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Even though every home should have a smoke detector, Edmonton electrician says many people tend to have a lot of questions about them. This is especially once there smoke detector has reached the end of its life, and it is time for people to change the unit. Not only do they help people pick out the best system for their family and their home, but they also get the field a lot of great and interesting questions that people have about their smoke detectors and smoke alarms.

One of the most common questions that people have is can they paint their smoke detector. This is a hard gnosis Edmonton electrician. Even though many people do not like the looks of their smoke detectors, and at very least do not like the colour of them, it is extremely bad idea for people to paint their smoke detector. The reason why, is because the way a smoke detector works is through a variety of sensors. If somebody paints over there smoke sector, they could be painting over a sensor, or plugging a whole. Because of how serious this is, not only does it void a warranty to paint over a smoke detector, but it also can render a person’s insurance invalid. If a person’s home burned down, and the insurance company found out that there alarm was painted or otherwise altered or modified, the insurance company may not cover the damages.

Even though people do not like the colour or the look of their smoke detectors, this is a life-saving device, and rather than putting it at risk by painting over it, they should seek out manufacturers that offer smoke detectors in other colours such as black. There are even other units that are out there that come with a decorative cover that will allow people to paint it before putting the cover back on and installing the smoke detector.

The second most common question that the Edmonton electrician gets is how often do they have to replace their smoke detectors and their smoke detector batteries? This is a really important question, because many people believe that as long as they can keep putting batteries into their smoke detector, it can still be used. However, the Canadian electrical code recommends people change their smoke detectors at least every ten years if not sooner. In fact, any brands of smoke detectors require even more frequent replacement such as seven years.

How often to change the batteries depends on the style of battery whether it is a 9 V, AA, or a AAA. Not only does style of battery matter, but so does the quality of batteries. The lower the quality, the lower the lifespan. The recommendation by Edmonton electrician is for people to test their smoke alarms once a month. By doing this, they can ensure that they are verifying it is in operational order should an emergency happen.

By answering people’s questions about smoke detectors, can help demystify the process, and allow people to feel in control of this decision, and help them pick out the best smoke detector and smoke alarm for their family and their house.

Edmonton Electrician | Most Asked Questions About Smoke Alarms

Since people only have to change their smoke detectors once every 7 to 10 years, Edmonton electrician says when the time comes people often have a lot of questions. They often are not aware of all of the variables they have to choose from, and it can be very overwhelming. Not only will a consultation with a professional help demystify the process, but it can help people feel empowered, and consider many variables that they were not aware of ahead of time. Therefore, anyone who is in the market for a new smoke detector should contact their neighborhood electrician to help them out.

One of the first questions that people often have is how easy is it to install a smoke detector. Many people believe that they can simply go to their hardware store, pick up a smoke detector and put it on their wall. And while there are options of smoke detectors that are only battery operated, the most effective smoke alarms are actually hardwired directly into the wiring of the house. The reason why this is beneficial, is because this system while it does not wear batteries, has a battery backup system, that can ensure the alarm can be sounded even if electricity to the house has been cut off. This will ensure that the smoke detector can work through a variety of emergencies.

Another question that people often have is can smoke detectors do anything other than detect smoke? Edmonton electrician says that while the primary function of smoke detectors is to sound the alarm when they detect smoke, this does not mean that is all they do. Many alarms are now coming out with a carbon monoxide detector built in, which continue to add a layer of protection to the people in the home. Since carbon monoxide is a colourless and odourless gas, people are not able to see it or smell it, putting them at risk of carbon monoxide poisoning.

While some smoke detector units simply have carbon monoxide detector that will sound when the levels of carbon monoxide reach a dangerous level. Other units actually will tell a percentage, or parts per million or parts per billion of particles of carbon monoxide in the air. The benefit of this system, is that since it alerts people before the levels of carbon monoxide are dangerous, people can monitor it, and then troubleshoot the reason why. Is the furnace broken, or does it need to be fixed? These are common culprits.

By helping answering people’s questions about smoke alarms, Edmonton electrician is ensuring that people have all of the information they need to make an informed decision about what smoke alarm they should have installed in their home. Ultimately, texting not only their loved ones, but there home should be the top priority of anyone. By choosing the right smoke alarm, they can ensure that not only are they protecting their family, but giving them peace of mind as well.

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