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Edmonton Electrician | Avoid Overloading Electrical Sockets

While overloaded circuits generally happen most often at Christmas time says Edmonton Electrician. Because of the additional lights on the house, the Christmas tree, and all the decorations. However, Summer can me a time for overloaded circuits as well. People having garden parties that might include strands of lights, stereo equipment, a space heater for when it gets chilly. Or inside, additional air conditioners can put a strain on the outlets.

These are very common examples of how people may be using their power outside. Unfortunately, if they don’t have enough outlets to accommodate all the additional things they are plugging in. They are putting their house at risk for an electrical fire and might not even know it.

How this happens, is if a person does not have enough electrical outlets for all the things they want to plug in. What they will do, is buy an outlet extender, often called an octopus. Or they buy a power bar, and think that means they can plug all their devices in.

Unfortunately this is not the case, according to Edmonton Electrician. All outlets have a specific amount of amps that they can handle. Typically, this is two things plugged in and turned on. Which is why there’s typically only space for two things.

If they extend that with an octopus or a power bar. They are not increasing the outlets ability to process additional amps. But instead, the outlet can still only handle a certain amount of amps, but a person has the ability to easily overload it.


If a person plugs in too much to one outlet, what happens is the physical wire has to work much harder. As a result, the wire itself gets very hot. Hot enough to be able to catch fire. It can burn the wall and the studs in the walls.

The fire burns inside the walls, gaining momentum before anyone even knows what’s happening. When the fire is known to the occupants of the house, it’s often to late to extinguish. Edmonton Electrician says this is why people should not be using power bars or extenders.

The solution instead is to increase the number of outlets that a home has. This is done very easily by calling the professionals. They can add a breaker to the breaker box, add more wire and create new power outlets.

They can make as many outlets as the home owner needs, to accommodate their energy consumption. This is much safer than buying power bars. People who have had their breaker turn off due to an overloaded circuit in the last year should plan ahead and get new outlets installed in their house. And minimize the risk of house fires.

The sooner people can stop overloading their circuits. The sooner people can minimize chances of fires, and not put their family and their home at risk. If people think the cost of hiring an electrician is too great. They should think about the cost of a house fire. That is typically not only more costly. But it is also far more devastating.

Edmonton Electrician | How to Avoid Overloading Electric Sockets

With people owning more electrical devices than ever before says Edmonton electrician. It is easier and easier to overload the circuits in their house. And 10 SLI as a fire. Not only do people have a lot of electronics such as television set, DVRs, and DVD players. But people also have gaming systems, computers, tablets and cell phone just to name a few.

With far more uses or electricity. People are finding that houses that are being built don’t have enough Outlets to accommodate all of their needs. And what they typically do in this situation does Edmonton electrician. Is go buy a hour bar, or an outlet extender. And their minds, they are solving their problems. By allowing themselves even more in there outlets.

They might even feel very justified in this, thinking that the power bars will automatically come with a surge protector. Or, thinking that if they are putting too much hour through there electrical outlets. That they’re circuit breaker will protect them.

And while that’s the job of the circuit breaker says Edmonton electrician. Is to touch the power to an outlet if it is being overloaded. Circuit breakers has been known to fail. And people will not know if their circuit breaker is prone to failing. Until it does. And when the circuit breaker doesn’t go off. People just think that they are not overloading their circuits.

When in fact, what might be happening is the breaker isn’t working. And the circuits are overloading the outlet. Causing the physical wires in the wall to get hotter and hotter with use. Because of the inherent danger that exists. Rather than depending on surge protectors and circuit breakers. People can simply call a professional to get more Outlets installed into their homes.


December is actually the months that he’s more home and Business buyers than all other month. This is because there is typically such an increase in electricity at this time of year. Not only because people are putting on more lights because it is getting it darker out, earlier than other times of the year.

Because people are decorating their house for the holidays. Putting up lights on their house, decorating their yard with inflatables for example. Even inside a will have a Christmas tree and a lot of strands of light on that tree.

They have in the last year does Edmonton electrician found that they tripped the breaker in their home. This is a good opportunity for them to call the professionals to come and add another Outlet into their home. They can actually take stock of all of the Power Bars and Outlet extenders that they have. And to get the electrician to put as many outlets as they now. So that they don’t have to use power bars for their power needs.

When people do this, not only are they improving their home, by adding Outlets that are going to add functionality. But they are minimizing their chances of a house fire. And keeping their family safer or longer.

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