Edmonton Electrician | Importance of Upgraded Electrical Systems


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Edmonton Electrician | Importance of Upgraded Electrical Systems

With her people are buying a home for the first time that is older says Edmonton electrician. Or if they are wanting to upgrade a home that they lived in for a while.

If there home has been built in the sixties, seventies or eighties. There might be a lot more electrical components to upgrade than they initially think.

The reason why, is because not only are electrical codes completely changed from what they were fifty and sixty years ago. But also, because there are many code violations. That are making homes unsafe.

One of the first and most important things that their Edmonton electrician will likely look for. When they find out what the age of the home is. Is look to see what brand of circuit breaker people have in their homes.

Reason why, is because while there are dozens of different brands of circuit breaker on the market. One common one that was used prolifically in the sixties. But as well in the seventies and eighties is called Federal Pacific.

And while this has been put in thousands of homes across North America. Electricians did not find out until decades later. That it has an extremely high failure rate.

In fact, it is a 70 to 80% known failure rate. According to the research done by Dr. Aaron Steen. Therefore, an electrician says that it is their mission.

To remove as many Federal Pacific panels as possible from people’s homes. Which is why any time they see this. They will recommend getting this updated first and foremost. Over any other electrical project.


Not only does it have an 80% failure rate. But what happens when these circuit breakers fail. Is it causes an electrical fire. Which is why over three thousand house fires each year can be attributed to this problem.

Not only that, but thirteen deaths a year as well as fourteen million dollars worth of property damage. Can be attributed to these faulty breakers as well.

Therefore, if people want to protect their family. They can get these breakers changed, so that they can be certain that not only will these breakers work. But they are going to continue working for a long time.

Wife all the circuit breakers tend to cause electrical fires says an electrician. Is because what circuit breakers are designed to do. When a circuit is overloaded, breaker should turn electricity off to the circuit.

If the circuit breaker fails. It does not interrupt the flow of electricity. Which will cause the wire to continue getting hotter for an indefinite amount of time.

And as the wire remains hot for a long period of time. It will eventually cause the heat the wire to start a fire in the walls of the house.

This is how you important us or group breaker is. Which is why this is why a circuit breaker is very important. And why an Edmonton electrician should update the circuit breaker in a person’s home.

Edmonton Electrician | Importance of Upgraded Electrical Systems

Often, in order to save people from having to move out of home that they have been in for decades says Edmonton electrician. Want to renovate their home, to turn it into something that suits them better.

However, if they have been living in the home for decades. And it has been built in the sixties, seventies or eighties. Their renovations may require extensive electrical service upgrades as well.

The reason why, is because houses that were built between the sixties and the eighties. Often have many problems with the electrical systems. That not only are not up to the current code of the day.

Also, because a lot of the problems with people’s electrical systems. Are downright dangerous. But they should call for an electrician to come in to their home to do an inspection.

So that they can be certain they know exactly what the recommendation is to be upgraded first. So that they can make their home as safe as possible right away.

And then they can make a budget for what needs to be upgraded later. One of the first things that their electrician will look for is to see if there circuit breaker is functioning properly.

Because if it is not, that is an extreme danger. But even if it is working, the electrician should check to see if it has enough spaces to add more circuits.

A common problem in many older homes is that they do not have enough electrical outlets. Which means they do not have enough circuit in their home as well.


Homeowners can notice in their own home if this is the case. If they do not have enough outlets to plug their electronics into. Or they typically use a lot of power bars. In order to have more plug-ins.

While a power bar is designed to increase the reach of a electrical outlet. Or to allow them to have several things plugged in, but not turned on at the same time. Such as a lamp, or an electric blanket.

Therefore, if they are using a power bar to give them more capabilities to use electrical devices at the same time. It should be a first clue. That they need more circuits in their home.

Therefore, their Edmonton electrician will likely want to install a whole new panel. With more spaces. So that not only can they increase the number of circuit they have their home.

So that they can ensure that they have enough plug-ins and circuit for their current electrical needs. But so that there is even more spaces than that. So they can upgrade in the future with ease.

They will also ensure that since they are switching the panel. That the wires going into the panel are to code. Especially as homes built in the sixties often had an 8 gauge wire.

But according to today’s electrical code it should be 6 gauge. It makes the most sense for an electrician to do all of the circuit panel upgrades the same time. To ensure that everything is working properly together.

People should contact their Edmonton electrician if they are planning on renovating an older home. So that they can ensure that the electrical service is up-to-date and safe.

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