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Edmonton Electrician | Increasing Functionality of a Kitchen

One of the reasons why homeowners get their kitchens renovated says Edmonton electrician. Is so that they can increase the functionality. Of this extremely often used room in their home.

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However, many homeowners may not realize how important it is. To contact an Edmonton electrician. To quote on doing the electrical upgrades in their kitchen. Because they do not realize they need to get electrical upgrades done.

This ends up with homeowners starting a kitchen renovation themselves. Or calling in a different contractor. Only to find that things are not working well. Or that they should have contacted an electrician in the beginning.

A scenario like that, would be homeowner. Who purchases in kitchen appliances. And only after they are delivered and installed. Do they realize that the appliances do not work in their electrical outlets.

In fact, when they plug the appliances in and turn them on. The breaker is tripped, and turns the circuit off. So that they are unable to use the devices at all.

The reason this happens, is because typically when homes are being built. The homebuilder wires each outlet, for the appliance that is designed to go in that location.

Which means if they are planning on putting of refrigerator in a location. That only requires 14gauge wire and a fifteen amp breaker. That is all there going to put in this location.

Even though the rest of the kitchen might have a larger gauge wire. It is one way that homebuilders save money. By only putting the wiring in that is absolutely needed for the task at hand.

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Which means several years later. When a homeowner decides to upgrade the appliances in their home. What is going to end up happening, is that they will either have to upgrade their electrical system.

Or they are not going to be able to add an appliance that draws more power than the appliance that they previously had in that location. And since most new appliances draw more power than the older appliances.

It is going to require homeowners upgrading their electrical system. And while this might seem simple enough. Calling in an electrician in. In order to upgrade the outlets. Where there going to put new electrical appliances.

It actually is not as simple as that. Because according to the Canadian electrical code. Even minor changes to an electrical system. Requires an electrician to upgrade that system. To the most current and up-to-date safety standards.

Therefore, a very small kitchen renovation. Where homeowners going to paint the walls, and by a new fridge. Might be more significant than they realize. Which is why all renovations both big and small.

Should start with consulting an electrician to start. When homeowners do this, they will have a more likely chance of nothing else going wrong during the renovation.

And also, being able to upgrade even more electrical components. Such as upgrading their lighting. As well as adding more outlets to this important room.

Edmonton Electrician | Increasing Kitchen Functionality

When homeowners are planning a kitchen renovation, the first call should be to an Edmonton electrician. Because the first things that they do, should be upgrading the electrical systems.

Whether they are installing new appliances. Getting a built-in dishwasher. Or upgrading their lighting. All of these things require having the right wiring done first.

Even though the lights might be the last thing that are done. The electrician should have been there first, in order to put the correct wiring in. That will ensure the lights will work at the end of the project.

As well, it is important that any kitchen renovation. We inspected the appropriate number of times. As well as being inspected at the right times. If homeowners do not hire the right professionals, this step might be skipped.

And the consequences of that action. Could be that they do not pass inspection at the end of the project. Which could add expense to the project. But also if they do not get the project inspected at all.

It may not have been done as safely as it should be. And the safety of their home and their family will then be compromised. Therefore, because it is such a safety issue.

Homeowners need to hire the right Edmonton electrician for the job. And ensure that they are involved from the very beginning to the end. In order to ensure things are done properly and safely.

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A common thing that many people are getting done these days. Is adding a kitchen island in this room. But they wanted to have a lot of capabilities. Which means adding electrical outlets, as well as a sink.

Hiring the right Edmonton electrician for the job. Means they know that they cannot install an electrical outlets. Within one point 5 m of the sink. But when they do, if it is that far away.

It needs to be a GCFI plug-in. And all of these specifications are very important to follow. Not just so that it can pass safety inspection. But so that the safety of the people who use this room. Can be insured.

As well, homeowners want to take this opportunity. To upgrade their lighting. Especially if they have the old, fluorescent style lightbulbs. That is not only not energy-efficient. But irritating.

They need to talk to their Edmonton electrician about what style of lights they want. Such as if they want LEDs, if they want dimmer bulbs. Because while the lightning gets installed at the very end.

The wiring needs to be done for those components at the very beginning of the process. Therefore, it is very important to consult with an electrician at the very beginning of the project.

Because it might be that they lay the groundwork for everything to come after. When homeowners are ready to do the kitchen renovation. To add functionality and value to their home.

Having it done properly, by the right professionals. Is going to be one of the most important things that they do.

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