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Edmonton Electrician | It Is Important to Upgrade Electrical Systems

If people own an older home or building that there business is in, they should contact an Edmonton electrician to see if they need any electrical service upgrades.

Whether people are having problems with their electrical needs or not. This proactive step can help ensure people are keeping their family and employees safe.

Typically, the problem in older buildings is that there is not enough circuits. And people typically notice this when they do not have enough outlets for their electrical needs.

Especially homes built in the sixties, seventies and eighties tends to not have enough outlets. Because they did not anticipate what the electrical needs of the future might be.

Therefore, it is not uncommon for homes and offices to have two or three outlets per room. When people have several more electrical devices to plug-in.

This is extremely common in kitchens. Because there are more electrical devices in the kitchen than ever before. And what is even more important to note.

Is that the electrical devices that people use in the kitchen. Tend to draw 15 A of electricity. Which means they should only have one thing plugged in to that outlet at a time.

Electrical devices such as pressure cookers, crockpots, and electrical frying pans. Can all overload a circuit if there plugged in with anything else. Even smaller electrical devices such as a toaster or coffee bean grinder.

And in people’s bedrooms or living rooms. There are more electrical devices than ever before. With televisions, PVRs, gaming systems. As well as computers, laptops and charge courts.


Therefore, when they contact an Edmonton electrician to see if they can upgrade the circuits. The electrician can even install an entirely new circuit panel.

Not only to ensure that they have enough space for the circuits they are adding now. But also, so that they have space to add more circuits in the future. If they find that they have needs for more circuits in the future.

The will also allow their Edmonton electrician to take a look at the wires going into and out of panel. To ensure that they are up to code. Because typically, they are not up to the code due to the updates and changes over the years.

They will also look to see if they have aluminum wiring in their home. Which was very standard during that period. However, they are not standard anymore. And should be upgraded to copper wires to keep the home or office safe.

Also, the electrician will be able to look to see if the wires are grounded in the building. Because if they do not have grounding wires. They should get that fixed to increase the safety of the building.

And it will be much more cost-effective to get the home grounded now, before they add more circuits to the home. Because they must add a ground fault breaker on every ungrounded circuits.

There are many things that people need to take into consideration to ensure the electrical safety of their home or office. Especially if they have an older building.

And by calling in the experts, they can work to ensure that all electrical services are upgraded. For the safety and peace of mind of the family or business owner.

Edmonton Electrician | It Is Important to Upgrade Electrical Systems

Homes and office buildings that were built in the sixties, seventies and eighties often have outdated electrical services according to Edmonton electrician. And it is important to upgrade those services sooner rather than later.

The reason why, is because the older the wiring is in a home or office building. The more likely it is to fail. And a failed electrical system will typically cause a fire, that could threaten not only the building. But threaten its occupants as well.

Therefore, even if people are not planning on renovating an older home or office building. They still may want to call the experts at Edmonton electrician to come in. Because they will be able to look at all aspects of their electrical system.

So that they can make recommendations about what should be upgraded as well as why. And then offer the home owner or business owner a quote. On what it would cost to upgrade each of these systems.

One of the first things that they are going to look at when they come on-site. His to see if people have a federal Pacific circuit breaker.

The reason why they are going to look for that specifically. Is because not only are these breaker panels very old. But they are also known to fail quite often.

In fact, according to research done by Dr. Aaron Steen. Federal Pacific breaker panels are known to fail 70 to 80% of the time. And have caused over twenty-eight hundred house fires in the United States.


In addition to those house fires, they have caused thirteen deaths and over fourteen million dollars in property damages. Which is why it is very important that people get them replaced quickly.

At the same time, the Edmonton electrician will ask the homeowner or business owner about their electrical needs. If they are using power bars to add more outlets to use.

Or if they do not have enough plug-ins for everything that they do need to plug-in. This is an extremely good indication that they need to add circuits to their building.

And since they already have to replace their circuit breaker. Adding a new one that has a lot more space on it. Can ensure that they can add the amount of circuits that they currently need.

As well as have room for adding more circuits in the future. To allow them to continue to grow their electrical needs as necessary.

When people have an older building. Whether it is for their business or to live in. They should ensure that the electrical service is upgraded. Not only to give them more capabilities. But to keep them as safe as possible as well.

Even if people are not planning on upgrading anything or renovating. The calling Edmonton electrician. They can get an opinion about if they need upgrades. And how much that is going to cost them in the long run.

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