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Edmonton Electrician | How to Choose a Bathroom Fan

Bathroom ventilation fans are extremely important for homes according to Edmonton electrician. They are designed to pull moisture from the bathroom, and out of the home. So that moisture buildup cannot promote mould growth.

There are many things that need to be working properly with the bathroom ventilation fan. To ensure that it can do its job properly. Not just the size of fan, and how much airflow it can move is important.

But also the ducting needs to be done properly. So that the air that is being moved out of the bathroom is actually expelled out of the house. And that the fan is being maintained properly by the homeowner. To ensure that is working as efficiently as possible.

When homeowners are choosing the right ventilation fan for their needs. They need to consider the size of the room that it is going to be installed in. So that they can be sure that the amount of air that it moves is adequate for that room.

They can calculate this by figuring out the square footage of their bathroom. And putting it into a calculator online. That is designed to help homeowners figure out the size of fan that they need.

The amount of airflow that a bathroom ventilation fan moves is expressed as cubic feet per minute, or CFM. The lowest CFM that bathroom fans come in is fifty. While the highest CFM that homeowners can purchase is one hundred and fifty.


When homeowners are able to calculate the amount of CFM that is recommended to them. Edmonton electrician says they should consider buying a bathroom ventilation fan that is slightly above that number.

The reason why, is because the number that they get will be exactly what they need when it is installed brand-new. But as fan ages, and has dust buildup on it. It will start moving less air then when it was brand-new.

By getting a fan that moves slightly more air than is required. Can help ensure that even as it ages, or before it gets cleaned. It is still moving the minimum amount of air required. To keep that room as dry and moisture free as possible.

Once homeowners have figured out what size of fan they need. Then they need to also ensure that as the bathroom ventilation fan pulls air out of their bathroom. Actually taking it out of their home says Edmonton electrician.

They can contact an expert to come in and take a look at their ducting. To ensure that not only is the ducting carrying the air from their bathroom out of the house. But that the ducting has no tears in it, that would cause it to not expel the air. And that it is being blown out through a rated exhaust hatch.

By taking into consideration these important factors. Can help ensure that when homeowners are purchasing a bathroom ventilation fan. That it is actually going to help keep their house dry. So that they do not develop mould, which could cause them significant health problems.

Edmonton Electrician | How to Choose a Bathroom Fan

Many years ago, the options that bathroom ventilation fans came and were limited says Edmonton electrician. They could choose the airflow of the fan, and noise level. But now, there are so many different options. That homeowners need to consider what is most important to them before going to look at all of the various models.

Even though most bathroom ventilation fans are extremely energy efficient. There are even more energy efficient models that evil can buy. And if having the lowest carbon footprint possible is important. They should be aware that environmentally friendly bathroom ventilation fans exist.

Another consideration is the noise level that they are going to have. I while this is always been an option available. It can be even more important now than ever before. Especially as homeowners are purchasing larger appliances in options that minimize their noise as well.

However, some of the newer options that are available include fans that come with a humidity sensor built into them. And while homeowners will still be able to turn on their bathroom fan as they want to.

Bathroom ventilation fans that come with built in humidity sensors can turn themselves on when they sense that the humidity level has reached a certain level. And then turn off, once the humidity level drops to a certain point as well.

Since bathroom fans are designed to pull humidity out of the house. This can be an extremely efficient way for homeowners to ensure that they are doing that.

There are also bathroom ventilation fans that come with options that include lighting. From white lights that can help increase the amount of light in a bathroom. To fans that come with mood lighting, to set the mood or ambience. For a relaxing shower or bath.


There is even the option to have fans that come with a built-in Bluetooth speaker. So that people can play music directly through the fan. So that they can have the music they want, either for a relaxing bath, an invigorating shower. Or to play some fun music while they are getting ready to go out.

While there is the option to have a bathroom ventilation fan with a built in heat lamp. Edmonton electrician advises against this for a couple of reasons.

First, the heat generated by the heat lamp will cause the motor to age faster, which will require homeowner replacing this ventilation fan more often.

But more importantly, because the design of the bathroom fan is to suck air in through it. It will also suck dust. And as dust builds up on the bathroom fan grill, and the fan itself. Being so close to a heat source can be a fire hazard as well.

If people want to have a heat lamp in their bathroom, the recommendation is for them to install it separately, and away from the bathroom ventilation fan says Edmonton electrician.

When homeowners know all of the different options that are available in their bathroom ventilation fan. They can ensure that not only are they choosing the right fan that can minimize moisture buildup.

But they can also choose the fan that will give them all of the amenities and options that they want in their bathroom.

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