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Edmonton Electrician | Kitchen Renovations & Electrical

Kitchen renovations will be the largest, and most expensive renovations that are going to be done in the house according to Edmonton electrician. And in order to get the best quality work, people will need to ensure that they are hiring all of the different trades that they are going to need for the process.

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They should avoid hiring someone who says they can do it all. Especially when it comes to the electrical work. Because not only does the Canadian electrical code change every three years.

But if someone is not a certified electrician. If they make a mistake while they are doing the electrical work. They will not have the insurance. And if their work causes damage to someone’s home.

The person that did the electrical work, as well as the homeowner. Could be in a lot of trouble. Therefore, its best for homeowner. To hire each individual tradesperson.

To ensure that every aspect of each job gets done correctly. And when it comes to doing the electrical work. Hiring the right Edmonton electrician is key.

When people do the initial walked through with their electrician. They are going to be looking for what is already existing. From number of outlets, two things like do they use a 14gauge wire?

Or questions like do they have CFI outlets, and did they have any split circuits? As a general rule of thumb. Edmonton electrician says more outlets are always needed. During kitchen renovation.

Not only do contractors typically not put enough in the kitchen to begin with. But when people are doing kitchen renovations. They often want to increase the functionality of their kitchen.

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And ensure they have an outlet for each of their kitchen appliances. Such as an air fryer, a pressure cooker, and a slow cooker. As well as other devices that do not take up nearly as much electricity.

Like a coffee maker or an espresso machine. And blenders, or toasters for example. Therefore it is very important that homeowner takes into consideration all of the outlets that they could possibly need.

Another reason whites important to hire the right electrician to do the job. Is because chances are quite good. That the electrical code was updated since the kitchen was initially built.

Because the electrical code gets upgraded every three years. Therefore, it is not just the new electrical work that the electrician does. That needs to be up to the current code. But what exists in the kitchen already.

Also must be done up to code. Therefore, it is very important that they hire a electrician that is familiar with these codes. And ideally, someone who is familiar with residential work as well.

It is also very important to note that for kitchen renovations, they are going to need to stages of inspections. The rough in inspection, and the final inspection.

While kitchen renovations can be incredibly complex. They also are going to add a lot of value to the home. As well as increase functionality for whoever uses the kitchen. And doing it correctly is going to ensure that it is as functional, and as valuable as it should be.

Edmonton Electrician | Kitchen Renovations

There are many things that homeowners need to keep in mind when doing kitchen renovations, says Edmonton electrician. And they will typically need many different trades people.

It will definitely need an electrician, to do all of the wiring. As well as update panels, and circuits. And do it all to code. But they are also going to need a plumber, someone to do flooring, a drywaller just to name a few.

With the vast number of tradespeople that are going to be coming in. It is important that they get the electrical work done first. And ensure that it is done correctly.

The rough in inspection will be the first out of to inspections that must be done. To ensure that the electrical work is done to code. The electrician is going to have to rough in where everything is going to go.

All the grounding and bonding will need to have taken place, as well as rough and where the wiring will go. And rough in where the boxes are going to go as well. And while the inspection process does not guard against errors.

Ultimately, the electrician that people hire will be responsible for ensuring that it can get done correctly. And the inspector will not be liable if things are done incorrectly even though they inspected it.

This is why it is incredibly important to ensure that they hire an accredited Edmonton electrician. To minimize the chances of things being installed incorrectly.


And there is a huge possibility of things being installed improperly when hiring the wrong trade to do the job. In fact, the kitchen has the most electrical need. Greater than any other room in the house.

Because they have the fridge, the stove, the dishwasher, the microwave and the hood fan. That all need to be on their very own circuits. Even before considering the lights in the kitchen.

Or any other appliances that people are going to plug in to the wall. That means there is a minimum of five circuits, just for those appliances. Plus a Sixth Circuit for the lighting.

And then, all of the other outlets. For plugging in all of the rest of the appliances. Which is why it is an extremely good idea. For people to consider all of the appliances that there going to be plugging in.

And have an idea about where they are going to be using them. So that they can be wired in properly. To avoid overloading the circuits when they are being used.

As well, the Edmonton electrician typically will recommend installing a brand-new panel. To increase the circuits that they can use. But even if they just add a subpanel. To ensure that the kitchen is entirely on that subpanel.

So that if there is a problem, the homeowner knows that turning off the subpanel. Will turn off electricity to the entire kitchen. To help them avoid problems in the long run.

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