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Edmonton Electrician | Fixing Overloaded Outlets

Many people may not realize that December has more house fires than any other month of the year says Edmonton electrician. This is because people use more electricity than Any other time of the year. Because of all of the lights on their house, yard decorations, Christmas trees, and decorations inside their house as well.

Anytime someone plugs more than 15 amps into any electrical socket. They are putting their house at risk for an electrical fire. Even if people reason that the breaker box is supposed to protect them. By turning off power to any areas that are overloaded.

Edmonton electrician says this is not necessarily A foolproof plan. And if the breaker box does fail. There is no backup to help protect the home. Resulting in if the breaker box fails, a house fire is going to start.

How the house fire starts says Edmonton electrician. Is when someone plugs more amps into a plug-in than it can handle. The wire get hot, as they struggle to manage the increased flow of electricity.

If the wires get hot and stay hot long enough. They can cause other things around them to burst into flames from the Heat.

The problem with electric fires says Edmonton electrician. Is that because they start inside the walls of a house. That’s how they spread. The fire is fed by the oxygen in the space between the walls. And they consume everything from the studs, and drywall.


The fires can spread to almost every area of the house undetected. And by the time anyone realizes that their house is on fire. The fire has spread almost everywhere. Making it very dangerous very quickly.

This can simply be avoided by not plugging more than 15 amps into any outlets at any given time. However, if people are not aware of these limitations. They might be plugging several things into an outlet that exceed 15 amps. Especially if they use a power bar.

If people think that a power bar automatically has a surge protector in it. This is not true says Edmonton electrician. And if people think that the surge protector is automatically going to go off anytime the 15 amps are exceeded. Again this is false.

If the surge protector fails to go off. Then the outcome is a house fire. Making it very important for people not to entrust that the surge protector is going to work perfectly.

If they are going to use a power bar. They should ensure that the ones that they purchase are high quality. And are stamped with the letters c s a. Because that’s going to indicates that they have been tested for safety for use in Canada.

And the second thing that they can do, is to purchase a power bar that does have a surge protector. But then never exceed 15 amps in anyone Outlet. So that they are never going to have the risk of a house fire.

Edmonton Electrician | How to Fix Overloading Outlets

Many people are not aware that each outlets in their home can only handle a certain amount of electricity says Edmonton electrician. And therefore, they plug whatever they want into every Outlets they want. And don’t even realize that this is risky Behavior.

This is a risk, because any outlet that tries to manage more electricity than it was designed. Can cause a fire. And therefore, people should be aware why it is a bad idea to overload their electrical circuits.

The reason why many people end up overloading their electrical circuits. Is because they simply don’t have enough outlets and their home. To keep up with all of the electrical devices that they need to have plugged in at any given time.

This is especially true in older homes. Such as homes that have been built a 50 or a hundred years ago. Because electricity wasn’t nearly as important as it is now. Therefore, people can get quite frustrated when their living room only has one or two electrical outlets.

However, rather than living with this frustration. And buying power bars and extension cords to link together. There is a more Simple Solution. People should call their Edmonton electrician and install more outlets in there home.

This is much easier and faster than many people assume it is. And even the cost is not going to be as prohibitive as a lot of people assume it is going to be. After a call to an Edmonton electrician. They will be able to have new outlets in their wall in as Quaker time as a single afternoon.


In order to help people understand how many outlets they’re going to need and in what rooms. They should walk through every room in their house. And look at all of the electrical extending devices that they have. Including octopuses and Power Bars.

By writing down all of the different rooms that need outlets. And how many outlets they need. They can prepare their Edmonton electrician for adding as many electrical outlets as they need.

They should also take into consideration how many additional Outlets they’re going to need during the holidays. Both inside and outside their home. So that when Christmas comes around. They don’t have to continue to link together extension cords and Power Bars to plug their Christmas tree in.

Their electrician will come to their home, add one or as many switches to the breaker box as is needed. and then run as much wire as they need through the house to the areas that need additional Outlets. Cutting a small hole in the wall, they can put the electrical plugin and the job is done.

Rather than risking a fire by continuing to use Power Bars. People can instead call their Edmonton electrician. And have more Outlets installed in their home. Eliminating their risk. And increasing their convenience. By not having to struggle to find enough plug-ins for all of their electrical devices that they wish to use in their home.

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