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Edmonton Electrician | Older Homes Need Newer Electrical Components

Many first-time home buyers like buying older homes says Edmonton electrician. That they will then renovate or to make it their own. However, it is important that these people understand how important it is to upgrade their electrical systems as well.

The may not even think about their electrical systems initially. And find that everything works well when they move in. However, just because there does not seem to be a problem. Does not mean there is not one.

One of the first things that many people find. When they move into an older home for the first time. Is that there are not enough electrical outlets in each room.

Especially homes built in the sixties, seventies and even eighties. Only build enough electrical outlets. To meet the electrical requirements of the day.

And forty and fifty years later. People more than ever have and use more electrical devices. And the electrical requirements have increased in every single room.

And while some people think that all they have to do. Is by a power bar or an octopus. In order to be able to plug more things in two one electrical outlet. This is a very bad idea.

The reason why they should not do this says Edmonton electrician. Is because each circuit and outlet only has a capability of handling 15 A of power at a time.

Therefore, if people are plugging one thing into the outlet that uses 15 A. And they plug anything else in, even something that uses hardly any power. That alone can be enough to overload the circuit.


Therefore, when people use a power bar. There increasing the chances of overloading the circuit. And not even by a small margin. Depending on what they plug in all of the same time.

And while in a well wired new home. The circuit breaker should trip, which will turn off the electricity to the circuit that is overloaded. But this may not happen in an older home.

In an older home, if the circuit breaker is faulty and not working. Or is older and not working 100% of the time. That circuit will not have the electricity shut off when it overloads.

And as a wire handles the electricity capacity that it was never designed to handle. The wire it is physically hot to the touch. And when that current is not shut down. The longer that wire is hot. The chances of starting a fire inside the wall.

Therefore, not only are using power bars potentially dangerous. But that danger increases when using a power bar inside an old home.

Therefore, if people are living in an older home. And find that they need more electrical plug-ins. Instead of using a power bar.

They should call in Edmonton electrician to give them a quote. On what it would cost to upgrade their circuit in their home. That way, they will be able to increase their electrical capacity in a safe way.

Edmonton Electrician | Older Homes Need Newer Electrical Components

When people purchase older homes with the intent to renovate one of the first people they should call his their Edmonton electrician. The reason why, is because they will want to ensure that not only are all of the electrical components safe.

But it is also important that they upgrade all of the electrical components. To be able to handle the electrical needs of a family nowadays. Because families more than ever use more electrical devices than they did forty or fifty years ago.

The first things that the electrician will look at is to see the size of their circuit breaker panel. In order to see if they need to add a sub-panel, to give them more capabilities to add more circuit to their home.

Or, if they should just replace the entire panel with a new one. That gives them the capabilities of adding more circuit now. But with extra spaces. So that they can add more circuit in the future as they need.

And while it will be less expensive to install a sub-panel. Edmonton electrician advises against that if there home is from the sixties.

Because there are so many different code violations with the wiring that exist in homes from the sixties. That it is often a safer option to just install a new panel with more spaces.

At the same time, the electrician will be able to check to see if the wires going into that circuit breaker panel are in good shape. And if they need to be upgraded to bring them up to code.


Older homes typically had grounding wires that were 8 gauge. But according to today’s code, it should be a 6 gauge which is slightly larger. And if an electrician is going to install a brand-new panel. It is the perfect time to upgrade this as well.

Another thing that there electrician might want to look for. Is to see if they have aluminum wiring in their home. Because this is something that people should budget to upgrade as well.

Aluminum wiring was used in the sixties, seventies and eighties. Because of the fact that it is less expensive than copper. However, many years later.

Electricians found that this wire had a tendency to overheat. Which increased the number of fires caused. Therefore, upgrading the wiring from aluminum to copper. Can make the home safer.

And less likely to heat, and result in an electrical house fire. So as people renovate each room of their home. They may want to call back their Edmonton electrician to upgrade the wiring. So that it is not such a huge cost all at one time.

They also should take into consideration finding out if their home is grounded. Because also this can end up being quite a bit of money. Especially as an electrician must a ground fault each circuit in the home.

But taking the time to find out everything that is wrong. Get help homeowners budget for what they need to upgrade. Ensure that their house is sound, electrically speaking and safe.

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