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Edmonton Electrician | Important Aspects of Motion Detectors

When people are putting together a motion detector system, they should consult with their Edmonton electrician. The reason is because there are many different styles and types of motion detectors, and it can be a very confusing thing for people to try and put together themselves.

Not only that, but they will be able to let their electrician know what they’re hoping to accomplish with this motion detector system. Are they trying to save money, are they trying to eliminate crime, or are they trying to keep their family safe. All of these different aspects have different parts of the motion detector that need to be difference. Therefore, instead of trying to pick out a motion detector system themselves, they should consult the experts and get a system that beneficial for what they hope to accomplish.

One of the most important things that people should keep in mind, is that if they are going to use the motion detector system to ensure that lights can be on as soon as they are needed, but then turn off when they are no longer needed to help save money. This is instead of leaving all the lights on in the building at all times.

Many people would prefer not to waste electricity not only to be environmentally conscious says Edmonton electrician. But also to help them pay a lower power bill. If this is their goal, the one thing that they should keep in mind is the right kind of light bulbs are going to make a huge impact on that. Many people might not even consider that different motion detectors have different light bulbs.

However, this is actually the case. Many motion detectors use incandescent light bulbs, fluorescent light bulbs or even halogen light bulbs. However, LEDs are very new, but they are already making a huge impact on the effectiveness of motion detectors.

When looking at LED lights, people should consider that led stands for light emitting diode. These diodes are contained in a very hard plastic shell. The reason why this is important to note, is because all of the other styles of light bulbs whether they’re fluorescent, halogen or incandescent are enclosed in a fragile glass shell.

The reason why this matters, is because if the motion detector is going to be outside, Wednesday are in operation for a few minutes, if there is any sort of wet weather including rain, sleet or snow, those wet elements hitting a hot and fragile glass objects can cause them to burst. Therefore, LED lights are going to be extremely durable.

Another reason why people should be using LED lights, is because they are easily the single most cost-effective light bulbs on the market today. They cost one-tenth of the operating cost of a fluorescent light bulbs which until then had been considered the most cost-effective light bulb on the market.

Therefore if people are using incandescent or halogen light bulbs, they are easily going to be paying significantly higher power bills. If a person is going to be installing a motion detector system to save money says Edmonton electrician, they should get LED lights put in them and save even double the cost.

Edmonton Electrician | Important Aspects of Motion Detectors

Business owners and home owners alike need to ensure that they are calling Edmonton Electrician whenever they need to install motion detectors. The reason why is because there are so many variables involved with this technology. In order to ensure they get the correct style for their needs, they should consult the professionals.

For example, they may not know what the brightness levels should be at, or the sensitivity levels. They need to know what are the most important components if they wish to save money on their power bills. What are photo cells, and what are the differences between all the various motion detectors like passive infrared radiation, area reflective, ultrasonic vibration, non contact motion sensors, weight motion sensors and microwaves. Even what types of lightbulbs to use is very important. Therefore, people should always consult the experts.

One of the most common calls that Edmonton electrician gets is people calling to say that their motion detection system is faulty and they want to install a new one. Perhaps the motion detection system is not as broken as they think. People may not know, but it’s very important to clean the sensors every few months, or even sooner in order to ensure the sensors are free of dirt and debris. If the sensors are inside, even household dust can interfere with the sensors.

People should be taking a clean microfiber cloth and a non abrasive cleaner and wiping the sensors down every few months. Sooner if there has been a lot of precipitation like snow, rain or even wind. That can cause more of a build up of dirt on the sensors. By doing this regularly, people can ensure that their motion sensors are in good working order, and not malfunctioning because the sensors are blocked.

Another thing that people should be very mindful of is if they believe their motion detector is not working because its going off at strange intervals, seemingly being triggered by nothing. In fact, this is often caused by electrical interference. And the most common form of interference is wireless signals. This is often caused by people’s electrical meters.

Utility companies are putting wireless sensors on the meters to allow the electric company to remotely read the meter. This saves time and money, since they don’t have to send people out to manually read them. Unfortunately, the wireless signal can interfere with people’s motion sensors, making them go off unnecessarily. Therefore, when people are experiencing this, instead of calling Edmonton Electrician for a new system, they should call their electricity provider and ask them to turn the signal down instead.

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