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Edmonton Electrician | Installing Exit & Emergency Lighting In Your Business

It is extremely important for business owners to install emergency lighting and exit signs in their commercial or industrial business says Edmonton electrician. In fact, regardless of what kind of business it is, business owners need to ensure that they have exit signs Illuminating every single exit of the building. And that they have all of the ways to exit the building illuminated by emergency lights.

This way, in case of an emergency, all occupants of the building where they are staff or customers can easily find their way out. When business owners understand this, they’ll be able to hire professionals to help ensure that they have the correct amount of lighting, and the right exit signs installed.

Calling on a professional such as an Edmonton electrician can help ensure that business owners have the right number of emergency lighting in their building. You need to ensure that they have a way out illuminated from every room in the building. While business owners don’t needs to worry about making sure that there’s emergency lighting in things like storage areas and bathrooms, all of the hallways connecting all of the rooms needs to be well lit on how to get out in case of an emergency.

It’s also very important to ensure that not only do the emergency lighting have to be enough to let the path, but that they are installed properly, so that people can see the lights on the ground as they try to evacuate the building. Some emergency lighting is pointed at the walls, or the ceiling which is not helpful. People will need to be able to see the lights on the ground, even if they can’t see in the room, for example, if there is fire and the building is filling up with smoke, they might not be able to see the walls of the ceiling, but they should be able to see lights on the floor.

it’s also important that the exit lighting is also correct, because when people are evacuating, they needs to easily be able to see where all the exits are, even if they are unfamiliar with the building. These lights need to be set up at every single exit, regardless of if it is well used or not. Edmonton electrician also says that it’s very important that business owners understand that if they have the red exit signs that say the word exit on it, those are no longer legal to be used in this area.

The reason why, is because red is a difficult colour to see in a fire, and the signs should not be in English, in case there are people who don’t read English. The sign that is now legal is green, and it has a picture of a stick man on it that’s often called The Running Man sign. If business owners are getting new lights put up, they should ensure that they are not the red ones, because the work likely won’t pass inspection. And if a business already has the red lights up, they might be able to get them grandfathered in, but that’s not a guarantee.

Edmonton Electrician | Exit and Emergency Lighting In Your Business

There are many things to take into consideration when looking at the needs for emergency lighting and exit signs in a business says Edmonton electrician. Therefore, business owners should understand how important it is to get the opinion of a professional, so that they can ensure that they have all of the right number of emergency lights and exit signs for their business. entrepreneurs should understand that every hallway needs to have the exit clearly indicated by the emergency lighting, and while individual offices don’t need to have this lighting, larger offices such as if there are several cubicles in the room, also need to have the way out illuminated.

The next thing business owners need to take into consideration is there emergency lighting needs to have their own battery packs, because they need to work without use of the buildings wiring. This is so that the lights will come on in case of an emergency that has also cut power to the building, such as a fire or a storm that has knocked all the power out. When people are evacuating a building, they might not be familiar with all of the exit routes, particularly if they are new employees, or if they are customers. Therefore it is extremely important that all the ways out are clearly indicated says Edmonton electrician.

If business owners think that they’re going to be able to save money by installing these lights themselves, they might want to rethink that. Each emergency light units that is sold might have varying voltage factors, and if a business owner installs the whites and the voltage requirements and being larger than the ballast can handle, it will create problems.

It could end up overloading the unit, causing it to be inoperable, or it could damage the wiring of the building itself, or even damage the building. Even though each emergency lights is expensive, approximately $150 or $200 per unit, a business owner should not scrimp on having it installed properly, and should call an Edmonton electrician to make sure it is installed properly.

When business owners get an Edmonton electrician to install their emergency lighting, they can ensure that they roll first have the correct permits pulled, will install the lights correctly without damaging the units, the wiring of the building or the building itself, and we’ll have it properly inspected at the end, to ensure that the business owners building can remain up to code. With how important it is to ensure the lights will work in an emergency, business owners need to ensure that they are installed properly.

When business owners have the correct emergency lighting in there building, they are installed properly, and they function properly, business owners can put their minds at ease. Knowing that in case of an emergency, all occupants of their building whether they are customers or staff can safely evacuate.

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