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Edmonton Electrician | Kitchen Renovations All Require Electrical

Homeowners should plan to have electrical work in their kitchen renovation says Edmonton electrician. Because even a very small kitchen renovation. Will typically need electrical work done at some point.

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Even if all people are doing is buying a new fridge or stove. And adding a fresh coat of paint to the walls. Or if people are installing a dishwasher, and adding a kitchen island.

It may require much more electrical work than people realize. And having a professional such as an Edmonton electrician. Who works with electricity every day. Is going to be a valuable resource.

The reason why, is because even if they are going to add an appliance, such as getting a dishwasher. When they did not have a dishwasher before. Or if they want to buy a new stove.

Chances are going to be quite high that they will need to add a circuit, or increase the gauge of wire. That was used when the kitchen was first built. This is going to be a lot more expensive.

If people find out at the end of their renovation. That they need to have an Edmonton electrician come in and fix electrical components. Then if they had simply consulted with an electrician in the first place.

For example, since all kitchen appliances will need to be on their own circuit. If the host did not have a built-in dishwasher before. And people are going to add one, they will need to add a circuit to the panel.

There panel might already be full, which means they are either going to have to have their electrician add a subpanel. And in that case, it is beneficial to put all kitchen wiring on the subpanel.


Or, they might opt to get a new panel entirely. One that has the ability to add more circuits. Not just for their current renovation. But for future electrical work they may want done.

Therefore, a simple dishwasher install. Has now become a much larger project. But at least it will get done properly, by trusted and certified professional. That has experience doing this every day.

As well, most homeowners find that there are never enough electrical outlets in their kitchen. And this is because when house is her first built. The homebuilder only wants to install the minimum required outlets.

Because installing additional outlets would add cost to their project. Therefore, homeowners typically want many more outlets. Because there are so many different electrical devices to plug in in a kitchen.

Not only is there a coffeepot, a toaster and a crockpot for example. But people often want to have a television, or a stereo in their kitchen as well. And most electrical appliances in a kitchen.

Should be on their very own circuits. Because they draw a significant amount of power. Such as a crockpot, or a pressure cooker. Therefore, adding additional electrical outlets. Will mean adding additional circuits. Which definitely should be done by professional like an electrician.

Edmonton Electrician | Kitchen Renovations Need Electrical Work

No matter how big or small kitchen renovation is, um owners should consult with an Edmonton electrician. Before they even start, so that they do not overlook important details.

Many people may not realize that the work that they are doing. Is going to have an electrical component to it. And to have an electrician walked through their house, and here their plans. Is going to be an important way.

For homeowners to be prepared for having to do electrical work in their kitchen. So they can work that into their renovation budget. And while some homeowners want to cut costs on their kitchen renovation.

Not only because it is the most expensive renovation they will likely do in their home. But because they think that they are going to be able to hire one tradesperson to do many different parts of the renovation.

However, it is a very bad idea to ask the trade person to do electrical work. Because of how highly technical it is. And also, because if they are not working on electrical work every day.

They may not be using the most up-to-date electrical code. Or they might miss out important details, such as getting the work inspected. Not just at the end, but getting their rough in work inspected as well.

Therefore, speaking to an Edmonton electrician at the beginning. Will help them prepare for everything that will need to get done. Even though they might not realize it has an electrical component to it.


Such as upgrading the outlets with a heavier wire. In order to accommodate an appliance. That is going to draw more power than the previous one.

As well as adding a new panel if needed. To be able to accommodate all of the additional circuits that homeowner is going to need. It is so important to get this work done by a professional.

Because if done poorly, electrical work can become extremely dangerous when not done by an Edmonton electrician. Risking an electrical fire that could cause property damage.

Or even burn down a house, and putting the inhabitants at risk. Therefore it is so important to hire the right professional for the job. But also, they will be able to ask questions that a general contractor may not think of.

Such as if they want additional electrical outlets, or if they want to upgrade their lighting. Such as two LED lights. Or under the counter lighting. Which can add functionality to their kitchen. That they might not have thought about in the beginning.

When people want their kitchen renovated. They want their kitchen to be functional for their needs. Which is why it is so important to ensure that homeowners are talking to all of the right professionals prior to starting the renovation.

By doing this at the beginning, homeowners can be prepared for all of the costs associated with it. And will not get hit with surprises partway through, or at the end. That can cause them to have to redo some of the work that has been done already.


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