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Edmonton electrician | is your electrician qualified

One of the most important things that someone can do when they are hiring Edmonton electrician for their job whether it is commercial, residential or industrial is to ask for qualifications. They should not make the assumption that all electricians have the same qualifications as each other. In fact, there are many ways that different electric companies are different from each other, and people should do their research in order to be able to verify if the company that they are hiring has all the qualifications they are looking for, and are focusing on safety and service as well.

The first way that people can check the qualifications of their Edmonton electrician is by asking them if they are licensed and certified to work in the province of Alberta. In order to work as an electrician in Alberta, someone needs to either be a registered apprentice, which means they have completed coursework, and are working with certified journeyman electrician. If they are a certified journeyman, that means that they have earned their license, as well as receive certification from the province in order to do this job. Therefore, people can ask to see their ticket, in order to verify that they are qualified, and legally allowed to work as an electrician.

The next thing that people should be checking for in the Edmonton electrician that they are thinking of hiring, is to verify that they have their Worker’s Compensation coverage. Worker’s Compensation coverage is a legal requirement for any businesses that have at least one employee. They need to ensure that they have this set up within fifteen days of hiring their first employee, to verify that they are covered. If a company has employees, but not covered by Worker’s Compensation, that is an indication that they should not be hired. Also, not having Worker’s Compensation is typically a warning sign that there’s a good chance that they do not have their license or certification as well.

It is also very important that people are verifying that the Edmonton electrician they hire has the right amount of insurance. General liability insurance is going to cover the company at minimum, one million dollars. The onus is on the person doing the hiring to ensure that they have the proper insurance. If something goes wrong, this insurance will allow the person to recover the damages that they received from the damage. However, if they hire a company that does not have insurance, the person whose job site it is, has little recourse other than suing them personally to regain their losses. But even then, that is not a guarantee they will be able to recover anything.

It is important that the person that is doing the hiring does the research to verify that the people they are hiring to work not only has all of the licenses and certification required to do the job, but they also have the appropriate coverage through Worker’s Compensation and insurance. Once they verify the business that they are looking to hire has these things in place, they will be able to hire them knowing that the be able to do the job they were hired to do.

Edmonton electrician | is your electrician qualified

Not only should a person be checking the qualifications of the Edmonton electrician that they are thinking of hiring, but they also need to check to ensure that they will be able to work safely as well. This means that not only does the company need to have a safe focus, but they also need to ensure that their employees are focusing on safety as well, so that the entire jobsite can be protected, and safe for everybody working on it. By knowing what types of questions to ask during the hiring process can help people make an informed decision.

One of the very first things that can ask a contractor that they are thinking of hiring is asking them if they have COR certification. This stands for certificate of recognition, and is awarded to companies that have developed their own safety programs, and that an established safety standard. If a company has this certification, people can be satisfied that there safety program or protocols have been documented and approved.

This does not mean that people without COR certification are not able to work safely. However, I person might want to ask the Edmonton electrician what their safety procedures or protocols are. As long as they have defined protocols that they can share, that is a good indication that they are safety minded. If these safety procedures and protocols are easily duplicated by themselves, or any of their staff, such as having templates or checklists created, that can satisfy most people hiring Edmonton electrician for a job site. These checklists might include ensuring that they have all of their tools and materials when they start work. It can also help ensure that they have checked to verify that tools are safe to be used. Another checklist might verify that they have all necessary safety equipment for a particular job, and that the safety equipment is in good working order.

A good checklist that is very popular is a field level hazard assessment. What this does, is it ensures each Edmonton electrician will scan the jobsite before they start working, documenting any hazards. Once they have documented these hazards such as a wet floor, tripping hazard, loose wires, then they need to clear the area of those hazards. By making sure that the jobsite is safe every time anyone sets foot on it is the goal of a field level hazard assessment.

Important that the Edmonton electrician that they hire is focusing on safety, not just for big jobs but small jobs as well, to ensure that people are being forced to focus on safe practices. By ensuring that everybody that gets hired is able to work safely will ensure that accidents are minimized. If people are looking for an electrical company that focuses on safety, they should contact the professionals at Hauer Power at 780-935-0622.

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