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Edmonton Electrician | Customer Service Is Important

Customers may not know all of the most important criteria when hiring an Edmonton electrician. However, how are power recommends hiring the electrical contractor that has the same values they do.

Edmonton Electrician

In fact, that is how they plan on setting themselves apart from their competition. And appealing to their ideal and likely customers. By focusing on customer service.

It is so much their focus, that it is their tagline in business. Bringing customer service back to the trades. This is because unfortunately, trades have a very bad reputation for not being consumer friendly.

From not being pleasant to talk to on the phone, or in person. To not doing the job that they promised, not starting on time. Or finishing by the deadline. And by not being on budget.

Which is why how far wants to make a name for themselves. On what they can do differently from others in the city. And they created a list of several values that they uphold.

The first one is honesty. Because without honesty, they cannot have trust. And it is important that they build trust with their customers. Whether it is a commercial, residential or industrial.

They want to be able to know that they can trust them to come into their homes, and come into their business. And ultimately, to work on their electrical system.

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Because it is done well, it will make their home or business more efficient. But when it is not done properly. It represents fire risk, therefore they want to ensure that they are fostering that trust.

They want to ensure that every person that sets foot on a jobsite can treat jobsite like it is their own. And act respectfully to the customer. And to the property.

Another important part of honesty and trust is starting when they promise they will. Finishing by the deadline. And being on budget. So every staff member at Hauer Power is told how important honesty is to their values.

And while honesty is extremely important. Punctuality is the second value because of how were not it is. It is not just important to get to the customers jobsite on time.

But every single employee is expected to get to work on time. So that they can get prepared for their day. And grab all of the tools, and supplies that they need. Before getting to that customers jobsite on time.

If they are not on time, they cannot get to the jobsite on time either. This is why it is one of the biggest and most important values at this Edmonton electrician.

The third value that they talk about is integrity. And that works with honesty and trust. Integrity is all about living up to their word. And being accountable for their actions.

As well as working as hard as they need to get everything done on time. When they act with integrity, the customer will always win. Because they will get the best customer service.

Edmonton Electrician | Hiring the Best Electrician

An Edmonton electrician. No matter what kind of jobsite it is they should contact Hauer Power. Because they believe in doing things differently. And are focused on bringing customer service back to the trades.

They know that the trades have a very bad reputation. For not doing what they promise, as well as being overbudget and missing deadlines. And even arriving late to a jobsite.

Therefore, everything that Hauer Power does. Is to compensate for that reputation. And to change their customer’s perception of hiring the trades.

One of the most important values that they have at Hauer Power is continual learning. One of the most important reasons why this is so important to them.

Book changes every three years. To reflect sacral practices. And new features such as how to install sole panels, charging stations for electrical cars just for two current examples.

But it is not just important that they know that the electrical code changes and to purchase a new book every three years. They have mandatory code update courses that they send every staff member to.

Because they can only be the best electrician. When they have the most up-to-date information. They also engage in the apprenticeship program. To ensure that every staff member who wants to apprentice, can.

And get training for their electricians to become journeyman, master electricians and red seals. When they are hiring at Hauer Power, they ensure that every potential staff member is on board with continual education.

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The next thing that they uphold at this Edmonton electrician company is teamwork. And while it sounds like a warm fuzzy value. It is actually all about safely working on a jobsite together.

In order to increase the safety, teams need to be able to work well together. And communicate on an dangerous job site. Because electricity is inherently dangerous.

When the team cannot work well together. They will have a hard time. And the jobsite and become dangerous than it needs. Which is not just more dangerous for the team. But for the customer as well.

This is also why positive attitude is on the list of values that this Edmonton electrician lives by. Because again, while sounds like a warm and fuzzy value to have.

It is actually all about safety. Because without a positive attitude, people are negative which causes them an inability to problem solve for overcome challenges.

Also, when one person on the team is not positive. Then it is the entire team down. And they have a hard time working together. And when a team does not work well together.

The safety of the jobsite is put into jeopardy. Therefore, they always ensure that all teams that are hired can work well together. So that not only can they problem solve easily. But so they can work safely with each other as well.

When people are ready to hire the best Edmonton electrician. They should contact Hauer Power for a free estimate. Because they know that this company cares about doing quality work all the time.

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