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There is nothing more important than ensuring the safety of a jobsite, and hiring an Edmonton electrician. Not only is it of paramount importance that whoever is hiring ensures that all contractors can work with safety in mind, but also that they have safety protocols and programs in place that can ensure that they are doing it on a consistent basis. By knowing exactly what questions to ask when hiring can help empower the hiring manager to ensure that they are always allowing only the safest people on their job sites.

One of the first things that people can look at to verify if that Edmonton electrician is working safely on a consistent basis, is if they have been course certified. This stands for certificate of recognition and is awarded by the Alberta province to companies who have developed safety programs and met established safety standards. In order for a business to obtain their poor certification, they need to have developed a safety program, and then been audited by an independent partner in order to ensure that the safety program is adequate. Any company that says that they have their core certification will have a great focus on safety matter what jobsite they work on.

However, businesses that do not have their core certification still have the ability to work safely, as long as they have established a set of safety procedures or protocols in their business. This might entail an Edmonton electrician creating a series of templates and checklists that they and their employees use at every stage of a job to ensure that they are following safety protocols along the way. From checking the jobsite before they start work, to ensuring they have all of the equipment and materials to do the job and that they have checked t the equipment to verify that it is in good working order. Checklists can also ensure that they have all of their safety equipment, and that the safety equipment is also in working order. Regardless of what the protocols are, if they are consistent, documentable and duplicatable are some of the most important factors in ensuring have a great process. The hiring manager can simply ask the Edmonton electrician what their safety protocols are, and listen to see if it is reasonable.

Also, if the Edmonton electrician says that they use FLRAs or F L H A’s, these field level hazard assessments are great safety checklists that any contractor can use to ensure that the jobsite that they walk onto is safe at all times. What this is, is a checks list that will have a contractor documenting any hazards prior to cleaning them up. This could include hazards such as broken glass, wet floors, low hanging cords, or tripping hazards including mass and cords running across the jobsite. By documenting them and then removing them ensures that there is a safe environment for not just the Edmonton electrician, but for all contractors.

When hiring an Edmonton electrician should contact the company that is known for their safety which is Hauer Power at 780-935-0622, will be happy to work on any job whether it is residential, commercial or even industrial, doing everything from complete new builds and total wiring, to maintenance and service calls.

Edmonton electrician | hiring with safety in mind

One of the most important ways that hiring manager can ensure that the contractor and Edmonton electrician that they hire for their jobsite is safe, is by ensuring they have the right license to work as an electrician. If a hiring manager knows all the questions to ask to ensure that not only is the electrician that they are hiring capable, but that they are also legally allowed to work in the province, and they have the right insurance. This might be overwhelming, but when they understand what questions to ask it can become easy, and put the hiring manager at ease, knowing they have all of the right questions to ask.

The first thing that hiring managers need to understand, is that in order for electricians to be legally allowed to work in the province of Alberta, they need to be a certified journeyman electrician. Which means after they have earned their electrician license, they also need to acquire certification by applying to the province of Alberta. Once the province of Alberta gives them the certification, they are legally allowed to work in the province. If hiring managers hiring an Edmonton electrician before they check to ensure their legally allowed to work there putting themselves and their jobsite at risk.

The next thing that they need to be checking is to ensure that the Edmonton electrician that they hire has general liability insurance. This typically starts at one million dollars and goes up from there. What this insurance does, is that it covers the contractor as well as the company hiring them to do the job in case something goes wrong. They may make a mistake, or end up doing the job incorrectly that could cause problems such as an electrical fire. The reason why the insurance is starts at one million dollars, is because the ability for things to go very wrong is high. Therefore, if they are hiring a contractor that does not have insurance, there putting themselves at risk for not being able to recoup money if something goes wrong.

The next thing that they need to be able to do, is ask the Edmonton electrician if they have their WCB coverage. Worker’s Compensation is not only a requirement by law, but if the business is willing to work without Worker’s Compensation coverage, that is usually an indication that they also do not have their license or certification. People can immediately discount any contractors that do not have a license, certification, insurance or Worker’s Compensation.

In order to find the right electrician for the job, people should contact the safety experts at Hauer Power at 780-935-0622. No job is too big or too small, and if someone wants the job done correctly and safely, this is the best company they should be calling.

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