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Edmonton Electrician | How to Pick a Great Bathroom Fan

The function of the bathroom ventilation fan is to take moisture filled air out of the bathroom, and out of the house says Edmonton electrician. And there are several things that need to be happening properly in order for this to work.

First of all, the fan needs to have a large enough motor, to be able to move the amount of air in the bathroom. Homeowners might find that when they are shopping for bathroom ventilation fans. That the box will specify different numbers with the letters CFM behind it.

This refers to how much cubic feet of air can be moved per minute. And the larger the area of a bathroom is. The more powerful the fan needs to be. In order to move the air around the room.

Homeowners can calculate this number, by using an online CFM calculator. And putting the square footage of their room into this calculator. They will get how any CFM’s their fan needs to have. In order to work efficiently.

However, many electricians recommend that whatever CFM they are recommended to get. That homeowners add a few more CFM to that total.

The reason why, is because those numbers represent how much cubic feet per minute need to be moved around when the fan is new. However, after it has and in operation for a couple of years. Or after it has built up a fine layer of dust on it. It can stop working as efficiently.

Therefore, getting a slightly more powerful fan. Means that even as the fan ages, or gets covered in dust. People will be able to ensure that it is moving moisture out of their home as efficiently as it should be.


Another option that homeowners need to consider when choosing a bathroom ventilation fan. Is how loud or quiet it is going to be. While some homeowners might just be inclined to get the most inexpensive option.

Having low noise level fan can help increase the peace in the home. As well as increase homeowners enjoyment of their bathroom.

Also, Edmonton electrician advises against choosing the least expensive option. Simply because those fans will last the least amount of time. Often requiring replacing after only 2 to 5 years.

And if people are not aware that the fan is not working as effectively as it should. They could be causing moisture buildup in their home. Which can lead to homeowners who have to do repairs and renovations due to mould. Will agree that it is much less costly to purchase the better bathroom fan initially.

When homeowners have taken into consideration the size of fan they need, and the noise level. The next thing they should do is contact their Edmonton electrician. In order to install the bathroom fan correctly.

The reason why they should hire an expert. Is because they do not want to risk doing something incorrectly. And causing even more problems and potential damage in their home.

Edmonton Electrician | How to Pick a Great Bathroom Fan

Even though the most important aspects of a bathroom ventilation fan is the size of the motor says Edmonton electrician. There are many other options that bathroom ventilation fans come with these days. That homeowners should consider before they make their purchase.

For example, one great option is that bathroom ventilation fans also come with additional lighting these days. This can be great for people who need to brighten up their bathroom. Or, who have an extremely small bathroom to begin with. And there is not a lot of room for lighting.

The lighting can either be a bright white, to illuminate the room. Or, ventilation fans can come with fun would lighting in a variety of colours from different LED lights.

This can help increase the relaxation of a bath. By bathing the room in a soothing blue or purple for example. Or by invigorating the user with a bright orange light, as they shower to get energized for the day.

Another great option for bathroom ventilation fans is when they come with a humidity sensor. What these fans do says Edmonton electrician. Is turn on automatically as soon as they sense that the humidity level has risen above a certain point.

These fans will stay on until they sense the humidity levels drop. And then we will turn off again. This is extremely beneficial. For families that have many people using the bathroom. Who may be forgetful about when they should turn the fan on. Or who do not know how long the fan should be left on four.


And one of the most fun options, would be the bathroom ventilation fans that come with a Bluetooth speaker built into them.

Once installed, anyone in the house can hook up their digital music to the speaker, and enjoy playing music or even podcasts in the bathroom.

People might want to make their bath extremely relaxing. Or they might want to listen to a podcast will they are showering. Or even play some fun music while they are getting ready to go out for an event.

However, there is one option that Edmonton electrician advises against getting. And this would be the bathroom ventilation fan that comes with a built-in heat lamp. The reason why this is not recommended. Is because the heat that the lamp emits.

Not only can the heat lamp wear out the motor in the bathroom ventilation fan faster. Because of the heat. But because bathroom fans attract dust. When that dust collects, beside a heat source. It can actually increase the fire hazard in the bathroom.

And while stepping out of the shower, or a bathtub into a heat lamp can be very nice. If homeowners want this, they should have one installed separately, and away from their bathroom ventilation fan.

By understanding all the different options that they can choose from. Will help homeowners pick the best bathroom ventilation fan for their needs. So that they can enjoy their bathroom, and all of the activities that they do in that room.

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