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Edmonton Electrician | Learning About Bathroom Fans

It is not often that a homeowner has to worry about replacing their bathroom ventilation fan according to Edmonton electrician. However, when their bathroom fan has stopped working. Or when homeowners are buying or selling a home. This is the perfect opportunity to replace the fan.

Bathroom ventilation fans are designed to suck the moist air in a bathroom and vented out of the house. So it needs to be the right size in order to do this job efficiently. Because of that, the size of the fan is important.

The larger the bathroom, the larger the motor and the fan needs to be to efficiently move that air around. This is expressed as cubic feet per minute, or CFM for short.

How a homeowner should calculate the size of fan they need for their bathroom. Is by calculating the square footage of their bathroom. And plugging that information into a CFM calculator online. Or by contacting Edmonton electrician, who can help them figure out the right size of fan they need.

The smallest motor fan that they will be able to buy is a fifty CFM fan. And the largest is one hundred and fifty CFM. While these fans should accommodate any residential bathroom.

If homeowner needs a larger fan. They can always get to, and put them on the same switch. So that they can of efficiently vent the bathroom.

Once a homeowner has calculated the size of fan that they need. There are a wide variety of options that they can choose from as well. One of the most popular options that homeowners choose is a low noise level.

Not only so that they can make it quieter in their bathroom. But so that the noise does not affect other people in the home, outside of the bathroom.


Other than noise levels, bathroom ventilation fans can have lighting within the unit. Whether homeowners want additional white light to brighten up a dark bathroom.

Or if homeowners would like to add some mood lighting with coloured LED lights. Whether they want to create a soothing ambience for a relaxing bath. Or if they just want to add some fun to this room.

Another popular option in bathroom ventilation fans is the humidity sensor. Fans with this humidity sensor built in, will automatically turn on when they sense the humidity levels rising in the bathroom.

In one of the great things about this, is that the fan will turn itself off when the humidity levels drop again. Making this a great option for homeowners that are looking to minimize their energy consumption. Or for people who are absent-minded about turning on the fan, or turning it back off again.

And finally, bathroom ventilation fans can now come equipped with a Bluetooth speaker. So people can connect their music to the speaker. And enjoying music while they are getting ready for work, relaxation music to enjoy a soothing bath. Or so that they can continue listening to their favourite podcast while getting ready.

By understanding the various options that are available in bathroom ventilation fans. Owners can make the right choice that not only can help them efficiently vent their bathroom says Edmonton electrician. But has the options to make their space as fun and functional as possible.

Edmonton Electrician | Learning About Bathroom Fans

When it comes time to replace a bathroom ventilation fan, Edmonton electrician says them owners typically want to just buy the cheapest model.

And while this seems like a great cost saving decision. Homeowners need to understand that the least expensive bathroom ventilation fans. Either do not move the air as efficiently as they should be. Which can cause a buildup of moisture in their home.

Or these inexpensive fans only have a useful life of 2 to 5 years. Which will have to be replaced often. And if they are not replaced often enough. Will cause moisture and mould damage. Which is far more expensive to fix.

Even if a homeowner is moving into a brand-new build. Edmonton electrician recommends replacing the bathroom ventilation fans immediately. Because often builders only puts a builder grade fan into their homes.

While these fans will be functional for a couple of years. Homeowner can add a more functional bathroom ventilation fan. And protect their investment. By ensuring the bathroom fan can efficiently do the job of eliminating moisture from the house. For many years to come.

While choosing the right bathroom ventilation fan for the bathroom is one aspect of ensuring moisture does not settle into the home. Proper maintenance is another aspect. To ensure that homeowners can keep their homes protected from moisture and mould.


Edmonton electrician recommends people cleaning their fan every 3 to 6 months. Or more often if more people are using the space. The reason why bathroom ventilation fans need cleaning. Is because as they suck air out of her room, the dust and pet hair that are in the air will get sucked up with the air.

As the dust and pet hair move past the grill on the ventilation fan and the blades. The dust will get stuck, and build up over time.

Not only can this dust cause problems for allergy sufferers. You can also impact the fans ability to move air efficiently. As it will cause the motor to have to work harder. Or cause the fan to spin less quickly. And not move the air as efficiently as it should.

Homeowners can take a vacuum brush and clean the grill of the ventilation fan. And while this is a good way of cleaning the dust out of the grill of the fan. A much more efficient way to clean the bathroom fan is to take the grill completely off.

They can wash the grill of the fan, and while that is air drying. They can take the vacuum with a brush attachment. And clean off as much dust from the fan blades and surrounding area as possible.

The more often homeowner is able to clean their bathroom ventilation fans. The more efficiently it is going to move air out of their bathroom. And the longer they are going to be able to protect the motor. So that they do not have to replace the fan as often.

By understanding how to properly care for their bathroom ventilation fan. Can ensure that homeowners are keeping their home protected from moisture and mould.

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