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Even though many people understand how important it is to have a smoke detector in their homes as M ten electrician they do not think much farther than that. They do not take into consideration that not all smoke detectors are the same, and many do not even detect smoke the same way. By understanding all of the different styles of smoke detector on the market, and all of the different ways they can detect smoke among other things can help people make the right choice on what the best unit is to protect them, their family and their home.

A photoelectric smoke detector operates on the principle of light reflection as well as light refraction says Edmonton electrician. This works because if smoke enters the units, it actually refracts or reflects the light, because smoke is opaque. When this happens, that triggers the smoke detector to sound the alarm. An ionized alarm works completely differently however. Inside this style of smoke detector, two electrically charged plates exist, that are conducting electricity through them. Because smoke is opaque, when smoke enters this style of smoke detector, it actually interrupts the electrical current which triggers the alarm.

People do not necessarily need to make the choice between one style of smoke detector or the other says Edmonton electrician because they can even purchase combination alarms that utilize both photoelectric principles as well as ionized alarms. The reason why someone might choose to use a combination smoke detector is because this will lower the number of false alarms that are tripped.

The newest smoke detector that is on the market actually uses both of these methods as well as split spectrum light technology as well as a blue light filter. This is the least nuisance tripping smoke detector on the market today. If people want the best protection, and the lowest false alarms, they should talk to their Edmonton electrician about getting this installed into their home.

Another great feature of many smoke detectors is a built in carbon monoxide alarm. Some simply alarm if carbon monoxide levels get dangerously high, and other models will give a reading to say what percentage of carbon monoxide is currently in the air. It will give an indication if this is on the rise, and can help people troubleshoot what the possible problem is. Edmonton electrician says this is often the faults of a furnace that is having problems, or may need to be replaced. By having this built into their smoke detector can help ensure that people are being alerted to a threat before it starts becoming life-threatening.

Even though many people do not think often about smoke detectors, if the make the right decision once, commit to testing their smoke detector monthly, and replacing it every 7 to 10 years, they can end up with an extremely great units that will ensure their family, and home is safe for their lifetime. There is no better investment then a smoke detector to protect what is most important.

Edmonton Electrician | How Do Smoke Detectors Work?

One thing that people should understand, is that not every smoke detector works the same way as each other says Edmonton electrician. Not only do different styles detect smoke in completely different ways, but they also are powered very differently and have different functionality built into them. By becoming educated on all of the different variability’s in their smoke detectors, can help families make the right choice of what unit they are going to put in their home to protect their loved ones.

The simplest smoke detector is simply battery-operated says Edmonton electrician. However, this is also the least advised to get as well. The reason why, is solely battery-operated units have absolutely no backup system. This means, that if the battery happens to fail, the family is unprotected. Not only that, but it requires diligence in monthly testing, and ensuring that they are using the best quality batteries possible. The better the battery is, the longer the lifespan.

A better option is for people to get an Edmonton electrician to install a smoke detector that wires directly into their house. These smoke detectors will be on a specific breaker, and even if that breaker goes out, they have a battery backup. This way, even in the case of a complete power outage, the battery backup ensures that the smoke detector can alert the family to a life-threatening fire.

The third type of smoke detector says Edmonton electrician not only is directly wired into the house, but it also is directly wired to all of the smoke detectors in the house. This is called an interconnected system, and what this does is it allows all of the smoke detectors to work together. This way, if there is a fire in the attached garage, the smoke detectors in the basement, first floor and second floor of the house will also sound. This will ensure that people can get to the fire sooner and potentially extinguish it. This also means that people have a longer amount of time to get out of the house to safety because they are being alerted to the emergency sooner.

Another great feature of an interconnected system says Edmonton electrician is the fact that it makes testing all of the alarms very easy. The Canadian electrical code recommends that people test their smoke detectors monthly. By testing one smoke detector, if all of them beep, that means they all have functioning batteries inside them. If pushing one button, makes all except one smoke detector sound, people can easily understand that that is the smoke detector that requires the battery change. By making it easier and more convenient to test and change the batteries mean that people will be more inclined to do so, ensuring that the smoke detectors will protect their family.

Even though many people are not aware of all of the differences between smoke detectors, it is not something that they necessarily need to think about all of time, especially if they make the right to purchase the first time and end up with a great smoke detector that is going to help keep their entire family safe for years to come.

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