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Edmonton Electrician | Don’t Pull Your Own Wires

People might think that since data cable is different than electrical wires, they can do it themselves says Edmonton electrician. However, just because it does not carry on electrical charge. Does not mean that it is safe for anyone to do.

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In fact, pulling any type of cable. Requires knowledge, as well as professional techniques. That have been learned, and then refined over many years. While many people might have seen a video.

Showing how to pull cable properly. It is not as easy as doing some holes in a wall, and pulling cable through. Many mistakes can be made, that can compromise the safety of their home.

A common mistake that people make. When they are pulling cable, is not knowing exactly where the studs in their home are. They might think they know, but end up drilling more holes into their wall, then they need.

And when they are drilling into a wall, that has insulation in it. What they might do, is get the insulation snagged up on their drill. Which will then pull the whole of insulation out of the wall.

Which could end up with cold spots in their wall. And particularly in a climate like Edmonton. Having cold spots in a wall. Can make a home a lot more freezing in the winter time, then it needs to be.

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As well, often people think that all that needs to happen. When they are pulling cables, is simply to pull the cable through. Without taking into consideration the other things that might be inside the wall.

From other cable, and wires. Two things like insulation, and tubing, or pipes. But not being careful, or knowing how to do it properly. Homeowners can end up displacing these things inside their wall.

It could cause problems with their electrical system. Crossing wires, or dislodging something. So now, their system does not work. Which will require the people calling an Edmonton electrician anyway.

In order to fix, what they broke in the first place. And when they have to call someone to come in and fix what they broke. It is going to cost a lot more money. Then it would if they simply contacted an Edmonton electrician in the first place.

In fact, electricians are trained in how to pull data cable correctly. And there are things that they have to do, written in the Canadian electrical code. When it comes to pulling cable properly and safely.

Even though it might be very tempting to try to save money, and do it themselves. Ultimately, it is likely to not be a savings at all. If they have to call someone to fix what they broke.

Or, it might not be worthwhile to save money. If they cause their home to be unsafe in the process. This is why it is extremely important. That even when people want to do as many renovations on their home themselves. That those things should not be the electrical work.

Edmonton Electrician | How Hard is Pulling Cable

Even though something does not look like it would be difficult says Edmonton electrician. Does not mean that people will not have problems when trying to do it themselves. And when it comes to renovations of the home, there are some things that can have mistakes.

And other things, where mistakes should be avoided. For example, if people are trying to do their own flooring. If they make mistake. At least that is not going to compromise the safety of their entire home in the process.

However, if they try to do their own electrical work, or even adding data cable to their home. They actually might compromise the safety of their home. By causing problems with the existing electrical system.

Or doing the job improperly. Which would cause them to need to call an electrician to come in anyway. And do the job properly themselves. Even something as simple as pulling cable. Can have risks with it.

For example, people may not be familiar. With what style there home was framed in. There are many different methods, from directional framing to balloon framing. That could make it difficult for people to anticipate where studs are.

As well, studs can be metal, or wooden. Which can result in a person having a problem. If they thought they could drill through the studs. In order to pull the cable. If it turns out that it is metal stud.

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They are not going to be able to jewel through its. And they may have a hard time trying to fish cable through those studs. As well, there also things called a fire block, or a fire stop.

Which are pieces of stud, that are perpendicular to the rest of the studs. And the design of these studs, will be to slow or stop the spread of an electrical fire in between the walls.

Someone who thinks that they can just drill through this, in order to pull a piece of cable through it. May not realize. That they know have compromised the safety feature of their home.

While it may be necessary for an Edmonton electrician to drill through that fire block or fire stop. In order to pull cable. They will have the knowledge, of how important it is. To fill that hole back up once the cable is through.

With something like a spray insulation. So that it can do its job. By stopping or slowing the spread of an electrical fire in the home. Even though it may look easy to do on their own.

When it comes to electrical work, it is not worth the risk. To try to do it themselves. this is why it is incredibly important. For people to contact the professionals from the beginning.

Not only will an Edmonton electrician be more than happy to come in and do a walk-through of the space. It will also be able to offer their opinion on the job. And give an estimate on what it would cost him for them to do it for the business owner. So that it can be done properly, and safely.

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