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Edmonton Electrician | Hire A Professional for Renovations

No matter how simple homeowner might think renovations are, they should hire professionals says Edmonton electrician. Because even simple jobs can have things go catastrophically wrong.

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And homeowners do not want to be trying to fix problems. That could have easily been avoided. By hiring the right professional in the first place. Even if they do not end up hiring certain professionals.

It is a good idea to have different contractors. Come into the home. In order to look at what the homeowners planning on doing. And give their professional opinion on what would be needed.

To allow the homeowner to hire them if they are needed. And at the very least, know what they should be watching for. Especially when it is as important as the electrical or plumbing work.

That if those things go wrong during renovation. It could end up in reducing the functionality of the kitchen. Or and up with doubling or tripling the cost of the renovation to fix.

Particularly when it comes to the electrical work. Even something as simple as switching lighting from regular lights to LED. Or buying a new refrigerator. Can require hiring an Edmonton electrician.

Whether things need to be on different circuits. Or whether they need to increase the outlets capability. To deal with a larger energy draw. Having a professional come in to do the work.

Not only guarantees that can be done correctly, and to code. But also, if they run to problems. Or if they make mistakes. They are covered by insurance. And the homeowners ultimately will get with they need.


If a homeowner is trying to do some electrical work themselves. And they make a mistake. They could end up doing more damage, or injuring themselves. In a way that their own insurance would not cover.

This is why it is so important to hire the right people. But especially when it comes to the electrical work. If someone who is not a professional electrician does the work. It could end up causing problems.

Such as not having the grounding or bonding done correctly. Or doing things in a way that the Canadian electrical code says is unsafe. Resulting in an electrical fire. That could cause a lot of damage.

Or the electrical fire could even burn down the house. And put the people inside the house at risk of physical injury, or even death. Homeowners should not take this lightly. And hire the right professionals.

To avoid not only making mistakes that could impact the functionality of their kitchen. But so that they do not and up doing something that is dangerous, and not be aware of it. And then have their house burned down.

Therefore, even when it is as simple as buying a new kitchen appliance. Updating their lighting, or wanting to add a new electrical outlet or two. Contacting an Edmonton electrician first. Can save them headaches, and heartaches in the long run.

Edmonton Electrician | Hiring the Right Professional for Renovations

Renovations can be expensive, messy and take a long time says Edmonton electrician. But if people do not hire the right contractors for the job. It can be even more expensive, even more messy. And may never get finished.

Since kitchen renovations are the single most expensive renovation that homeowners can do typically. It is very important that homeowners do it correctly. And avoid the temptation to cut corners, in order to save money.

The reason why they are renovating their kitchen is to make it more functional. Or to update it, and make it more energy efficient. And because those things are very important.

Homeowners should avoid trying to cut corners. By hiring a contractor instead of the appropriate tradespeople to do the work that they are expert in. Because while it might save them money.

Many things could go wrong in the process. For example, if homeowner was to hire a general contractor. Instead of an Edmonton electrician. The contractor might not know all of the requirements for residential electrical work.

They may miss important steps. Such as not to grounding or bonding the work properly. Which could result in people getting electrical shocks when using electrical devices.

Or the electricity not safely discharging, where it could build up and cause electrical fire. As well, someone who is not working in electricity every single day. May not be using the most up-to-date Canadian electrical code.


This code is updated every three years. And is actually mandatory for all electricians to use while doing electrical work. Whether it is residential, commercial or industrial. Because it has all of the most up-to-date safety practices.

As well as all the most up-to-date information. About new technology that they may need to install. Another reason whites important to hire an electrician instead of a general contractor.

Is because they will be aware of important standards. Such as knowing how many times an electrical project needs to get inspected. And at what stages of the project they need to call the inspector to come in to take a look at the project.

Failure to do this can result in not passing the final inspection. Which would be very costly to the homeowner in the long run. Something else that an Edmonton electrician will know.

That a general contractor may not know. Is that when making even a minor change to an electrical system. Will require the electrician bringing the entire system up to the most current electrical code.

This means something as simple as adding one additional electrical outlet. May require the electrician updating the entire electrical system in the kitchen. And this is for safety reasons.

So failure to do this also means not complying with the current electrical code. And ultimately, putting the safety of the kitchen, and the entire home at risk. To avoid this.

Homeowners should simply hire the right people for the right jobs. And during a kitchen renovation, call an Edmonton electrician to come up to the jobsite. If for no other reason than to get an opinion. Of if they are needed. So that they know for the future.

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