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When hiring Edmonton electrician to work on their jobsite whether it is residential, commercial or industrial people should ensure that they are hiring not only the most qualified electrician for the job, but one that has safety as their top priority. If the electrician that they hire does not have a safety program in place, they may end up causing damage not only to the job site, but to the people working in it as well. In order to help people ensure they have the best electric work, and the safest jobsites, there are several things that people can look for.
When looking at all of the Edmonton electrician contractors that they can hire, there are several things that people can look for to ensure they are hiring the company that focuses on safety. One of the first things that people can ask if they have, is COR certification. This is going to give the person hiring the electrician peace of mind that they know how to keep their job site safe, so that all people working in it will get injured.
The person hiring the electrical contractor should asked them what initiatives they also have in place that is going to allow them to work safely. If they cannot answer that question, a person should question if they should even be on the job site. If they are not going to be working safely, they should not be working at all. They might have a checklist that they follow  for them to be sure that not only is the job site safe, but they removed hazards.
An FLRA is a good example of a great safety checklist. We went the electrician sets foot on the job, they will be looking around to see if there any hazards and document them. Hazards might be things like a wet floor, broken glass, or even a general mess that creates tripping hazards. After documenting the job site, the next thing that the Edmonton electrician will do is remove all of the hazards that they can. That might mean cleaning up water on the floor, removing the glass or getting rid of the tripping hazards. This is going to help ensure that they are keeping area safe so that they can work effectively, and safely.
If safety is the number one priority for the electrician, their way to ensure that not only are they working safely and ensuring that there staff as well as all of the other people on the site are safer, is going to also help them ensure that they are not damaging property as they work as well.
When hiring an electrician to work for them, regardless of what type of job site is, or what type of work the electrician is doing, people should ensure that electricians that has come in have safety as their top priority, and that they have protocols in place that will help them start work safely, so that they can get the job done quickly and effectively.
Edmonton electrician | make time for safety
There are several things that people should keep in mind when they are hiring an Edmonton electrician for their job. Not only is it important that the electrician works safely, but they also need to be certified and licensed. People are hiring electricians that are not insured or licensed, they are putting themselves and person who hired them at an unnecessary risk.
One of the first things that a person can to to ensure that their Edmonton electrician has all the right documentation to do what they have been hired to do, they can check to see if they are incorporated. Many businesses will not hire independent contractors unless they are incorporated.
Another thing that people can look for in their electrician to ensure that they are able to do the job they been hired to do, is ensure that they have insurance. An Edmonton electrician not only needs to have liability insurance, but commercial insurance as well. This way, if there is a problem on jobsite and something goes wrong, there is going to be insurance that will help however hired the electrician to recoup their losses. If they do not have insurance, all a person will be able to do is personally sue the electrician, which does not guarantee that they are going to be able to cover all of their losses.
Do to ensure that they Edmonton electrician that they hired has all the correct coverage is if they have WCB. Worker’s Compensation is going to help ensure that a contractor is covered for the that they are doing. And if the electrician does not have WCB coverage, that is typically a red flag that they are probably not a licensed contractor.
Edmonton electrician who has their license, will also ensure that they are getting a permit to do all of the work that is required. If someone hires an electrician to do work whether it is residential, commercial or even industrial, whether it is upgrading wiring, updating lights even if it is on a brand-new build, they are going to require permits. If a person asks their electrician to show the permit that they had to obtain to do the work required, if they cannot show a permit, they are probably not licensed to do their job.
There are several things that can help people ensure that their Edmonton electrician is going to be working safely and is covered to do the work. And professional electricians at Hauer power are going to be those great electricians for the job. Regardless of what a person needs an electrician for with her it is residential, commercial or industrial, if it is a new build, or a service call they are the professionals for the job. Even if it is outside of business hours like on evenings, weekends or holidays, especially if there is a business that cannot afford to be down due to electrical issues, call these professionals at 780-935-0622 today.

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