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It is very important that people understand that not all Edmonton electrician companies are going to have the same safety programs in their business. However, it is something that people should be aware of when hiring, so that they can ensure the safety of their worksite, as well as all of the people that are going to be working on it. There are several things that people can look for in the company that they are hiring, to ensure that they are focused on safety at all times.

People can ask their Edmonton electrician if they have their COR certification. This stands for certificate of recognition, and is awarded to companies that have met established safety standards, and have developed their own safety programs, or use well-known safety programs in their business. This ensures companies know how to work safely, look for hazards and mitigate them on their jobsite. This is going to ensure that they have safety initiatives that they all of their employees follow to ensure that they are working safely.

People should not discount companies that do not have the certification, as long as they have safety protocols or procedures that they regularly follow. This might include something like a field level hazard assessment, or an FLRA this is a checklist that will require anyone walking onto the jobsite to scan the area, looking for hazards. They need to document each of them, and then remove the hazards in order to ensure the jobsite is safe to work in. This might be a wet or dirty floor, a mess that represents tripping hazards, broken glass, broken equipment to name a few. By using this form, a person can ensure that the Edmonton electrician they hire will always be watching to ensure the safety of their environment.

Even a series of well thought out checklists can help people ensure that the Edmonton electrician they hired will work safely. There could be checklists to ensure that they have all of the tools they need to do the job, a checklist to ensure that the tools are in working order, a checklist citing all of the safety equipment that they are going to need for the job, a checklist to ensure that that safety equipment is in order. By having and being able to show what checklists or safety procedures they implement in their business will give people peace of mind that the electrician they hire will be focusing on safety.

Business owners should verify that the Edmonton electrician company that they are hiring for their job, no matter how big or small it is whether it is a new build, a new wiring job, regular maintenance or service calls. It does not matter if they are doing a commercial or industrial job, or something for residential. By calling Hauer Power, not only are people ensuring that there Edmonton electrician is qualified to do the job, but they also have safety as their number one value, giving peace of mind to anyone who hires them that they know how to work safely.

Edmonton electrician | how to work safely

Before a person actually hires an Edmonton electrician for their electrical work, they should be verifying that they actually have all of the certification they need to do the job legally, properly and safely. There are several things that people can ask the company that they are thinking of hiring, and several things that they can ask and electrician to provide proof of, prior to being hired for the job, and being allowed to set foot on a job site.

One of their very first things that a person should ask and Edmonton electrician, is if they are licensed and certified to work as an electrician. In order for someone to work as an electrician in the province of Alberta, they either have to be a registered apprentice, or a certified journeyman. Which means, they need to have taken electric classes, worked for several years as an apprentice before they could earn their license. Only after they were licensed, could that Edmonton electrician applied to the province of Alberta for their certification. Therefore, a person can simply ask to see a copy of their license and certification to know that they have the knowledge to do the job they have been hired to do, and that they are legally allowed to in the province.

It is also very important that people are verifying that the Edmonton electrician that they hire has the proper insurance in place as well. Having liability insurance and commercial insurance is very important to ensure that if there is a problem with the job, or damages to the jobsite, that the person who hired the company is covered for these problems or damages. If they happen to not have insurance, if there is a problem with the work or damage done to the site, the only recourse that a person would have paid to in this is not only a hassle, but it is also not going to ensure that they get all of their losses covered. People should rethink making their choice if the Edmonton electrician that they want to hire does not have, or cannot provide proof of insurance.

Another important determination, if the Edmonton electrician that they are hiring has any employees, is that they also are required to have Worker’s Compensation coverage. Within fifteen days of hiring their first employee, they are required to have this coverage. Therefore, people can ask if they have WCB, and if they do not that person or company should not be hired. Also, it is important to note that if companies do not have their Worker’s Compensation, that is usually a warning sign that they are also probably not licensed to do that job either.

By knowing what questions they can ask, and what to look for people can ensure that the Edmonton electrician that they are hiring for their job is legally allowed to do that job, and are properly insured. If a person cannot verify these things, they should look for the next electrician to hire such as Hauer Power at 780-935-0622 will be able to ensure that they can do any electrical work that is needed.

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