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Edmonton Electrician | Inspect Electrical Systems in Older Homes

Homeowners who own homes built in the sixties, seventies or eighties should get an electrical inspection done according to Edmonton electrician. With that they have recently purchased their home for renovating it. Or if they have owned it for years.

The reason why, is because not only does time where out many electrical components. Resulting in the degradation of the electrical systems.

But also because electrical codes have changed over years. And people might have dangerous electrical systems. And not even know it. Because it was considered safe in the day.

A great example of this says Edmonton electrician. Is if people have a Federal Pacific circuit breaker panel in their home. This was extremely popular back in the sixties, seventies and eighties.

And although thousands of homes throughout North America have this brand of breaker panel. It is now known to fail at an extremely high rate.

In fact, according to the research done by Dr. Erin Steen. 70 to 80% of all federal Pacific breaker panels are known to fail. In the United States alone, this has caused over twenty-eight hundred house fires every year.

In addition to that many house fires, every year approximately thirteen deaths on average and fourteen million dollars of property damages. Can be attributed to the failure of this particular brand of circuit breaker.

And since this is research that is only done in the states. And a federal Pacific breaker panel was used extensively in Canada as well. It stands to reason, that many Canadians are at risk as well with this brand of panel.


Which is why when an Edmonton electrician sees that there is a federal Pacific panel in anyone’s home. Their immediate reaction is to recommend replacing it as quickly as possible.

The reason why, is because when circuit breakers fail. It is likely to cause fires. Because it is job is to stop the flow of energy to an overloaded circuit.

When a wire copes to deal with more energy than it is designed to handle. That wire gets physically hot to the touch. And if the flow of energy is not interrupted. The longer that wire is hot.

Means the increased chances of that hot wire catching its surroundings on fire. Therefore, a failing circuit breaker. Can increase the chances of house fire happening.

And especially in older homes, where people tend to not have enough circuit or electrical outlets. In order to plug all of the things that they need in.

People tend to think that they can simply use a power bar. In order to be able to have increased electrical capacity in their home.

However not only is this wrong but it is a dangerous assumption as well. The reason why, is because this does not increase the ability of the circuit to handle more amps.

And all it does is increase the ability to overload that particular circuit. And when the wiring is old or even aluminum. And the circuit breaker is not working properly. That is a recipe for disaster.

Edmonton Electrician | Inspect Electrical Systems in Older Homes

When people are purchasing an older home with the intent to renovate, Edmonton electrician recommends. Getting the electrical components of the home inspected right away.

The reason why is because not only are many electrical components no longer up to code. But also because these out of date electrical components can be downright dangerous.

A great example of this, is if a home has been wired with aluminum. That is a lot more dangerous than the copper wiring that is now standard.

This was done back in the sixties, seventies and eighties. In order to save money. Because aluminum is a lot less expensive than copper. However, it is now understood to be very dangerous.

It is more dangerous, because aluminum is now known to get hotter than copper wiring. Which means it has an increased ability to cause a fire if overloaded.

When added to the fact that many older homes often have malfunctioning circuit breakers. If the flow of electricity to that overloaded circuit is not interrupted. It can cause a fire much sooner than people expect.

Therefore, it is very important that people get an Edmonton electrician to inspect all aspects of their electrical system. And find a what is most important to replace first.

Something else that they will look at, is to see how many wires they have in their home. Because many older homes typically only have a two wire scenario.


And what this means it is his Edmonton electrician. Is that the home is not grounded. And in order to fix the situation. Electrician needs to add a ground fault circuit breaker to each of the circuit of the home.

In this can get costly, especially if the home has several circuit such as eight or more. But it is also very important that a homeowner gets this done. By getting an inspection done first.

Can prioritize everything that a homeowner needs to upgrade. As well as give them a budget. So that they can make plans to fix this grounding problem in the future.

Something else that homeowners need to take into consideration. Is if they are using power bars in their home to increase the ability to plug things in.

Many people think nothing of purchasing multiple power bars in their home. So that they can plug several things in to a single outlet.

But this is actually very dangerous. Because it makes it very easy for people to be able to overload a circuit. Because they can plug a lot more than just 15 A into an outlet.

If people find that they do not have enough electrical outlets for their needs. They should contact an Edmonton electrician.

In order to find out what would be involved with increasing the circuit in their home. So that they can have enough outlets for their electrical needs.

The sooner they do this, the sooner they can ensure that they are not only making their home as safe as possible. By eliminating electrical problems.

There also making their home as functional as possible. So that they can have everything plugged in that they need comfortably and conveniently.

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