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Edmonton Electrician | Kitchen Renovations Takes Planning

It is incredibly important that when people are renovating their kitchen, they hire and Edmonton electrician. There are so many traits that they are likely going to have to hire.

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That might be very tempting to try and cut corners. However, this would be a very bad idea for many different reasons. Starting with the fact that if they try to hire a general handyman.

Instead of hiring all of the different trades that they need work done in their home. They might end up with a shoddy job from the handyman. While handyman typically have to be a jack of all trades.

They also, tend to be a master of none. Which means they will do the trade that they are most knowledgeable about the best. And do everything else, to a lower quality.

Since the kitchen renovation is going to be the single most expensive renovation in their whole house. That adds the most value when it is done. Doing a great job is of paramount importance.

This is why they need to be hiring a plumber to do all of the plumbing work. An Edmonton electrician to do all of the electrical work. And so on. So that they end up with high quality work.

And the kitchen renovation of their dreams. That will increase functionality of this important room. As well as allow them to use it much more easily than they had been in the past.

In fact, the kitchen has more appliances that draw more electricity. Than any other single room in their entire house. Even the laundry room, that could have a washer, dryer and deep-freeze.


Will not used as much electricity as the appliances in the kitchen. For example, there is the stove and oven, the refrigerator. As well as the dishwasher, microwave, and even the hood fan draws a lot of electricity.

They draw so much electricity, that they need to be on their own circuits. And when the original homebuilder was installing the electrical outlets. They would typically wire each outlet.

For whatever was going to be put there. Therefore, the fridge outlet would have the outlet wired to whatever specifications and standards the fridge that was going to be put their.

In same thing with the stove, dishwasher and microwave. Therefore, when people are purchasing new appliances to be put in their kitchen. Which is typically what happens during renovation.

They will need to contact an Edmonton electrician. In order to ensure they can plug those new appliances into the outlets. Without overloading the circuits just by turning on those appliances.

The electrician will be able to say whether it is going to cause a problem. Or if they can use those outlets. But finding out for sure, can help people plan their kitchen renovations.

However, it is also very common that people might want to upgrade their lighting, and add electrical outlets. As well as everything else that they are renovating in their kitchen. Which also requires hiring an electrician for the job.

Edmonton Electrician | How To Do Kitchen Renovations Well

A common scenario for people renovating their kitchen, is calling in Edmonton electrician. To help add electrical outlets. The reason why it is so important to call a professional to do this.

Is because if they simply got handyman to do this. They might install the outlets. However, the handyman might not know what the most current Canadian electrical code is.

Therefore, their work might not be up to code. They might not know that there work needs to be inspected at two different stages. Therefore, it may not be caught that it is not up to code.

And these things could lead to problems down the line. Especially if the way the handyman did the outlet wiring. Could cause the electrical system to fail, or cause damage to the home.

An example of this, is if they make a mistake while wiring things. That bypasses the circuit breaker device. They could easily cause the circuits to be overloaded. But the circuit breaker will not be tripped.

Which could easily start a electrical fire in their home. And handyman typically will not carry the right insurance. Which would cause even more problems for the home owner.

Who is not covered by insurance because their work was not done by an accredited electrician. This is white so important to have all of the kitchen renovations done by the appropriate tradesperson.


So that if problems happen, the fact that they carry insurance. Will cover everybody in the situation. However, when it comes to the electrical work. There is such a high potential for damage.

Which is why it is so important to hire the right Edmonton electrician to do the work. That will be done up to code. As well as will get inspected the right number of times. So that problems can be minimized.

A common upgrade that people do when they are renovating the kitchen. Is to have more electrical outlets installed. Because most homes do not have enough installed from the beginning.

As a way of saving money, the homebuilder. Will typically install the bare minimum of outlets. And since the kitchen is an area. Where homeowners are using a lot of electrical devices.

Such as a crockpot, a pressure cooker, a coffee maker, an electric kettle. As well as a toaster, toaster oven and blender just to name a very few appliances that could get used in a kitchen.

Getting the right number of outlets installed is incredibly important. When they contact an Edmonton electrician to do this. What will happen, is they will come in to do a walk-through.

In order to find out many things about the kitchen. That will help them do the job properly. Such as how many outlets are already there. How many spaces are left on their panel.

And how many of the outlets will need to be on their own circuits. Because they will require a huge electrical draw. Such as a crockpot, or a pressure cooker. Knowing this information can help the electrician do the right job.


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