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Edmonton Electrician | Keep These Values In Mind

When customers are ready to hire and Edmonton electrician. They may not know what to look for. To ensure they get the best company. And whether they are hiring commercial, industrial or residential. However power recommends hiring on values of the company.

Edmonton Electrician

The reason why they should hire based on values. Is because that way, they can ensure that the company is upholding the things that they believe in. And when they are inviting someone into their home.

And inviting someone into their business. To work on their electrical system. They need to ensure that they feel good about the people that are setting foot on to the jobsite.

And when they believe in the same values. This is a lot easier to have a stranger, and work on their property. This is why Edmonton electrician, Hauer Power. Has created a list of values.

That not only do they believe in, but they hire staff based on these values. So that they can impart them to customers. So that they can bring great customer service to every single job that they do.

In fact, the trades typically have such a very bad reputation. For not being on time, and for being overbudget. And generally not treating customers very respectfully. That Hauer Power’s goal.

Is to help the change people’s minds about contractors. And that is why their tagline is bringing customer service back to the trades. They hope that they are able to show customers. That they are different.

And they do that through these values that they uphold. One of the most important values that they talk about is continual learning. And this is very important, because the electrical code is constantly changing.

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In fact, the Canadian electrical code book changes every three years. And so if they are not going to code update courses regularly. They do not know the most up-to-date electrical information.

A lot of this information is updated to be more safe. But also, the information is updated. As new technologies, and techniques become available. Such as when solar panels became quite popular.

The codebook had to change in order to help electricians learn how to install solar panels. And things like a charging station for an electrical car. That might have to be installed in a person’s garage.

Therefore, with this constant increase of new information. Makes it very important that they are learning the new Canadian electrical code book every three years.

And not only is it mandatory for people that are hired by this Edmonton electrician to go to these upgrading courses. But they also have continual education with new training and upgrading.

And if any of the electricians want to apprentice, they have that ability. With their journeyman, master electrician or red seal programs. It is important for every electrician to have all important certifications.

Therefore, if customers want to hire the electrical company that has the most up-to-date information. And the most knowledgeable staff. They should contact Hauer Power for a free estimate at 780-935-0622.

Edmonton Electrician | Keep These Values In Mind

When way that this Edmonton electrician plans on sitting there company apart from their competition. Is through their company values. They want to ensure that they can stand apart from the other electricians in the city.

Therefore, they want their customers, and potential customers to know what their values are. Because when they are coming into people’s homes and businesses. They want customers to already trust them based on their values.

People want to know that the electrician can be respectful to them, and their property. And by choosing the Edmonton electrician that makes their values known. They can find more customers.

As well, they ensure that when they are hiring staff. That they hire with these company values in mind. Because their employees need to demonstrate that they can live by the company values.

So that they can bring those values forth to the customer in a respectful and dignified way. Therefore, Hauer Power truly believes that in order to uphold these values. They need to let them be known to their staff and customers.

The next thing that is important for customers to know. Is their number one value is honesty. This is because many other contractors not place on my emphasis on honesty.

Either not starting when they say they will, not finishing by their deadline. Or going over budget. This is not how they will foster trust. Which is so important for an ongoing, respectful relationship.

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And while honesty is very important. So is integrity. Because they work hand-in-hand, to ensure that there is accountability, and that people will work hard. And deliver the highest level of customer service.

Another very important value is punctuality. And it is not just important for staff to be on time to jobsite. It is important that they arrive at work on time or early. So that they can have enough time to prepare.

To get everything they need so that they can get to their customers jobsite on time. And by the time that the customers said that they needed to have someone come out by.

Therefore, punctuality is extremely important. And something that they impart on the very first time of meeting staff members. Which is at the interview process.

The next value that they impart is teamwork. And while this might seem like a very fluffy kind of company value. Edmonton electrician says it is very important for a safe work environment.

When a team is able to work and communicate well together. That inherently dangerous electrical job site is much more safe in the long run. And since the jobsite can represent many different hazards.

It is very important that the team can work well together. So that they as well as customer can be as safe as they possibly can together.

These values are extremely important. To ensure that everyone can work well and respectfully together. However, they are not the only values. To find out more, as well as get a free estimate. People should reach out to Hauer Power right away at 780-935-0622.

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