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Edmonton Electrician | It is Crucial to Upgrade Electrical Systems

Whether people have recently purchased an older home or office building, they should contact an Edmonton electrician right away. This is to help ensure their electrical system is working. Or to see if they need any upgrades.

People might need electrical service upgrades in order to increase the safety of their electrical system. Because there are many issues that may make their system unsafe.

But also, buildings and homes that were built in the sixties, seventies or even the eighties. Typically do not have enough circuits to meet the needs of families and offices today.

There are more electronics than ever before. In offices especially, with people having computers, scanners, Internet routers just to name a few. In addition to all of the other electrical devices people need in their office.

And at home, not only are there more electronics than their were forty or fifty years ago. But there is also more electronics in every single room of the house. From the bedroom, to the living room and even the kitchen.

Therefore, even if there is nothing specifically unsafe about a person’s electrical system in their new older home. Or in their older office building.

Calling in an Edmonton electrician can help ensure that they get enough circuits that they are going to need. Not only to meet their energy requirements now. But to help them meet those with Fireman’s in the future as well.

The right Edmonton electrician will look at all aspects of the electrical service. Including the circuit breaker. Not only to see if it is large enough to meet their current electrical needs. But also to ensure it is in good working order.


If there circuit breaker is not functioning properly. It will not protect an overloaded wire. By cutting the energy going to that circuit.

And since overloaded wires get physically hot, and start fires. If people have a circuit breaker that is not functioning properly. This is going to potentially result in a building or house fire.

They will also check to see if the wire has degraded. And needs to be upgraded to bring it up to code. Or to ensure that it is safer. And this includes checking to see if the wires are aluminum.

Buildings and homes built in the sixties, seventies and eighties. Were often built with aluminum wires. Even though now, home builders and electricians know that this is unsafe. Because of how hot the wires can get.

Therefore, it is important that they upgrade their wiring to copper. So that they can keep their family or their staff safe. By not risking those wires overheating.

There are also going to check to see if the building is grounded. Because older buildings often only have a two wire scenario. Which is very dangerous to have. So by finding this out, people can budget to ground their building for safety.

Are many things that people need to have checked in an older home or office building. And by calling the experts at Edmonton electrician. Can help ensure that all of the important aspects of their electrical needs are thought about.

Edmonton Electrician | It is Crucial to Upgrade Electrical Systems

Many people may not think about the wiring in their older home says Edmonton electrician. Which is why so many breaker panels are known to have failed. And nobody knows about it.

In fact, there is one brand of breaker panel that has been known to fail more often than all of the other brands put together. And this was unfortunately put in a large number of homes throughout Canada as well as the United States.

This brand is called Federal Pacific, and it has been proven to fail about 70 to 80% of the time. And while it is no longer legal to install this type of breaker panel in peoples homes or offices.

The fact that it was installed in thousands of homes in the sixties, seventies or eighties. Means that a lot of Edmonton electrician companies automatically look for this in any of the older homes that they are called to.

According to an expert by the name of Dr. Aaron Steen. The Federal Pacific circuit breakers have been known to cause twenty-eight hundred house fires over the years.

As well as be responsible for thirteen deaths, and over fourteen million dollars and property damages. This should be reason enough why people want to upgrade their circuit breaker.

And the positive thing about this is. That if people are getting a brand-new circuit breaker installed anyway. They can get a new panel with a lot more spaces.

So that they can add more circuits to their home immediately. And have more capacity in their home right away. As well as have one that includes a lot more spaces for more circuits in the future.


So that they can anticipate future electrical needs for their family as well. Whether people want to add an entertainment room in the basement. Or convert their garage into a mother-in-law suite.

All of those things can become much easier. If they lay the groundwork now for adding circuits to their home. Therefore, getting a new panel can be a good thing.

People should also know what the warning signs are that there circuit breaker may be starting to fail. If they notice that even though their energy consumption has not increased.

That there circuit breaker is tripping a lot more often. That can be an indication that the circuit breaker is starting to wear out.

And if people notice that after their circuit breaker has started tripping a lot more often. That suddenly it no longer is tripping at all. And their energy consumption still has not changed. This can indicate that the circuit breaker has actually stopped working.

People need to call an Edmonton electrician well before this happens. And if they notice that there circuit breaker is tripping more often. That they call an electrician right away.

By knowing what the warning signs are, and being prepared to install a whole new panel. Can help ensure that people are keeping their home or their building safe for all occupants.

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