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Edmonton Electrician | Holidays Overload Circuits

People may not realize that newer homes are at risk for electrical fires says Edmonton electrician. If they are also overloaded circuits in their home. An assumption that a lot of people in freshly made. Is that if they’re home is new, they will not be able to overload their circuits. And so they buy Power Bars and Outlet extenders. Give them the outlets they need for all of their Electronics.

A far better solution would be if people are building their home says Edmonton electrician. They should take stock of all of their Electronics all rooms of the house including kitchen, living room and dining room, each of their bedrooms and your media room.

By taking stock of how many things they need to have plugged in. They can build their house with enough outlet for accommodate. If they are not building their home and just buying a new one. They can ask to have more Outlets installed before they even move into their home.

This is going to be a great way that people can protect their family, even before they take possession of their new home. Even brand new houses and have overloaded circuit quite easily. Each outlet is rated to handle a certain amount of electricity. And Outlet extenders and Power Bars increase the ability in electricity through that outlet.

More electricity than the outlet can handle is being put through the wires. The breaker box is supposed to shut off. Or a surge protector is also supposed to shut off. But even if they are working perfectly. Those wires still have to get hot before the breaker or the surge protector work.


This can be a danger in and of itself. Even if the overloaded circuits are turned off, the residual heat from the wires but in fact has a fire in a home. This is true no matter what age of the home. Whether it is a brand new home, or a 50 year old Character home.

because of the danger associated with overloading an outlet. People should avoid this at all cost. Power bars are designed for helping people extend where the outlet is. Example they might have a power bar on an outlet that is underneath their bed. So that they can plug your lamp and their phone into the outlet without reaching all the way under the bed.

Our bars are not designed for people to plug something into every single slot and have them turned on simultaneously. When they are used in this fashion says Edmonton electrician. It will overload the circuits. And if people make the assumption that every Power bar has a built-in surge protector. They might make the dangerous assumption that if they are going to overload the outlet. The surge protector will help them.

In fact, not all power bar with a built-in surge protector. And if people are buying poor quality or cheaply made Power Bars. They could be exacerbating the problem. Many people are buying their Outlet extenders or Power Bars from the dollar store. And this is not going to help prevent a fire in case things go wrong

Edmonton Electrician | Holidays Can Overload Circuits

It may be far easier than people realize to overload the circuits in their home says Edmonton electrician. Power Bars and Outlet extenders are so common. That people think that it’s a safe way to increase their Outlets Cassidy.

This is not necessarily true. Because each outlet is rated for 15 amps. And anytime. Is exceeded in an outlet. There is a risk for fire. And while it’s true, that a circuit breaker is designed to stop sending power to that outlet if it’s overloaded. If the circuit breaker sales at that particular time. Then they are putting their house at risk for a fire.

In fact, many people buy Power Bars that have surge protectors to protect against this. However, or lie maid surge protectors and also fail. And if people insist on using a power bar. They should look for Power Bars that have the essay on them. Because they will be the highest rated within Canada the function properly.

However, a much better solution rather than buying an expensive power bar with a surge protector. Is that people should be calling their Edmonton electrician to add outlets in their home.

This is going to be a foolproof way that people can ensure that they are increasing the electrical capabilities of their home in a safe manner. They can add as many additional Outlets to any room of their home that they need. Provided there is room on their breaker box.


Edmonton electrician will add a breaker to the breaker box, add wire to the home. And increase the number of outlets that the home needs. By doing this, people are ensuring that they are increasing the electrical capabilities in a safe fashion.

people should keep in mind that the more things are plugged in. And the more they are turned on, the hotter the wires are going to go. This is what causes house fires. If people are calling their Edmonton electrician to come in and fix the outlets by adding more. They can also check to ensure that the breaker box is a high-quality as well.

Many people are still using a brand of breaker box called Federal. And they may not even realize that these breaker boxes have an extremely poor track record for a high rate of failure. In fact, best brand has no longer approved for installing in homes.

Unfortunately, Edmonton electricians does that does not protect people that’s currently already have this breaker box in there. Or, if they called to get more Outlets put into their home. The Edmonton electrician can verify that they have a good quality breaker box. And if they don’t. Or if it is extremely old it can make plans to replace that as well.

People should be able to throw parties, have holiday Gatherings. That does Christmas and Thanksgiving. Or have parties at their house in the summer time to celebrate the season. Without living in fear that one day, your lack of Ellis is going to end up causing a fire. Putting their home and their family at risk. But acting now, people can get more Outlets put into their home. And rest easy knowing their family.

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