electrician | hiring safe electricians

People should keep in mind when hiring an Edmonton electrician that not everyone who advertises themselves as an electrician is actually qualified, or licensed to do that job. There are several things that people can look for, and ask for from the company that they are hiring to verify that they are not only qualified to do the job, but also they are legally allowed to do that as well. By keeping this in mind, people can ensure that the professional that they hire to do the job is able to do it.

One of the first things that people need to understand, is that in order to work as an Edmonton electrician inoperative, they need to either be a registered apprentice, or certified journeymen. Which means, in order to do the job that they are being hired for, have to take classes, work for several years as an apprentice, eventually run their license and once they have their license, they are able to obtain certification from the province of Alberta.

Only once they have this certification, are they legally able to do electrical work in the province. It is important that people are aware of this, and are asking any company that they are thinking of hiring for electrical work should provide a copy or show a copy of their license and certification.

It is also important that the Edmonton electrician that is hired is properly insured as well. Liability insurance and commercial insurance will verify that the electrician is legally covered in case there is a problem on the jobsite. If there is damage, or if there is a problem with the work that they have done, the insurance will allow the person who hired them to recover damages or losses that was caused by the work.

If the worker does not have insurance, a person may personally sue them, that does not guarantee that they are going to be able to recoup what they lost. Therefore, it is very important that people are verifying that the Edmonton electrician their hiring has the right insurance.

People should also ensure that the Edmonton electrician that they are hiring has WCB coverage if they have one or more employee. This is a legal requirement of all businesses that have anyone working for them. And not only is this a legal requirements, but it is often a red flag that if a business does not have WCB coverage, they are also probably not a licensed contractor.

By asking for all of these requirements, can give people the assured that the Edmonton electrician that they are hiring can do the job that they have been asked to do.

If people are in need of an Edmonton electrician, and they want to hire one that not only does exemplary work, but one that focuses on safety, they should contact Hauer Power at 780-935-0622 no matter how big or small the job is, in order to get great work safely done.

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