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Edmonton Electrician | Older Homes Need Electrical Upgrades

If people are purchasing an older home for the first time says Edmonton electrician. Or if they are living in a home that has been built in the sixties, seventies or eighties. It may need electrical upgrades.

Not only because electrical codes have changed significantly over the past few decades. But also, because electrical components wear out over time.

People should not wait until they have an electrical system failure. In order to find out that they should have upgraded their electrical services sooner.

One of the most common things that will start to wear out in a person’s older home. Is there circuit breaker.

And over time, Edmonton electrician says people might find that their breakers are starting to trip more often. And if people are not aware that this is a sign that there circuit breaker is starting to wear out.

They might think it is due to an increase in energy usage. Especially because over time, people will be using more and more electrical devices.

Therefore, people should keep this in mind. Especially since after a period of their breaker tripping more often. They suddenly realize that there breaker is no longer tripping.

This is often a sign that the circuit breaker has completely failed says Edmonton electrician. And since there is no fail safe or backup system.


If they have a server breaker that is no longer functioning. They are at risk for overloading there circuit. And causing on electrical fire in their home.

Therefore, if people have a home that has been built between the sixties in the eighties. They should contact an electrician for inspection. To find out if they need any upgrades.

One of the first things that they will do, is check to see if there circuit breaker is in fact working. So that they can get a replacement installed as quickly as possible.

The reason why a non functioning circuit breaker is so important to fix. Is because it stops the flow of electricity from getting to an overloaded circuit.

Because overloaded electrical circuits overheat the wire. And if nothing interrupts the flow of electricity. That hot wire will eventually catch other things on fire. Which can be very dangerous.

Therefore, getting this circuit breaker updated is extremely important. And if they know how many new circuits they will need in their home. In order to handle their current electrical needs.

They will be able to get a larger panel with more spaces not only for the current electrical needs. So that they can add more circuits in the future as needed.

At the same time, their electrician will also be able to check to see if they have wires that are going into the panel that have degraded. Or if they are no longer up to electrical code.

So that they can replace everything all at the same time. By doing this, they are upgrading several things at the same time.

Also, there electrician should be able to let them know what they should budget for next. To eventually bring the electrical components and their older home backup to safety.

Edmonton Electrician | Older Homes Need Electrical Upgrades

If people are living in home that have been built between the sixties and the eighties, Edmonton electrician says they may have worn out electrical components in their home.

Therefore, it is a prudent idea for people to call on an Edmonton electrician. In order to do an inspection. To see if there are any electrical components that need to be upgraded.

Especially if no electrical upgrades have been done since the house was originally built. Chances are very high that many things should be upgraded. Not only to bring them up to code but for safety reasons as well.

Back in the sixties and seventies, Edmonton electrician says homes were often built with aluminum wiring. As a cost consideration, because it was so much cheaper than copper.

And while this was very popular. They found out only a few years later why this is not a good idea. And the reason is because the aluminum wires tend to overheat. Which has an increased ability to cause fires.

Especially if people had outdated circuit breakers. That were known to fail. People who have aluminum wiring. Have an increased chance that there overloaded circuit would result in electrical fire.

By finding this out, homeowners can make a budget of how much it is going to cost them to upgrade their entire house. And it is often recommended to upgrade these wires room by room. As people renovate their home.

One of the next things that there electrician is going to search for. Is to see if they have grounding wires in their home. Because especially homes that were built in the sixties. They often were not grounded at all.


This also can be a fairly costly endeavour. Because each circuit that is not grounded. In homes from the sixties often had eight or more circuits. The electrician will need to install a ground fault circuit breaker for each.

At the same time, they should also check to see if the wires going into their electrical panel are in good shape. Or if they need to be replaced. But even if they do not need to be replaced.

There electrician may decide to upgrade them anyway. Especially if they are changing their circuit panel anyway. In order to bring the size of wire up to code.

Houses built in the sixties tended to have an 8 gauge ground wire going into the electrical panel. But the current code is to increase that size to an  6 gauge wire instead.

When people are calling around getting different estimates from different electricians. Very important that they get anywhere between 2 to 3.

So that they can sure that every electrician has taken everything into consideration. And they should avoid choosing the most inexpensive quote. Because that is either going to be the poorest quality.

It is likely that they are not taking everything into consideration. By getting a variety of quotes. Means that homeowners can make a reasonable estimate.

On which one is going to be the best quality. Get all of their electrical services upgraded in a timely fashion.

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