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Edmonton Electrician | It is Vital to Upgrade Electrical Systems

When people buy a brand-new office building or home, they tend to not worry about their electrical systems right away says Edmonton electrician. However, if people are buying older buildings. Especially those built in the sixties, seventies or eighties.

Thinking about at least getting their electrical service inspected is a very important thing to do. The reason why, is because at the very least electrical codes have changed significantly since those buildings have been built.

And getting an expert such as an Edmonton electrician to have a look around. Can help ensure that everything is in working order. And give them an idea about if things need to be upgraded.

And what timeline thing should be upgraded in, and then give them a quote. They also recommend that people get a quote from one or two other electricians. So that they can have an idea about the kind of quality and service their going to get.

They recommend people avoid going with the cheapest price. Because not only are they also likely going to be the poorest quality service. But chances are, they are not looking at all aspects of the buildings wiring.

Which could ultimately end up costing the homeowner more in the end. Either by not having everything that needs to be upgraded done. Or by paying a much larger bill. When the electrician starts working. And realizes that more things need to be done.

Some common questions that building and homeowners can ask in Edmonton electrician. When they receive the quote to ensure that they have thought of many different variables.


Include the question of: have they checked to see if the reader socket needs upgrading? Have they check to see if the home has aluminum wiring in it? And is there breaker panel the correct size?

If any of the quotes come back without having those things even checked. That might be an indication that they are not the right electricians for the job. And people should go with the expert electrician that has thought to check all parts of their electrical system.

They should not only check the circuit breaker panel. But they should check to see if the wires going into the panel need to be upgraded or not. Because homes built anywhere in the sixties to eighties.

Typically have an 8 gauge wire ground, although the current electrical code requires a 6gauge wire. And so that is one thing that should be upgraded especially if people are getting a new circuit breaker.

They also should ensure that the wiring in their home is not aluminum. Not only because this is dangerous. Because aluminum wires can heat up faster. And that could cause more fires.

But also, the electrician should check to see if the home is grounded at all. Because this can actually end up being a huge cost if not expected. But is very important in order to protect people’s homes and businesses.

Edmonton Electrician | It is Vital to Upgrade Electrical Systems

Often, people like buying older homes and renovating says Edmonton electrician. Because they can often not only get a deal on the home. But they can also renovate the home to suit their preferences.

So they can get everything that they need in a home. For less than it would cost to build a new home from scratch. However, when they do this they also need to take the buildings electrical services into consideration.

Not only because the electrical code has been upgraded several times since the sixties, the seventies and the eighties. It also because chances are, there is at least some aspect of the wiring that is dangerous and should be fixed.

One great example of this. Is many people may have a Federal Pacific circuit breaker panel. And this is a panel that was extremely common when these homes were being built.

However, they are now known to be a type of circuit breaker that fails extremely often. At a 70 to 80% failure rate.

And the job of a circuit breaker, is to stop the flow of electricity to a surrogate. In order to prevent a fire from breaking out.

Therefore, if the circuit breaker is likely to fail. Not only do people not know that anything is wrong. But by the time they realize that there circuit breaker is not functioning. It is because their house is on fire.


Because of that, most Edmonton electrician companies will automatically recommend upgrading this circuit breaker to a new panel. And at the same time, they will be able to get a larger panel. To give them the ability to add more circuits now or in the future.

One thing that people should keep in mind especially if they own an older home. Is that if they notice that their breakers are tripping. That is a good sign that the circuit breaker is working.

Unfortunately, if there circuit breakers are starting to trip more often than ever before. And they have not increased their energy consumption. That typically means that the circuit breaker is starting to fail.

This is what happens when the circuit breakers age. And this is a good indication that people should contact an Edmonton electrician right away for quote. So that they know what to budget for two get a new circuit breaker.

And if they notice that after their breakers have started tripping more often. Even though their energy consumption has not increased. And then all of a sudden, that stops.

This also typically means that the circuit breaker is no longer working. Which means it is very important that they call an electrician right away.

By knowing what signs to look for. Can help people contact the experts as soon as possible. So that they can keep their electrical services as upgraded as possible.

And not only meet their energy consumption needs. But also ensure that they are able to add more circuits as they grow with their house.

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