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Edmonton Electrician | Installing a New Bathroom Fan

There are many reasons why a homeowner would want to install a new bathroom fan in their home says Edmonton electrician. From the fan not working efficiently as they thought it was, to the fan wearing out and no longer working. And even people who simply want fans with more options.

One of the most important considerations that homeowners need to think about when installing a bathroom ventilation fan. Is that getting a fan with the correct amount of air flow is very important.

The bathroom fans job is to suck the moist air out of the bathroom. And to blow it out of the house. So that the moist air does not accumulate, and end up causing in home.

Therefore, the efficiency of the fan to be able to do that job is important. And not only does it require taking into consideration the amount of air that it can move.

But the size of the bathroom is also important to consider. To ensure that they size of fan that is purchased can move air efficiently out of her room that size.

Residential bathroom ventilation fans typically are between fifty CFM, and one hundred and fifty CFM. CFM stands for cubic feet per minute, and refers to the amount of airflow that the fan moves.

For the smallest size bathroom, fifty CFM is recommended. While as bathrooms get larger, or have more amenities in it. Edmonton electrician suggest having an even higher CFM fan.


Even in the smallest bathroom, the recommendation is to go with a higher CFM than fifty. And the main reason why. Is because once some dust settles on the fan, it stops working as efficiently.

And will not be moving that amount of air after few months. So getting a slightly higher airflow fan. Such as seventy or eighty CFM. Means that even after dust does settle on the fan, it will still properly.

So once a homeowner has taken into consideration the airflow of the fan, and the size of their bathroom. The next consideration they need to have is what noise level they want.

While a lower noise level is going to be or expensive. Most people in residences want to keep noise levels down. And this can be well worth the additional money they have to pay.

And while most bathroom ventilation fans are not going to draw a lot of energy. Between one into amps. If having an environmentally friendly option is important to a homeowner. There are different bathroom ventilation fans on the market. That come with a low energy option, to deduce that carbon footprint even more.

Ultimately, Edmonton electrician cautions homeowners against buying the least expensive fan. Because even if they think there saving money, cheap is actually expensive in the long run.

Especially if it does not work as efficiently as it should. And people will have to end up tearing apart their bathroom, and making repairs, because they have developed a mould problem due to lack of efficient bathroom fan.

Edmonton Electrician | Installing a New Bathroom Fan

Even though many people might not think about their bathroom ventilation fan often says Edmonton electrician. When it is time to replace their bathroom fan. They should take into consideration all of the various options available.

So that they can ensure that they have is an enjoyable experience as possible in their bathroom, and ensure that they are protecting their house from mould.

While the most standard options are noise level, airflow of fan, and amount of energy fans use. The options on bathroom ventilation fans has increased lately. Giving consumers a wide variety of options to choose from.

Consumers can now purchase bathroom ventilation fans that have a built in humidity sensor. The way these bathroom fans work, is homeowners do not need to turn on the fan currently. Before having a bath or shower.

The bathroom fan will simply turn itself on, when it senses the humidity level has raised to a certain amount. This will help keep the bathroom as dry as possible, and minimize mould buildup. Without homeowner having to think about it.

Bathroom ventilation fans also come with additional lighting in them. Whether that means a homeowner wants to increase the amount of light in their bathroom. Or if they do not want to have additional light. And have the light in the fan in one unit.

Bathroom fans can even come up with lighting, such as blue LED lights. To make a shower or bath even more relaxing. And to help set the mood for the homeowner.

And while one option that exists is a bathroom fan that comes with a heat lamp built in. Edmonton electrician cautions people against this type of bathroom fan for several reasons.


Since heat lamps are very good at keeping up an area, when it is built in to the bathroom fan. It can cause the fan to wear out faster. Which will require the homeowner to replace this fan more often.

But more serious reason why homeowners might want to avoid putting in a bathroom ventilation fan. That has a heating element in it. Is because the function of the fan is to suck air up into the ducting. Which means it will also suck dust up as well.

When a buildup of dust is close to heating elements, this can significantly increase fire hazards. And which is why Edmonton electrician does not recommend putting this type of ventilation fan into a bathroom.

However, heating lamps are very nice and a bathroom. And if people do want that option. They should install it separately from the fan, so that it will be less likely to be a fire hazard.

And one of the most high and options of ventilation fans on the market. Is the option that has a Bluetooth speaker built into the fan. So that homeowners can play music while they are in the bathroom.

These are extremely popular, and one of the benefits is that because it has a speaker built into bed, this also is a very low noise level fan. So even if the music is not being used, it is not going to cause a lot of additional noise in the house.

By knowing all of the options that homeowners can have when choosing a bathroom fan. They can ensure that there taking all options into consideration. To ensure that they are installing the right fan for their lifestyle and for their family.

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