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Edmonton Electrician | How To Safely Do Electrical Work Yourself

When people are renovating, they want to do as much themselves to save money says Edmonton electrician. And when it comes to walls, and the floors of their home. There is no problem doing it themselves. Even if they make mistakes, it is not going to drastically impact safety of their home.

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However, when it comes to electrical tasks. No matter how big or small they are. There is an inherent danger. That people might make a mistake, the compromises the safety of their home.

Even something as simple as fishing wire or cable through the walls. Can cause problems, especially for people do not know how to do it properly. Even if they think it is as simple.

As feeding cable down through their wall and out a hole. For example, especially if they are in an older home. Which is why they are renovating in the first place. There may be a wide variety of obstacles in the wall.

From various different types of insulation. Such as regular insulation, felt insulation, newspapers for example. It may be very difficult to pull cables or wires, when they do not know what is in between the studs.

As well, especially in an older home. That may or may not have had many upgrades at that point. To do things like add data cable, to ensure that the home can connect to the Internet.

Or wires, to add more electrical outlets in various rooms throughout the house. Therefore, they might encounter a wide variety of obstacles while pulling cable. That could cause them problems.

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Whether they hit something solid, that they cannot pull past. If they try very hard, it might result in causing something inside the wall to break, or to become unattached. And if it is something like other wires.

Or data cables, and even plumbing pipe, they could cause a wide variety of problems in their home. Worst-case scenario, they hit something solid. That the homeowner tries to get past by drilling.

May be they will drill into a wall that has insulation in it. And pull a chunk of insulation out. Which not only could cause them to have a cold spot in their wall. Where heat can escape during the very cold Edmonton winters that we have here.

Or, they could poke a hole into the vapour barrier. And then, make the home susceptible to moisture. And inevitably mould, that could affect the health of everyone living in the home.

Therefore, due to the wide variety of problems that can happen. People should avoid doing their own electrical work. And instead, call their Edmonton electrician.

At the very least, get them to do a walk-through of their space. And give a quote, and their opinion. About the work that needs to be done. So that they can hear what it would take to get the job done properly by a professional.

And what could potentially go wrong if people were to do it themselves. So that when they do make a decision. It can be a educated decision, and they know what they will be getting into says Edmonton electrician.

Edmonton Electrician | How To Safely Do Electrical Work Yourself

Many people may not realize how complex electrical work is says Edmonton electrician. Especially if they have watched videos, showing how easy certain things are. If they have a relatively small job.

Like a smart doorbell, or smart thermostats. They may think that it is going to be very simple to do. Especially as the product likely will have instructions on how to do it. As well as a link to a video showing how easy it is.

Unfortunately, things are never as simple as that. Chances are quite high. That there will be some electrical component to the job. Such as if they do not already have a hardwired doorbell.

And with the thermostats, when it is a smart thermostat, they will need to add an additional wire. And if they do not know how to do this. Or have never run wires before. It might be more difficult than they expect.

Even if the instructions they read show how easy it is. In real life, people often encounter a wide variety of obstacles. That are not there, when looking at how to do the job on how to videos.

For example, when people are trying to run the wire through the wall. They may encounter a wide variety of things inside the wall that are blocking their ability to pull the wire through.

For example, there may be other cables, and wires already there. Insulation that could be blocking their path. Or even pipes, of known as well as unknown origin.

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If they try to pull the wire through anyway. Thinking that whatever is in the way will make room. They may dislodge something important. Causing it to be unhooked, or causing a problem that is not known at the time.

If they unattached something, it may be that when they are done there job of fishing the wire through the wall. When they turn the breaker back on, suddenly things do not work anymore.

In this scenario, they will likely call their Edmonton electrician. To come in, troubleshoot. And fix the problem that they caused. Then, they will have to pay their electrician to do the job properly.

Or, they may cause wires to cross, or things to become mixed up in the walls. When they were pulling the wire through. That could put their electrical system at risk of an overloaded circuits.

What that would do, is make it so that while the electrical system is working. Homeowners do not know, that the breaker may not turn off. If they have an overloaded circuits. Which puts them at risk of an electrical fire.

Or they may have caused their grounding to become dislodged. Which means there is no safe way to discharge excess electricity in the system. Putting people at risk of an electrical shock, as they use electrical devices.

The risk is too great for people to try to do their own electrical work says Edmonton electrician. And hiring a professional to do this, will ensure that they do not end up causing problems, or risking injury.

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