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Edmonton Electrician | Avoid Overloading Electrical Circuits

It is extremely important for homeowners to avoid overloading their electrical circuit says Edmonton electrician. Because this can cause fires in their home, no matter how old or young their house is. Overloading the circuits simply means plugging more amps into a plug-in than it can handle.

What happens when someone plugs more amps into a plug-in then it can handle. Is that the wires will get hot, dealing with more electricity than it was designed to handle says Edmonton electrician.

When this happens for a long enough period of time, it will start to ignite the materials around it. And start a fire inside the walls. This is extremely dangerous. Because it can burn quite hot, and travel through the walls without getting detected for quite a long time.

By the time people are aware that there is a fire in the house. There’s a good potential that the fire has spread everywhere, making it dangerous, and important for everyone to escape very quickly.

People can very easily overload their electrical plug-ins says Edmonton electrician if they plug too many things into it. There’s a reason plug-ins were designed to have two things plugged into them.

And so when people use electrical extenders often called octopuses. Or they use Power Bars. They are potentially being able to plug more amps into the plug-in then it was designed to handle.


Often, people believe that power bars are a safe way to increase the number of amps that the plug-in can handle. But this is not true says Edmonton electrician. People also have a false sense of security thinking that if they get a power bar with a surge protector. That’s going to help ensure that if they overload the circuit. It will turn itself off.

And while that is the purpose of the surge protector in the power bar says Edmonton electrician. If it fails, the only way a person will know that it fails is when a fire breaks out in their house. This is a really dangerous way to find out that a product that they purchased failed.

And a much safer way is to Simply avoid plugging too many things into one electrical outlet says Edmonton electrician. If they need more plug-ins than their house has. They can call their Edmonton electrician to help them out.

Weather people are having overloaded outlets at Christmas time. With the addition of house lights, yard decorations, and a Christmas tree. It is very possible that any time of the year people can have overloaded circuits. And so people should be very mindful of this throughout the entire year.

By calling their Edmonton electrician, they can find out how they can help a homeowner from overloading their circuits. So that they don’t have to count on their electrical breaker to function perfectly. In order to keep them from having a house fire.

This is going to help people sleep safer at night, knowing that they are not putting themselves in danger of a house fire.

Edmonton Electrician | Don’t Overload Electrical Circuits

Overloaded circuits are one of the number one causes of house fires says Edmonton electrician. No matter how old the house is. And so people should be mindful of how overloaded plugins happen so that they can avoid this.

Ultimately, the more things people plug in to their electrical outlets, the higher the risk is for overloading the plugin. Each plug-in is only designed to handle a certain number of amps. And if someone has exceeded that. That could put the plug-in at danger at being overloaded.

Contrary to what many people believe, Power Bars do not actually allow people to plug more amps into a plug-in. It just makes it possible for people to plug more things in. They should watch to see how many amps each electrical device they have to plug in. To avoid plugging too many amps in at a Time.

However, if people find that they just simply don’t have enough electrical outlets in their home. They can call on an Edmonton electrician to help them out. It is much easier and quicker than many people think. To add electrical outlets in a home.

All the Edmonton electrician has to do, is add a switch to the breaker box, run more wire to where it needs to go, and add the electrical outlet. If people need a lot more electrical outlets in their home. It can be very easy to add multiple Outlets to multiple rooms in their house.


Especially if people are living in very old homes. There were less need for electrical outlets fifty or a hundred years ago. Then people need now. And so rather than living with a frustrating situation. Of not having enough Outlets. People can call their Edmonton electrician. And ensure that every room has as many electrical outlets as they need.

At the same time, the Edmonton electrician will be able to check the breaker box to ensure that it is still in good working condition. And if it is a federal brand, then the recommendation from the electrician will be to get rid of it. This brand has been known to fail more than any other breaker box. And is actually not allowed to be installed in any homes anymore.

Therefore, the electrician will be able to tell what brand breaker box people have. And remove it’s if it is a dangerous one. That way, they can get more Outlets, as well as a new breaker box. To drastically reduce their chances of starting an electrical fire in their home.

Even if people don’t typically need more outlets in their home. But find that at holidays or Christmas time for example. They do needs to have Power Bars. They can get more Outlets installed for that time. So that they don’t end up causing a potential Fire. By trying to make their house ready for all of the holiday festivities.

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