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Edmonton Electrician | Holidays & Risk of Electrical Fire

The more people have plugged into their electrical outlets according to Edmonton electrician. A higher chances of an electrical fire in there. This is because every Outlet is rated for 15 amps. However, if people are plugging more than that into the outlet. Either because they have high energy devices. Or if they’re using an outlet extender such as an octopus or a power bar. This can overload the outlet.

What happens when the outlet is overloaded as Edmonton electrician. Is that the wires will start working very hard in order to keep up with the increased electric demands. Because of that, the wires will physically get caught. And if that heat stays for an extended period of time the heat will cause a fire.

The reason why a electrical fires are so dangerous according to Edmonton electrician. Is because they start inside the walls. And Anne move very quickly throughout all of the walls in the home. There is ample oxygen to feed the fire. And it can quickly start burning every single ball in the home, unseen to the people in the house.

Only when the fire breaks through one of the walls eventually. Will the occupants of the house realized that there is something wrong. And they will only have seconds to make it out of this Burning Inferno. Because of the devastating nature of electrical fires. People should do everything that I possibly can to avoid causing an electrical fire in their home.


Therefore, people should avoid putting more than 15 amps in an outlet at a time. Every electrical device that they have will have a number of amps that it uses. Hair dryers, straighteners and curling irons. Are known for being extremely I am. And even though there are two places to plug in an outlet. If people are using hair dryers or straighteners. Only one thing should be plugged in at a time

this is why power bars are so dangerous does Edmonton electrician. Is because it makes it much easier for people to unknowingly overload the circuits in their home. Therefore, Edmonton electrician says anyone who is using power bars or Outlet extenders on a daily basis.

Should contact their Edmonton electrician to find about adding more Outlets their home. So they can stop the dangerous practice of using a power bar.

Many people mistakenly believe that all power bars will have a built-in surge protector. That will turn the power bar off if they exceed 15 amps. Not every Power bar has a surge protector. And not every surge protector works well.

Is a ball absolutely must use a power bar. They should buy a good quality one, that has TSA stamped on the side of it. Indicating that it has been tested by the Canadian governing body of electrical devices. The next thing they need to do, is ensure that the Power Bar they are buying as a built-in surge protector. And that they follow the devices guidelines for you.

Ultimately, see you saw the power bar should not be to have many things plugged in at the same time. And if that’s the case, increasing the number of electrical outlets in a home and significantly protects against electrical fire.

Edmonton Electrician | Holidays Increased Risks of Electrical Fire

The increase of electronic devices means the increase of overloading electrical circuits does Edmonton electrician. And even if people are not overloading the electrical devices the year. The holidays are a very bad time of year. For overloading the electrical circuit. Example, a house will typically have a bunch of Lights on the exterior of the house. Plus yard decorations such as inflatables.

This might be four or five different Power needs. That people will plug into a power bar on an extension cord. Inside the home, they might have their Christmas tree, electrical fireplace and Space heaters. And if they have people visiting, then all of their own personal electronic devices such as phones, tablets and curling irons and electric razors.

Even if people are not having their electric overloaded for the rest of the year. Christmas and be a very bad time of year where people are often overloading their circus does Edmonton electrician. Therefore, if people have experienced blowing a breaker at Christmas time. Or having to utilize multiple extension for power bars or octopuses. They should contact their Edmonton electrician about getting additional Outlet installed in their home.

Many people are not even aware that this is a possibility. But it’s the safest way to ensure that they can utilize all of the electrical devices they wished. Without fear of blowing their circuit. Each electrical outlet is rated for 15 oz. So I taking into consideration all of the devices they wish to use. And help ensure that they gets the right number of electrical outlets. In each room that won’t have them overloading the outlet.


When people are contacting an electrical contractor to add Outlets to their home. They should ensure that they are calling a licensed contractor. Because if they are licensed. Then they will also carry insurance does Edmonton electrician.

This insurance means that if there was a mistake made, and damage was caused to the person’s home or business. The insurance will help cover the cost of fixing it.

If people do not hire a licensed contractor. If a mistake is made. It will typically mean the homeowner will need to foot the bill of fixing it.

Also, a licensed electrical contractor will ensure that they have pulled all of the correct permits to do the work that they’re planning on. And at the end, they will get their work inspected properly. To guarantee to the homeowner that it’s been done properly.

By contacting their Edmonton electrician as quickly as possible, they will be able to ensure that they are ready at the holidays. When they start to plug in all of their festive decorations, their Christmas tree and start having family and friends visit. While December is the month that has the highest electric fires. People can protect themselves and their loved ones. By contacting their Edmonton electrician to help them with their power needs.

By increasing the number of outlets and protect a home and its occupants from a preventable electrical fire. The sooner people do this, the sooner they’re going to be able to have a great holiday without fear of Fire.

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