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Edmonton Electrician | It Is Safe to Upgrade Electrical Systems

Many people may not think about the safety of the electrical systems in older homes they purchase says Edmonton electrician. But it is very important that they do think about upgrading their electrical service.

And often, people end up calling in Edmonton electrician to upgrade their electrical services. Because they do not have enough circuits in their home.

And at this time, the electrician will be able to upgrade the services that are either not up to code. Or are not safe. But it is very important that regardless of the reason why. That people are addressing the electrical needs of their home.

Not only are the electrical codes very different than they were in the sixties, seventies, and eighties. When a lot of these older homes were built. But also, the codes have changed because they are designed to keep people safer.

One example of this, is if people have aluminum wires. Which he used to be completely fine to install in people’s houses. But electricians have found now. That aluminum heats up very fast.

And therefore, if there is an overloaded circus, that hot wire can cause fires far quicker than copper wires. And even if a person’s circuit breaker does not fail. That additional heat in the wire. Can end up causing fires.

However, another thing that Edmonton electrician will look at is the breaker panel. To ensure that it is working properly. Because people typically will find out if there electrical panel is not working. Until it fails, and a fire is caused.

If people notice that when they first moved into their new older home. That the breakers were not initially tripping. But they have recently started, even though their electrical needs have not increased.


This is a good indication that there circuit breaker is starting to fail. It is at this time, that people should call their electrician to come in and look at their electrical system. And give them a quote on upgrading there circuit breaker.

However, if people notice that their breakers had been tripping a lot, that are no longer tripping anymore. And their energy consumption has not decreased. This often is indication that the circuit breaker has stopped working.

At this point, people are at risk for having an electrical fire in their home. Because there is nothing that is going to stop on overheated wire from getting electricity.

Therefore, before it even gets to that point. The recommendation is to call their electrician in two see if they should upgrade there circuit breaker.

And at the same time, can install a larger panel. That has more space for more circuits. This way, they can get two things accomplished at the same time.

Which will allow them to address their current electrical needs. As well as their electrical needs in the future. As well as keep their fit home and family safe. By protecting them against electrical fires.

Ultimately, this is one of the most important things that people should do they first purchase an older home. Ensure that they are keeping their family safe.

Edmonton Electrician | It Is Safe to Upgrade Electrical Systems

With her people have just recently purchased an older home to renovated, or have lived in their older home for years, Edmonton electrician says they need to upgrade their electrical service. They should do this as soon as possible for safety reasons.

Not only has the electrical code changed significantly from the sixties, seventies and eighties. But the electrical code has changed, because things that used to be done.

Have been proven over time to the unsafe. Therefore, the codes exist so that their electrician can install wires, grounds and panels in a way that keeps people as safe as possible.

One of the first things that their Edmonton electrician will do when they come to look at the electrical services in a person’s older home. Is take a look at the circuit breaker. Not only is it important that they test to ensure it is working properly.

But also, if people have a Federal Pacific panel. Which was very popular back in the sixties, seventies and eighties. Then they should get it replaced right away.

The reason why, is because even though this is an extremely common panel. It has a known 70 to 80% failure rate. And has caused over twenty hundred house fires in the United States alone.

In addition to that, it is responsible for thirteen deaths and fourteen million dollars in property damages. Which means it is very dangerous, and needs to be upgraded immediately.


At the same time, the home owner’s electrician will also check the wires that are going into the panel. In order to see if they need replacing for safety reasons.

For example, the code used to be having 8 gauge ground wires going into the circuit panel. But now, the code is that electricians should use a 6gauge wire.

At the same time, there electrician should check to see if they have aluminum wiring. Because this is known to be very unsafe. And it should get changed to be copper wiring. So that it is less likely to overheat and cause fires.

It is also very important that they check to see if the house itself is grounded. As many older homes typically only have a two wire scenario. Which is very dangerous.

Edmonton electrician will have to add a ground fault circuit breaker on every single circuits. And in older homes, that typically means around eight circuits.

Since people have to pay for a ground fault breaker to be added to each one. This can be an expense that many people are not expecting.

Therefore, by knowing this in advance. Can help prepare people to budget properly for the right electrical service upgrades they need in their older home.

In order to anticipate their current and future electrical needs. As well as help keep their family safe, by bringing their electrical service up to code.

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