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Edmonton Electrician | Maintaining Your Bathroom Fan

Whether homeowner is purchasing a brand-new home says Edmonton electrician. If they are purchasing a previously owned home. Or if they have owned their home for many years. They should be aware of how to properly maintain their bathroom fan.

Many people take their bathroom ventilation fan for granted. Without truly understanding exactly what it does, or how it works. The design of the bathroom fan is to suck the moist air out of the bathroom. After people have had hot and steamy showers, or baths that can increase the humidity in the room.

This is to prevent moisture buildup. Because moisture can cause a wide variety of problems from rot, and mildew to mould, which can be toxic to people.

Not only do people need to ensure that they are turning on the bathroom ventilation fan every time they are taking a bath or shower. But if this ventilation fan is not doing its job properly. No amount of turning the fan on will protect the home.

What can cause the bathroom ventilation fan to work inefficiently is being clogged with dust and pet hair. This is inevitable, since the design of the fan is to pull all of the air in the room up, and out of the home.

Any dust, hair or dirt that is in the air. We will get pulled up with the air. And particles can easily get stuck on the grill and the blades of the fan as they are moving past.

The more the fan is used, and the older it is. The more dust, dirt and pet hair will collect on this device. And if it is not cleaned often. It can impact the bathroom ventilation fans ability. To efficiently move that air out of the room.


When this happens, people may think that they are protecting their home by turning on the fan. But when it is so clogged with dust, not only does the motor have to work harder. But it will not be able to suck the air out as efficiently. And this is when moisture can settle in.

Edmonton electrician suggests homeowners clean their bathroom ventilation fan once every 3 to 6 months. Or more often if it is a larger than average size bathroom. Or if there are more than just two adults using the bathroom consistently.

The best way to clean the bathroom fan. Is to take the grill directly off the fan, where homeowners can clean the grill thoroughly. Even wash it and let it air dry says Edmonton electrician.

When the grill is off the fan. They can take a vacuum with a brush attachment to clean the fan blades as thoroughly as possible. And any surrounding areas in the fan that is covered with dust.

By doing this, not only are homeowners protecting the motor of the bathroom fan. By helping it not have to work so hard to do its job. Thus prolonging the life of the bathroom fan.

But homeowners can also ensure that they are keeping the bathroom ventilation fan in good working order. So that every time they turn on the fan. It is effectively pulling moisture from the room, inventing it out of the house. So that they can protect not just their investment. But protect their family from toxic mold as well.

Edmonton Electrician | Maintaining Your Bathroom Fan

Homeowners need to be aware of how often they need to not only clean their bathroom ventilation fan says Edmonton electrician. But how long their ventilation fan lasts, so that they can replace it whenever it is necessary.

The more inexpensive the fan is, the more often it is going to require being replaced. And the more likely moisture buildup can start happening sooner. Which will require homeowners having to pay for expensive repairs. If they have rot or mould in their home.

It is also very important to ensure that the bathroom ventilation fans have proper ducting. So that the air that is being sucked out of the bathroom can be out of the home, where it will not cause problems.

Ideally, the bathroom fans should have a doctor that goes directly up, and out of the roof of the home. Through an exhaust hatch. It is important that this exhaust hatch is caulked and sealed properly. So that moist air cannot start to see been around the seams. Where it can cause problems such as rotting or moulding.

It is also important that this exhaust hatch has a flap or a damper on it. This way, the air can be moved out of the home. But it cannot get back in, nor can any other things. Such as cold air, precipitation, or insects or animals.

Once homeowner can verify that their ducting is done properly. They should know what to look for in a bathroom ventilation fan when they need to replace it. So that they can make the right purchase. For what they need.


One of the most important considerations. Is getting a bathroom fan that has a large enough motor. To efficiently move the air out of the bathroom. The larger the bathroom, the larger the motor in the fan needs to be.

This is expressed as cubic feet per minute, or CFM for short. Edmonton electrician says the fans will come between fifty CFM and one hundred and fifty CFM. And by calculating the square footage of their bathroom, they can come up with the correct number of CFM they need to purchase.

However, Edmonton electrician recommends that homeowners by a fan that is slightly more powerful then when they have calculated to need. So that as the fan ages. And as the fan gets dust buildup on it. Homeowners can be assured that it is still moving the right amount of air from the room.

They can also purchase a bathroom ventilation fan with a built in humidity detector. That will allow the fan to automatically turn on when it senses the humidity in the room has reached a certain level. And stay on until that humidity has dropped.

This is great for homeowners that might have people who are forgetful both turning the fan on, or turning it off. Or for people who just want to ensure that the bathroom fan is only working when it is necessary.

By purchasing the right bathroom ventilation fan, and ensuring that it is being ducted properly. And help ensure homeowners are protecting their home. From moisture buildup that can cause a wide variety of problems. Also protecting their family, by ensuring toxic mould does not settle into their home, which can cause health problems.

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