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Edmonton Electrician | How to Buy a Bathroom Fan

Many homeowners may not put a lot of thought or consideration into purchasing a bathroom fan according to Edmonton electrician. However, this would be a huge mistake.

Bathroom fans are responsible for helping. Moisture in a bathroom. Moisture buildup not only can cause problems and damage. But it can also promote mould growth. That does a lot of damage, and negatively impacts the health of the people living in the home.

Therefore, homeowners need to think quite seriously about what bathroom fan they are installing into their bathroom. So that they can ensure that they are ridding the moisture efficiently.

In order to achieve this, people need to choose a fan that has a large enough capacity to move air around the room, and suck the moisture out. This is expressed in cubic feet per minute or CFM for short.

In order to efficiently move air around and ultimately out of the room. The size of the bathroom needs to be considered, so that the right size fan can be purchased.

By calculating the square footage of the bathroom. Unplugging it into a CFM calculator. Can help homeowners figure out the correct size of fan.

However, Edmonton electrician recommends that whatever number homeowners end up with. That they bump it up by twenty or thirty CFM’s. In order to ensure that even as the fan ages.


Or as it gets dust and debris on it. It can still do the job it is supposed to, and moves the right amount of air and moisture out of the bathroom.

This is inevitable, since bathroom fans work by sucking the air up, any airborne particles such as dust, and pet hair will get sucked up with it. This makes it incredibly easy for dust to get stuck on the bathroom fan. Especially as it is often moist, from the steam in the room.

However, this is also why it is important for homeowners to know how often they need to clean there for bathroom ventilation fans. As well as how to clean them efficiently.

Not only will cleaning their fan make it more efficient to pull the moisture out of the bathroom. But cleaning it will also help keep the life span of their fan long. And ensure that it does not need to use as much electricity to do its job.

Edmonton electrician recommends for a typical size bathroom, that is used by two people. It gets cleaned once every 3 to 6 months. One way to clean it would be to take a vacuum brush and clean as much dust off of the fan grill as possible.

However, a much better way to clean the bathroom ventilation fan is to remove the grill from the ventilation fan itself. And clean that with water and let it air dry. While using the vacuum brush on the fan itself. To eliminate as much care and dust as possible.

By purchasing the right size of fan, and cleaning it often. People can extend the life of their fan, and ensure that they are keeping their house as moisture free as possible.

Edmonton Electrician | How to Buy a Bathroom Fan

It might be very tempting for homeowners to choose the bathroom ventilation fan on cost alone according to Edmonton electrician. Putting the least expensive fan to their bathroom.

This is often because people underestimate the importance of the bathroom fan. Or because they do not understand what a higher quality fan can do for their house.

Bathroom fans exists to take the moisture from the air in a bathroom, and vented out of the house. Since bathrooms are very steamy, from baths, showers and the amount of water that is in the room. Bathrooms can be a place for moisture to accumulate. And a place for mould to take root.

Therefore, buying the least expensive fan, means that it will require replacing more often. As the least expensive fans tend to need to be replaced every 2 to 5 years.

And these fans will be more likely to do their job less efficiently, and when dust is accumulated on them. Might stop sucking moisture out at all. Which would cause a lot of water and mould damage.

Edmonton electrician says homeowners that have to take repairs and renovations from water and mould damage. Often know that the cheaper option would have been to choose the higher-quality bathroom fan.


Once homeowners have calculated what size fan they need. They might want to consider noise level as well. Because this can increase the enjoyment of their room. Especially if there trying to take a relaxing shower or bath.

More if the fan is so noisy, it can be heard from other places in the house. To make for a peaceful home. Edmonton electrician says we want to spend the additional money to buy the low noise fans.

In addition to that, there are a wide variety of other options available for bathroom ventilation fans. That can increase the fans of functionality. And increase the homeowners enjoyment of the room.

Some bathroom fans can come with a built in humidity sensor. Which will allow the bathroom fan to come on as soon as it senses the moisture in the room increasing.

The fan will stay on as long as it is needed, and once the humidity levels drop. The fan will turn itself off again. This is especially beneficial in houses where there are children, or people who often forget to put the fan on when they are taking a shower or bath.

It is also helpful for people to know how long the fan needs to stay on after the shower or bath is done. To ensure that all of the moisture in the air has been taken care of.

When homeowners put a bit more thought into their bathroom ventilation fan. Not only can they ensure that they are protecting their home from moisture buildup and mould. There also ensuring that there is a quiet, and calm oasis. That they can enjoy life in.

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