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Edmonton Electrician | Surge Protectors Work

Many people put a lot of faith in the surge protectors that they buy says Edmonton electrician. And while surge protectors are designed to turn off power to an outlet if the amount exceeds what it can handle. People need to ensure that they are buying the correct surge protectors.

That have been inspected by CSA, and not be purchasing the most inexpensive there’s protectors that they can find. Such as the ones that are being sold at many dollar stores across the country.

Surge protectors as well as breaker boxes are designed to touch the flow of electricity to an outlet if it has more electricity than it can handle. The problem with this, is that if for some reason one or both of these fail. People’s Outlets are at risk and they don’t even know it.

What happens when the surge protectors or the breaker boxes fail. Is that in order to find to cope with the increased electricity coursing through the wires. The wires themselves actually get caught. The things that are plugged in that outlet remain plugged in as well as turned on or any length of time.

The wires will get hot enough for a long enough. Of time that it can catch the things surrounding it on fire. Such as the drywall, and the studs inside the walls. Edmonton electrician said once the fire start in the walls, and can move through the walls throughout the house very easily without initially getting detected.

This is what makes electrical fires so dangerous. That by the time the family realizes that there is a problem. The fire is in every single room of the home, making Escape difficult and dangerous.


Therefore, people should not be putting their families at risk by using power bars or Outlet extenders. Many people believe that these devices increase the amount of amps that an outlet in eight.

And this simply isn’t true. An outlet typically can only handle 15 amps at a time. And I using these Outlet extenders. Is making it very possible to overload that outlet.

People should take stock of every room in their home. And if they have one or more instances of using a power bar or an outlet extender. That should be a sign that they actually need more outlets in their home. If this is the case, it is very easy for an Edmonton electrician to come in and add additional Outlet.

All they have to do is out of switch to the breaker box. And some wire, and add the outlet to the wall in the rooms that they are needed. By doing this, people will ensure that all of their electricity needs are being managed. But all without running their family at risk.

People should contact their professionals the day, to get a quote on how much it would cost. And even if they need the budget for an entire year. This is a much scenario. Then simply continually buying cheap Power Bars, and continually overloading the electricity in their home.

Edmonton Electrician | How Surge Protectors Operate

It can be far easier to overload a power outlet than many people realize does Edmonton electrician. Each power outlet in a home or a business can handle up to 15 amps of electricity. People should be looking at the electrical appliances that they are plugging into the outlet. To ensure that they are not exceeding the amps when they plug more than one device in.

And with how many people have increased electrical needs, it can be very easy to overload the electrical outlet. Not only do people have more televisions than ever before. But they also have gaming systems attached to the TV, pvr’s and DVD. As well, people often have a lot of their own personal electric devices such as cell phones and tablets as well as computers.

In the kitchen, there are even more devices than ever before. Not just coffee pots and toasters anymore. And the more appliances that are being used in the kitchen, means that if people need to use a power bar in the kitchen to have everything plugged in. This is putting their wiring a twist.

Even if people are doing it just for a short period of time period. Such as if they are cooking a holiday feast for their friends and family. Or if they are having a party, and are doing a lot of cooking in the home. Even overloading the electrical outlet one and put the family at risk.


And while many people buy Power Bars in order to accommodate their increasing electricity need. They need to ensure that they are high quality, safety tested hour bars. And even then, Edmonton electrician would not recommend using these Power Bars just to have more things.

Is power bars are best for extending the reach of an outlet. For example it might be behind a dresser, under a bed, or behind the television. And so to access that outlet, the power bar will have an extension cord, and make it so that’s the outlet is more accessible.

Another thing that people can do when they call her Edmonton electrician to add more outlets in their home. Is that the electrician can also verify that are breaker box is in good condition. Many people are not aware that there is one brand of breaker box that was very highly used in the past, But is now known to be very poor quality.

This brand of breaker box is called Federal. And if anyone has a federal breaker box in their home or business it should be replaced immediately. It is no longer approved for installation in homes because of the high frequency of fails that it has. So if a person calls and Edmonton electrician to increase their electricity needs. They can also ensure that they do not have this breaker box that is going to be most likely to fail.

Play calling on their professional. People can ensure that they will have enough Outlets to manage all of their electrical needs now and in the future. And that they are also ensuring that they have the best breaker box possible. That will help them stay safe. Bye turning off the power to any Outlets that gets overloaded.

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