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Edmonton Electrician | How To Safely Fish Wire

It is extremely common for people renovating their home, to try and do everything themselves says Edmonton electrician. And often get their information, but how to safely do many different tasks. From home renovation shows, as well as videos they find on YouTube.

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However, when it comes to fishing wire, or any electrical tasks. Ultimately, the most safe thing to do. Would be to call a professional, to do the job for them. This is because electricity is inherently dangerous.

And people who try to do things themselves. Might make a mistake, that could cause their entire home, to be unsafe. It is simply not worth the amount of money that people save. To do their own electrical work.

For example, Edmonton electrician goes to school for many years. In order to learn the knowledge they need. And then, they have years of experience behind them. To help ensure that they can do any job they encounter.

Looking at a few videos on TV or on the Internet. Does not replace all of that schooling and experience. And if people end up trying to do their own electrical work, one of two things will happen.

First of all, people will most likely make a lot of errors. When trying to do their own electrical work. From bumping things in the wall, while fishing the wire and cables. To not connecting things properly.

Or causing other things to become unconnected in the process. They might finish, turn on the breaker. And realize that the electrical components are not working. Or, are not working in the way that they expect.

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In this scenario, they will have spent a lot of time and effort to do the work. Only to call their Edmonton electrician to come in. And fix the problem. Not only will they have to undo what they did wrong.

Then, the electrician will have to do things correctly. And ultimately, it will be more expensive. Then if people simply called the professional to do the job correctly the first time.

However, the second scenario would be. That people are able to do the job. And when they turned the breaker back on. Everything is working the way it should. However, they may not realize that mistakes were made.

That cause the breaker to longer work properly. Or because the grounding and bonding to become detached. So that now there is no safe way to safely discharge excess electricity in the system.

Causing people in the home at risk of electrical shock. When they are using electrical devices. Or, it could cause them to be overloading there electrical circuits. And not even know it.

Both are scenarios that people should not put themselves at risk in their home. Which is why any time people are renovating. And there is any amount of electrical work that needs to be done.

People should simply call the expert in the first place. Because no amount of money that they save doing the work themselves. It is worthwhile, if it puts their home or family at risk.

Edmonton Electrician | How To Safely Fish Wire

Often, people think that fishing wire and cables will be easy says Edmonton electrician. Especially if they have watched a video on how to do it. And they think it looks easy.

However, it looks easy, because not only did they have the knowledge. On how to do it properly. But they also have the experience, and have done it dozens and hundreds of times.

And that is why it looks easy. But when people try to do it themselves. They might run into many more problems. Or cause problems in the process. When people contact Edmonton electrician to ask them.

How they can safely fish wire themselves. They will often get told, that it is easier to call an electrician to do the job. Then to do it themselves, and make mistakes in the process.

For example, the framing of the home can create obstacles. That people may not know how to get around. Not all homes are framed the same. And there are many different styles.

Such as balloon framing, or directional framing for example. When people are trying to run their own cable or wires. They might run into a solid roadblock, because they have run into a stud that they did not realize was there.

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They may not know how to get around that. And end up having to call an Edmonton electrician anyway. Or will drill through that stud, in order to get through the obstacle. And complete the job.

And while drilling through holes through studs is not specifically a problem. There could be many things that go wrong when they do. The first problem for example, is if they are drilling through what is called a fire block.

This is a stud that is put perpendicular between studs. And acts as a way of slowing down the spread of electrical fire in between the walls. It is designed to cut off oxygen, so that the fire will die.

However, if someone drills a hole through it. It is negating the purpose of the fire block. Which means the home is now at more of a risk for having an electrical fire spread more easily.

As well, if people are drilling into their wall. If they miss the stud, and drill into an area, that has insulation. The insulation may get wound around their drill bit, and they might pull a hole of insulation out.

Not only can this cause cold spots, especially in the winter. In the winter in this area is very cold. But if they accidentally poked through the vapour barrier. Their home is now more susceptible to moisture, and mold.

In addition to these challenges, people might disrupt the things that are already in the wall. Which makes fishing wire and cables a lot more challenging. Then people might realize, by watching some YouTube videos. Which is why it is always necessary, to contact a professional. To do the job correctly.

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