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Edmonton Electrician | Importance of Upgrading Electrical

With her people have purchased an older home and plan to renovate, or have lived in an older home for years they should contact an Edmonton electrician. In order to upgrade their electrical systems.

If they have a home that has been built in the sixties, seventies or the eighties. They are likely to have outdated wiring that does not match current electrical code. And they could have problems that are actually dangerous.

For example, if people have a Federal Pacific brand breaker panel. This is extremely problematic brand that have been known to fail. In fact, according to studies this brand of circuit breaker fails 70 to 80% of the time.

In addition to that, it has been known to cause approximately twenty-eight hundred house fires, thirteen deaths and fourteen million dollars in property damages. And this is in the United States alone.

Therefore, if people have older homes, when they contact and Edmonton electrician for any reason. They should automatically be checking what brand of circuit breaker they have.

And if they have a federal Pacific panel, they should get a quote on having that replaced. This way, they can already be protecting their family against problems that can threaten the safety of their home and family.

The job of a circuit breaker is to stop the flow of electricity to overloaded circuits. Most outlets can only handle 15 A of power at a time. And if people are plugging electrical devices larger than that at the same time.

They are risking overloading their circuits. And in a fully functioning circuit breaker. They will notice that the circuit is overloaded. And will stop the flow of electricity to that circuit.


However, when a circuit breaker fails, people may not realize that anything is wrong. And that if it is not tripping the breaker. It is because they are not overloading their circuits.

When the circuit breaker fails to work properly. What happens is that the wire starts getting hot as it struggles to handle the flow of electricity. That it was never designed to handle.

If the flow of electricity is not interrupted. That wire will continue getting hotter until it is able to heat up its surroundings. Which will start a fire inside the wall.

These fires are extremely dangerous, because they can spread very quickly between the walls. And end up spreading throughout the entire house. Before anyone knows that anything is wrong.

This is why it is important that people have a working circuit breaker in their home at all times. If people are noticing that their breakers are tripping a lot more often than normal.

This is often a sign that the circuit breaker is going to stop working soon. Especially if they have not increase their energy consumption lately. And is a good time to call Edmonton electrician to check out their homes wiring.

By calling in the experts to check out their electrical wiring. Can help ensure that people are keeping their home safe themselves and their family.

Edmonton Electrician | Importance of Upgrading Electrical

Older homes that have been built in the sixties, seventies and eighties often have outdated electrical systems according to Edmonton electrician. And whether people are renovating, or just want to make sure that everything is safe.

By getting an electrician to come in and take a look at their electrical system can help prevent many problems from happening. By ensuring that there wiring is up to code. And that there is nothing dangerous going on.

One common problem that many people have in older homes. Is that there is not enough circuits for everything that they have to plug-in. There were not as many electrical devices thirty, forty and fifty years ago as there are now.

And so older homes tend to not have enough circuits and outlets for people’s current electrical needs. And when this happens, many people simply buy power bars. To increase how many things they can have plugged in at the same time.

And while this might seem like a good solution. It is actually dangerous Because it can overload people’s circuits very easily. The reason why, is because a circuit can only handle 15 A of power at a time.

And if people plug-in even two things to the same outlet that exceed 15 A. They are risking overloading their circuits. So if they plug even more things into the same outlet.

They are risking overloading that circuit, which can overheat their wires. And if there circuit breaker happens to fail that day. It can even start a fire. Because the flow of electricity will not be stopped going to that circuit.


Therefore, if people find that they do not have enough plug-ins in their home. Or that they tend to use a power bar on a consistent basis.

That is a good sign that they should contact an Edmonton electrician. To give them a quote on upgrading their electrical services.

When the electrician comes in, they will look at the panel in the home. To see if they need a larger panel, or if they need to install a subpanel. To give them the capability to increase the number of circuits in their home.

At this time, people can either add a subpanel to add a panel to their homes original panel. But the experts tend to recommend getting an entirely new panel with more spaces to add circuits in the future.

So that they can not only upgrade the panel. But so that if they have more electrical needs in the future. They will already have the capability to do so without another upgrade.

There Edmonton electrician should also check to see if any of the wires going into or out of the panel are degraded and need to be upgraded. Or if people have aluminum wires that need to be replaced with copper wires.

Even if people think that they do not need any electrical services upgraded in their older home. Contacting the experts to have a quick look around. Can help ensure that their home is kept operating as safe as possible.

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