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Edmonton Electrician | Learning More About Emergency & Exit Lighting

Whether a business owner is building their office space, or taking over an existing one, they should understand what they are looking for to ensure they have the correct emergency lighting and exit signage in the correct places says Edmonton electrician. It’s important to know that they needed to not only have emergency lighting, Illuminating the path of exit in case of an evacuation. But that they also needs to have not just exit signage, but well-lit exit signage that will pass code. By understanding what they’re looking for, and that they can get an expert to help them can help ensure that no matter what business an entrepreneur owns, that they are ensuring the safety of customers and staff alike in the case of needing to evacuate the building.

One of the first things that business owners need to understand, is that they need to have emergency lighting in every area of the building that will illuminate the path to an exit. Therefore, business owners need to understand that hallways, and large rooms such as where a bunch of cubicles are set up we’ll need to have this emergency lighting. Each unit will have two lamps on it, and a business owner needs to ensure that there’s enough of them so that the entire pathway is well lit. Every floor, and every room needs to have enough of these. The rooms that are not required to have an emergency light would be something like a storage room, or closet.

Each emergency light will need to have its own power source, so that in the case of an emergency and the power goes out to the building, it will still illuminate the past to an exit says Edmonton electrician. Many business owners are very stunned at the cost of each unit, because they can be anywhere between $150 to $200. However, this is to help ensure that everyone can get out safely, therefore scrimping on this is not a good idea. A business owner would much rather have paid the cost to have enough emergency lights put up, then to not, and not sure everyone can get out safely.

Business owners also needs to ensure that they are installed properly. Since each units is going to have varying voltage factors, if the voltage requirements are larger than what the ballast can handle, trying to install this Themselves, they might cause the units to be damaged, or cause damage to their wiring or they’re building. Therefore, businesses should always call on an Edmonton electrician to install the emergency lighting properly, to ensure that it is wired properly, and that’s the lamps are pointed in the optimal direction to illuminate the way out.

When business owners are starting their business, whether they are taking over an existing space, or if they are building themselves, they needs to understand that ensuring they have the correct number of emergency lights will help ensure that they are keeping their staff as well as their customers safe. By calling on an Edmonton electrician to help them with that, business owners will be able to know that they’ve done everything to ensure that people will be able to escape easily If the need should ever arise.

Edmonton Electrician | Learn Emergency & Exit Lighting

With how important it is to have proper and well installed emergency lighting and emergency exit signs, business owners should get the help of an Edmonton electrician. If they are not installed correctly, maintained properly, then business owners will not be able to achieve the desired results, which is to ensure that their staff as well as their customers can escape a building and evacuate properly if there is an emergency. No matter what the emergency is, business owners need to ensure that the lights and signs are installed properly and with their own power source, so that they stay lit even if the power is cut to the building.

It’s very important that whether a business owner has had the lights installed themselves, or if they are taking over an existing building, that they need to be tested on a regular basis. A business owner should be testing the emergency lights 30 seconds every month, and an hour and a half every year. The reason why they need to test it for that long every year, is because this is the length of time they are required to be lit. This way, it should give all evacuees enough time to get out of the building and have their way illuminated. If business owners are too busy to do this themselves, they will be able to contact their Edmonton electrician who can take care of it for them. Not only will they be able to test the system, if there’s anything that needs to be updated, fixed, or maintained, they will be able to do that without a business owner having to do anything additional.

Another reason why business owners should be getting a professional to help test the system on their behalf, is because sometimes business owners might make changes in their business, and not realize that this has impeded the effectiveness of the emergency lighting or the exit signs. For example, and Edmonton electrician says that piled up boxes in one area actually affected how well the lights were able to illuminate the wait out of the building, and in others, changing the cubicles blocked off exit signs. By having a professional come in, they can look at the office space with fresh eyes, in order to verify if the changes that the business owner has made requires any changes to the emergency lighting or the exit signs.

Another reason that it’s important to have a professional help with it, is because they will be able to ensure that if any changes are needed, they will be able to pull the right permits, install them correctly, and have them inspected so that a business will remain up to code. And Edmonton electrician will be able to help a business ensure that the lights are in working order, and will help people evacuate in case of an emergency.

Business owners need to understand how important it is to have the emergency exit signs and the emergency lights. and if they are important enough to have, it is important enough to ensure that they are installed correctly as well as maintained properly. Business owners who do this, can ensure that not only are they guaranteeing their own safety, and the safety of their staff, but the safety of all the customers who might be visiting at the time of an emergency.

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