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There are a wide variety of smoke detectors and smoke alarms on the market says Edmonton electrician. And while not all of them are created equally, experts would agree that any smoke detector is better than no smoke detector. That being said, when people are ready to change their existing smoke detectors, or by them for the first time, they need to understand that some brands and styles are more effective or reliable than others. When it comes to protecting their family and their home, people should always be consulting with a professional, in order to make the best decision possible.

The most inexpensive smoke detector on the market is the battery-powered version. While if this is the only smoke detector that a family can afford at the time, it is better than nothing, but Edmonton electrician says the lack of a backup makes this unreliable. If the battery happens to die in between regular monthly tests, it can end up putting a family at risk in case of a fire. While some batteries can last for an extremely long time in a smoke detector, the quality of the smoke detector as well as the quality of the batteries factor into how effective the smoke detector ends up being.

A much better option that gives a backup is the hardwired system. These smoke detectors require an Edmonton electrician to wire the unit directly into the wiring of the house. However, this also comes with the battery backup so in case the power is cut to the house for any reason, the smoke detector can still alert the family in case of fire. People should understand that even if they have this style of smoke detector, they still need to be testing their alarms on a monthly basis.

A variety of the hardwired smoke detector is the interconnected smoke detector. These ones not only are wired directly into the home, but there are directly wired to each other. There are several advantages of this says Edmonton electrician. If one alarm is triggered, they all sound, allowing people to be alerted to the fire sooner. This increases the chances of being able to extinguish the fire before gets out of control, or allow all occupants of the house to escape the fire more easily. In addition to that, it can help people with the monthly testing. When the test button is pushed on one unit, they all alarm, as long as they have batteries that are functioning. By making it easier to test, increases the likelihood that people will do the test.

By working with their professional, on which smoke detector is the best one to use, can end up with the best unit for their circumstances. Ultimately, getting a smoke detector is all about ensuring that family and their house is safe. By getting a smoke detection system, people are ensuring that they are placing the value of their loved ones on the priority list, but making sure everyone can escape danger when necessary.

Edmonton Electrician | Not All Smoke Detectors Are Created Equally

It is very important for people to understand the differences between various smoke detectors on the market says Edmonton electrician. Understanding this can help people make the decision on what the right unit for their home would be. Even though this is a decision that does not have to be made very often, people should work with a professional to ensure that they get all of the facts, and learn about all of the various technological advances that are available on the market today.

One of the first things that people should understand, is that not all smoke detectors detect smoke same way. There is in fact a wide variety of options that are available. To most popular methods of smoke detection are the photoelectric style and the ionization. What the photoelectric style does, is used late refraction and reflection inside the smoke detector so that when smoke enters unit, it will either refract or reflect light, which in turn triggers the alarm.

Ionization alarms use electrically charged plates inside the smoke detector. A current is passed between the plates, however if there is smoke present, this interrupts electrical current which then sounds the alarm. Even though these are the two most popular, there also not the only options available, and it is even possible for people to purchase smoke alarms that have both styles integrated into one unit. The reason why, is because both combined together lowers the instances of false alarms being triggered.

Edmonton electrician says the newest, and currently best smoke detector on the market not only uses both photoelectric and ionization, but also adds blue light filter as well as split spectrum light technology into their smoke detectors. The result is that these have the lowest instances of tripped alarms of any smoke detector that is being sold today.

In addition to the variety of ways that smoke detectors function, people should take into consideration that different units also have different capabilities such as a carbon monoxide sector. Since carbon monoxide is colourless and odourless, people can be at risk and not know it. Some smoke detectors will simply sound an alarm if the carbon monoxide levels get to a dangerous amount. And others will give a constant readout of the percentage, or parts per million or parts per billion are in the air. This will allow people to see if the carbon monoxide levels are increasing, so that they can troubleshoot the potential problem is often a faulty furnace that needs fixing or replacing.

Even though purchasing a smoke detector is not an activity that people are going to be engaging in on a regular basis, getting all of the facts when the time is right, is extremely important. Not only can they contact their Edmonton electrician to become educated on the varieties of systems out there, they can also install the units for people, to ensure that it is being done correctly, giving them peace of mind that their family is protected.

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