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Edmonton Electrician | Renovations That Require a Professional

Many people may not realize how important it is to hire and Edmonton electrician. When they are planning their kitchen renovations. They may believe that they can get away without updating their electrical system.

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However, there is almost no renovations that they can do. That do not require some updating of the electrical system. And when ever there is a change to the electrical system, no matter how big or how small.

It should be done by certified, and insured Edmonton electrician. So that it can be done properly, inspected. And if anything does go wrong, the electrician will be insured.

So that everyone in the situation is covered, in case of accidental damage. But hiring a professional electrician in the first place. Should minimize problems for a number of different reasons.

For example, an electrician that does this for a living. Will know that the electrical code in Canada gets updated every three years. Therefore, if they are working on kitchen renovation.

In the kitchen was built prior to the last code update. They will need to update all of the wiring. Even if they are going to do a minor changed the system. If they do not, it will not pass inspection.

And if someone is hiring handyman who says they can do the electrical work. And they say that they do not need to update the wiring. To the current code, that means one of two scenarios.

They do not realize that the Canadian electrical code requires it. Or, they do not plan on getting their work inspected. And both scenarios extremely bad. Which is why hiring a professional should always be done in every circumstance.

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The professional will do a walk-through first, in order to see where everything is going. And to check what is already there. They will also look at the panel, to see if they need to upgrade the panel.

Or if they can get away with adding a subpanel. That ideally, would be dedicated for the kitchen alone. But because there needs to be at least seven breakers. And probably more in the kitchen depending on how many devices they want to plug-in.

But kitchens typically do not have enough electrical outlets to begin with. In order to keep the cost down when the houses being built. But also, now there are more electrical kitchen gadgets than ever before.

And chances are quite high that people will be operating many devices at once. When they are working in their kitchen. Which means it is incredibly important for the right number of electrical outlets to be added.

Not only will they need a new circuits for every major the hood fan, and the lighting system. Even if they are installing LED lights, and they will not draw a lot of electricity. The Canadian electrical code says.

That only fourteen devices can be on one circuit. Therefore, the lights will count as individual. Requiring all of the lights to be on one circuit.

By knowing how technical the electrical code is. Homeowners should be careful and only hire a certified and insured Edmonton electrician. To give them peace of mind during their kitchen renovation.

Edmonton Electrician | Kitchen Renovations Require an Electrician

Kitchen renovations are going to be the most expensive renovations to a home says Edmonton electrician. However, they should not try to cut corners in order to keep their costs down.

It is very common, that many homeowners will decide to try to cut corners. Especially when it comes to contractors, in order to keep the cost down of this very expensive renovation. However, this is a bad idea for many reasons.

Because when they hire one person to do many different trades. Chances are quite high that they will know one of their trades it very well. And then no a little bit of information about the other trades.

Which means they are not going to do a great job on every aspect of the renovation. However, when they hire individual contractors. In the field that they are experts in.

They can have peace of mind that the quality of renovations will be done to an extremely high level. And when it comes to the electrical work. The work will have been inspected twice.

So that it is most likely going to be problem free, and done expertly. But also, if there is a problem. That causes damage to the home itself. By having hired a certified and insured Edmonton electrician.

Means that people will get coverage and the insurance will cover the cost of the damages. This is not going to be what happens if they hire a noncertified, and uninsured handyman.


In order to have the highest value renovations. And protect their largest investment. People should ensure that they make the right decision about who they are going to hire to do the work in their home.

And while many homeowners may not realize that the fridge, stove, dishwasher and microwave. Are all going to need to be on their own circuit. The electrician will do this.

And they will also talk to the homeowner about other appliances that they are likely going to use. Such as a crockpot, a pressure cooker or an air fryer. As well as smaller devices such as a coffee maker.

Or an espresso machine, a blender, or even a toaster. When they know all of the different electrical devices that they may be plugging in regularly, or throughout the year.

The professional Edmonton electrician will be able to put in not only enough electrical outlets. But ensure that they are on their own circuit. As homeowners plan on using the devices.

To ensure that the outlets on their own circuit are in the right location. So that they can use all of the devices in their kitchen seamlessly. And without overloading a breaker.

To ensure that the kitchen renovations are done correctly. Home owners should hire the right professionals for the job. And have a lot of peace that the renovations will be done properly.

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