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Edmonton Electrician | How to Choose the Best Bathroom Fan

Bathroom fans are an important function of the house says Edmonton electrician. Because as people use the bathroom, steam and moisture can accumulate in the air. And the bathroom fan is designed to get rid of that moist air.

This is incredibly important. Because as moisture collects in a home. Not only can it accumulate and cause water damage. But it can also cause mildew to start to grow. As well as mould, that can be extremely toxic to the inhabitants of the house.

However, bathroom ventilation fans need to be the right size of motor to efficiently move this moist air out of the house. And they also need to be cleaned often, to ensure that the dust buildup does not cause them to work inefficiently.

Since the ability to move air is the function of a fan. Edmonton electrician says whatever fans homeowners choose. Needs to have a large enough motor to be able to do that primary function.

How the amount of air that offend moves is expressed in cubic feet per minute, or CFM for short. The larger the bathroom, the larger number the CFM needs to be.

Homeowners can use a CFM calculator online to help figure this out. And by putting the square footage of their bathroom into the calculator. They will be told what size fan they need to purchase.


However, Edmonton electrician suggests that homeowners get a slightly more powerful fan and what the calculator suggests. Because as the fan ages, or gets clogged with dust. It can impact the ability to move that air.

By getting a slightly more powerful fan. Homeowners can ensure that no matter what the age of the fan is. Or how much dust is audit. It will still be able to do the job of clearing the moisture in the air.

Once a homeowner understands the best size of fan to get. The next thing that they need to consider is that the ducting in their house is allowing them to get the air out of their house.

Ideally, the ducting will allow the fan to direct air out through the ceiling and the roof of the house. Or straight out the side of the house.

In order to do this, the ducting needs to be in good shape with no holes or flaws. And that the ducting goes to an exhaust hatch. With a flap or a damper on it.

The flap and damper ensures that while air can get out of the exhaust hatch. No air can actually come back in. So once the moist air is eliminated from the house, it has nothing to be able to come back in and cause problems.

That exhaust hatch must be sealed properly as well. Something that they can get done on a regular basis. To ensure that they are not inadvertently causing an increase of moisture in their home.

Edmonton Electrician | How to Choose the Best Bathroom Fan

Because of how important the bathroom ventilation fan is says Edmonton electrician. Not only should homeowners purchase the right one. They also need to ensure that they are maintaining it regularly. So that it can work efficiently.

Many homeowners might see from time to time, that the grill of their bathroom ventilation fan can get clogged with dust. Ideally, in a typical size bathroom. Where two adults are using the room. Edmonton electrician suggests cleaning the bathroom ventilation fan every 3 to 6 months.

While many homeowners take a vacuum brush and clean as much of the ventilation fan grill as they can. A much better way to clean the fan would be to take the grill off and wash it.

While the grill is drying, people can take a vacuum brush and vacuum off the fan blades. And setup as much dust and pet here as they can see.

Once they put the grill back on the fan, that is all they need to do every 3 to 6 months. To ensure that the fan is working as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Now that a homeowner knows how to choose the right size of fan. And clean it. Might be surprised to see all of the various options that they have in bathroom ventilation fans.

While noise level is a very important. Because most people want to minimize the noise in their house. There are many other options than just noise level.

Edmonton electrician says that they can get a humidity sensor in their bathroom ventilation fan. That will allow the fan to come on when humidity levels reaches a certain point.


One of the best things about this fan, is that it will turn itself back off, once the humidity levels drop again.

This can be an extremely beneficial feature. In a house where people are frequently forgetting when to turn the bathroom fan on. And when they should turn the bathroom fan off as well.

If people want to minimize their energy consumption, this is a great way to do so. Because it will not allow the bathroom fan to be on endlessly.

Another option in bathroom ventilation fans. Is fans that have additional light sources on them. Whether this is because homeowner wants to increase the light in their bathroom. Perhaps it is very dark.

Or, because homeowner wants to add mood lighting with coloured LED lights that are embedded in the bathroom ventilation fan.

This can help set the tone, such as a soothing blue light for a bath. To help people enjoy the time spent in the bathroom relaxing is much as possible.

And one of the most high-end options that people can choose in their bathroom ventilation fans. Are the ones that have Bluetooth speakers in the fan. Is that people can connect their music to the speaker, and listen to music in the bathroom.

Whether they want to have relaxing music for their bath. Or to listen to their podcast while they are getting ready for work. There are many reasons why people might want to have music being played in the bathroom.

By understanding all of the different features of bathroom ventilation fans. Can help homeowners choose the right one for their home and lifestyle.

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