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Edmonton Electrician | How To Avoid Overloading Circuits

Many homeowners are overloading there circuit’s says Edmonton electrician. And while many people do not think that this is a problem. It actually puts their home at risk for an electrical fire.
Edmonton Electrician

Another common problem is that many people. Think that circuit breaker is a failsafe. And will keep them safe in case of. Overloaded circuits, at all times.

While the design of the circuit breaker is to stop the flow of electricity. To an electrical outlet or circuit. That is overloaded, if a circuit breaker fails. The consequences is an electrical fire that puts the home and family at risk.

Homeowners should ask themselves the question. If they are willing to risk their family and home in an electrical fire. On the hopes that there circuit breaker is not going to fail once.

Another problem with overloading circuits. Is that people often mistakenly believe. That since there are two places. Plug-in electrical devices. They should be able to safely plug-in any to electrical devices.

While there are two places to plug things in. That does not mean they can always be in use. The amount of electricity that one electrical outlets can handle. Is typically 1500 W.

And while many devices only draw 300 to 700 W. Such as a reading lamp, charging a cell phone or a radio. Other devices draw up to or including the maximum amount of wattage. Such as an electric kettle.

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Hair straightener, or an air conditioner units and space heater. If these things are plugged in with any other devices. Even ones that draw an extremely low amount of electricity. They will be putting their circuits at risk of being overloaded.

Another problem that people have. Is not realizing that when they first plug in that electrical device. Depending on what it is, many of them draw far more electricity. At the start then when they are running.

Take a space heater, an air conditioner or a pressure cooker for example. Edmonton electrician says they will draw far more electricity. When they first start working. Then they will, once they have been operating for a while.

This is why someone might have plugged their radio in. To the same outlet that the air-conditioner is in. With no problem, but they cannot have the radio running. And start the air-conditioner at the same time.

By understanding how many wants they can have running. On one outlets at a time. And approximately how many wants each of their electrical devices use. Homeowners can be more likely to avoid overloaded circuits.

As well, if people are in the habit. Of using outlet extenders. That allow them to plug more devices into an outlet at a time. Or if they are constantly using power bars to do the same thing.

This is a good indication that they are getting close to. Or they are already overloading there outlets. And they should call Edmonton electrician, how are power in order to add more outlets. And reduce the risk of an electrical fire in their home.

Edmonton Electrician | How To Avoid Overloading Circuits Today

Homeowners are putting their homes at risk every day says Edmonton electrician. And are not even aware of how they are doing it. They are doing this, simply by overloading many of the circuits in their home.

One room that is a common offender in a home. Is the kitchen. Builders usually put the minimum number of electrical outlets. In order to save money, but in today’s kitchen.

That is not usually enough electrical outlets. Not only do people need to consider. That most of the largest appliances they will utilize. That draws the most electricity are in the kitchen. For example the refrigerator, oven and stove.

The dishwasher and microwave. But people are routinely plugging in electrical devices. That draw a lot of electricity while in the kitchen. People should consider devices like electrical frying pans or hot plates.

Electrical kettles, coffee pots, toasters. Blenders, and those are just a few of the things. That people are using. They often are also using many of these devices at the same time. And at typical kitchen, has two or three outlets.

Therefore, if a person is trying to make a pot of coffee, while cooking pancakes. They may not realize that they are overloading there circuits. If people are experiencing the circuit breaker being tripped.

On a regular basis, or that they have to use. Outlet extenders or power bars. In order to plug the number of devices in that they want to use. Edmonton electrician says this is a good indication that they are overloading there circuits.

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They should be calling Hauer Power in order to ask them. To add more outlets in their home. At the same time, the electricians will be able to look at their electrical panel.

To ensure it is in good working order. Or if it should be replaced. In order to minimize or eliminate problems. From having an out dated electrical panel. Other types of devices that can cause problems.

Include Christmas lights, even though people only use them once a year. If they find they must use. Extension cords in order to plug all of the lights in. That is a good indication they are overloading there circuits.

In the winter time, people might use space heaters. And do not realize that that is causing them to overload the circuits. And in the summertime, air-conditioners will do the same thing.

While the best advice is for people to pay attention. To the amount of watts that each of their electrical device uses. And never exceed 1500 W in any outlet at any time.

If this is hard to remember, Edmonton electrician says. If people are using power bars. Outlet extenders, or extension cords. This is a good indication that they need more electrical outlets.

They should call Hauer Power as soon as possible. To schedule this important service, so that they can plug all of their electrical devices in. And have peace of mind for their family and their home.

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